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The Fish That Divides Us: Fight Against Asian Carp Threatens Fragile Great Lakes Unity
date added: 2010-01-07  source:

Gone Fishin'! Record Numbers Of Britons Sit Out The Recession On The UK's River Banks
date added: 2010-01-05  source:

California man gets house arrest for fish smuggling
date added: 2010-01-04  source:

New Grouper Fishing Ban Socks Florida Keys; 'This Couldn't Come At A Worse Time'
date added: 2009-12-31  source:

Hundreds of thousands of dead anchovies create stink on Japanese beach
date added: 2009-12-30  source:

American catfish farmers want Vietnamese catfish to be called catfish
date added: 2009-12-27  source:

Michigan Appeals To U.S. Supreme Court To Block Fish Invasion; 'Now Is The Time'
date added: 2009-12-27  source:

Indian fishermen up in arms against new fishing law; violations could bring huge fine, imprisonment
date added: 2009-12-26  source:

Research: 'Pregnant' Pipefish Fathers Suck the Life From Their Young
date added: 2009-12-26  source:

New study finds catch shares improve consistency, not health, of fisheries; no 'panacea'
date added: 2009-12-24  source:

North America's Largest Freshwater Fish Faces Extinction; 35 Years Since Kootenai River White Sturgeon Last Spawned
date added: 2009-12-22  source:

What's the deal with fish oil? Omega-3 industry responds to New York Times editorial 'misinformation'
date added: 2009-12-21  source:

California couple's water-saving invention uses fish feces; 'a game changer'
date added: 2009-12-21  source:

salmonlouseIrish university team shows promising results with salmon louse vaccine
date added: 2009-12-20   source:
manvsfishMan vs. Crocodile vs. Giant Nile Perch: An African Fishing Adventure
date added: 2009-12-20   source:

New 'watch list' helps citizens report invasive marine fish; 'non-native fishes can have cascading effects'
date added: 2009-12-19  source:

jasonclarkeBrit town's last fisherman driven out of business by EU rules
date added: 2009-12-17   source:

Research: Bigger and bossier better for cichlids fish families
date added: 2009-12-17  source:

UN-backed experts propose ban in trading in endangered bluefin tuna and certain types of sharks
date added: 2009-12-17  source:

Research: Bass Swim 260 Kilometers, Jump 36 Meter Dam Wall To Breed
date added: 2009-12-16  source:

Michigan legislator: Asian carp 'largest threat to the Great Lakes'
date added: 2009-12-15  source:

Abundance of a look-alike species clouds population status and recovery planning for a million dollar fish
date added: 2009-12-15  source:

Florida's operation 'mack attack' takes bite out of illegal 'back-door' fish sales
date added: 2009-12-14  source:

Fish farm fears: what lies beneath? algae like 'where a sewerage line goes into the water'
date added: 2009-12-13  source:

salmonA whole wild salmon on sale for £3... so what's the catch?
date added: 2009-12-11   source:

Aussie authorities: Two-headed fish may prompt regulatory action if chemical link found
date added: 2009-12-10  source:

Funds to help Aussie tuna workers find new jobs
date added: 2009-12-10  source:

Asian carp: U. S. may close Chicago ship canal; 'We knew this day would come'
date added: 2009-12-09  source:

Female fish assess potential partners with 'test' eggs
date added: 2009-12-09  source:

Fish venom finally gets the attention it deserves; 'possibly over 1600 species of catfish may be venomous'
date added: 2009-12-08  source:

Scientists: Galapagos Islands marine life in danger from over fishing and climate change
date added: 2009-12-08  source:

Researchers Make Unexpected Discovery Involving Devastating Freshwater Fish Parasite 'Ich'
date added: 2009-12-05  source:

Numerous North Atlantic Fish Populations Decline 95%; 'It's Shocking'
date added: 2009-12-04  source:

fishpedicuresArizona cosmetology board sued over feet-nibbling 'doctor fish'
date added: 2009-12-03   source:

Carp battle not over yet; biologist says Asian fish need right conditions to breed in Great Lakes
date added: 2009-12-01  source:

Keep Austin Weird: Texas Fish Store Owner Goes Topless In Titillating Black Friday Promotion
date added: 2009-12-01  source:

New Maui bill would regulate aquarium fish harvest; 'inhumane treatment is inherent in the trade'
date added: 2009-11-30  source:

Now seeing is believing as spitting archerfish caught on camera; 'They have very good eyesight'
date added: 2009-11-30  source:

Taiwan aims to become Asia's leading aquarium fish exporter
date added: 2009-11-29  source:

Charges possible as 28 tons of dead fish found on Swedish dock; 'a bit of a mystery'
date added: 2009-11-28  source:

Sushi DNA tests reveal fraud: Is it an endangered species, a fraud or a health hazard?
date added: 2009-11-27  source:

juvenilechinookBiologists save fish after landslide; 'The fish need help too'
date added: 2009-11-25   source:

DNA From Asian Carp Found 7 Miles From Lake Michigan; 'Last Line Of Defense' Breached
date added: 2009-11-25  source:

Eel fisherman concerned Sydney harbor dredging will affect his livelihood; 'no one is talking to me'
date added: 2009-11-23  source:

Fish Kill: Nanosilver mutates fish embryos
date added: 2009-11-19  source:

Illegal 130km-long ghost net horror revealed as gillnet ban looks likely
date added: 2009-11-17  source:

United States pushes for strong measures to protect bluefin tuna; status quo 'neither sustainable nor acceptable'
date added: 2009-11-17  source:

Marine scientists to investigate effect of Gulf Of Mexico 'dead zone' on fish populations
date added: 2009-11-14  source:

U.S. commissioner: 'Last chance' for tuna authority
date added: 2009-11-12  source:

lionfishFight against lionfish could land it on menu; 'It's not a far-fetched idea'
date added: 2009-11-10   source:

Catfish wars: Alabama bans catfish over unapproved antibiotics; 'Personally I would not eat it'
date added: 2009-11-09  source:

guppylookingsmResearch: Guppy females take risks to avoid harassment; 'sex matters'
date added: 2009-11-09   source:

Scientists: Research On Zebrafish Moves Step Closer To Unlocking The Secrets Of Body Part Regeneration
date added: 2009-11-09  source:

Sushi salvation: Startup sees future of fish farms in giant Kevlar spheres
date added: 2009-11-08  source:

Intrepid Kiwi fur seal 'chases fish' 100km inland
date added: 2009-11-07  source:

IUCN: 1,147 Fish Species At Risk Of Extinction; 'Highly Threatened Wherever We Looked'
date added: 2009-11-07  source:

Scientists, fishermen wowed as marlin travels 2,225 miles in 94 days
date added: 2009-11-06  source:

North Atlantic fish populations shifting as ocean temperatures warm; 'the fish appear to be adapting'
date added: 2009-11-05  source:

Research: Bullies evict little fish as the reef warms; 'could have far-reaching effects'
date added: 2009-11-05  source:

Somali Pirates: Western Boats 'Loot' Somali Fish; 'Many Countries Are Fishing Illegally'
date added: 2009-11-05  source:

Scot environment secretary calls to change 'unacceptable' fish discard rules
date added: 2009-11-04  source:

Regulators: Tuna Ban 'Justified' By Science To Save Stocks
date added: 2009-11-02  source:

Study reveals first ever method to genetically identify all 8 tuna species; 'there will now be no trace of doubt'
date added: 2009-10-30  source:

Study: Ocean acidification may contribute to global shellfish decline; longer larval stage 'frightening'
date added: 2009-10-30  source:

Hawaii regulators approve first U.S. tuna farm, world's first facility to raise bigeye
date added: 2009-10-29  source:

Here's the catch: Aussies love seafood to death
date added: 2009-10-28  source:

Greenpeace: 25% Of Top Restaurants Serving Fish As Endangered As The Giant Panda
date added: 2009-10-27  source:

Fish farm fears as destructive mauve jellyfish spotted off Scot coast
date added: 2009-10-26  source:

Big fish: Consumers should view Monterey Bay Aquarium's 'super green list' with skepticism
date added: 2009-10-24  source:

Benchmark Monterey Bay Aquarium report finds future of global seafood supply at a turning point
date added: 2009-10-24  source:

Indonesia deploys warships to protect fishing waters; 'it sets a good example'
date added: 2009-10-23  source:

Warning of 'inconvenient truth' over Trident sea disaster 35 years ago
date added: 2009-10-23  source:

Experts list seafood that's sustainable and extra-nutritious
date added: 2009-10-22  source:

Fish vision discovery makes waves in natural selection; 'a critical amino acid was deleted'
date added: 2009-10-22  source:

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