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Scot fishing leader: Don't be swayed by fish stock 'doom mongers'
date added: 2011-11-14  source:

Research: 'Fishy lawnmowers' help save Pacific corals; parrotfish and surgeonfish key to new reef growth
date added: 2011-11-13  source:

Can big business save Japan's injured fishing industry? 'this is going to be a bad one'
date added: 2011-11-13  source:

Deadliest Catch: U.S. Issues New Safety Recommendations For Commercial Fishers; 'Hazards Unacceptable'
date added: 2011-11-12  source:

Fishing boat deliberately rammed and sunk by rivals in Yellow Sea territorial feud
date added: 2011-11-11  source:

Big Brother: CCTV stops fisherman chucking away unwanted cod and sole
date added: 2011-11-10  source:

Florida divers capture 312 invasive lionfish during lower Keys derby
date added: 2011-11-10  source:

lumpsuckerBrit fisherman finds rare lumpsucker; 'incredibly comical and very cute'
date added: 2011-11-09   source:

Researchers: Fish follow the simple 'rules of motion' to school
date added: 2011-11-09  source:

recordseabassMan eats 'record' fish ... by accident
date added: 2011-11-09   source:

Bermuda diver: Lionfish threat 'far worse' than many imagine
date added: 2011-11-09  source:

Tilapia: Aussie researcher raises fears about fish 'cane toad'
date added: 2011-11-07  source:

spearfisherThe one that didn't get away: Marlin spears himself a sardine supper
date added: 2011-11-07   source:

Queensland: Ads to promote seafood despite diseased fish
date added: 2011-11-07  source:

lanceletShapeless Sacks And Oblong Paper-knives: Meet Your Long Lost Cousins
date added: 2011-11-07   source:

Outdoorsman's wife falls for fishing life hook, line and sinker; 'I'm not afraid to do the man thing'
date added: 2011-11-05  source:

traingoldfishrecognizeobjectssmProfessor trains goldfish to recognize objects; 'a researcher’s dream project'
date added: 2011-11-01   source:

U.S.: Federal laws could shut down saltwater fishing
date added: 2011-11-01  source:

Dragonflies literally scared to death of fish
date added: 2011-11-01  source:

eufisheriesLet The Eat Discarded Fish: EU Fisheries Offers 'Charitable' Idea To Feed The Poor
date added: 2011-11-01   source:

Brit pedicurist angry over 'sensational' fish spa claims
date added: 2011-10-30  source:

orangeroughyA slimehead by any other name should never be on your plate
date added: 2011-10-29   source:

Investigation uncovers rampant fish fraud at restaurants and markets; watch out for 'Ex-Lax' fish
date added: 2011-10-28  source:

Brit fish pedicure spas hurt by reports; 'People walk past and shout that we are infectious'
date added: 2011-10-28  source:

NOAA administrator Lubchenco comments on Northeast fishery economics report; fishermen 'generally doing marginally better'
date added: 2011-10-27  source:

Editorial: Obama is played for a fool by NOAA 'genius' Jane Lubchenco who turns out to be out of her depth
date added: 2011-10-27  source:

ledradioactiveplateThe LED-equipped sushi platter that tells you if your dinner's radioactive
date added: 2011-10-26   source:

Europe scraps automatic fish quota cut to stocks without sufficient data
date added: 2011-10-24  source:

Illegal fishing threatens to drive eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna extinct; trade ban urged 'until populations rebuild'
date added: 2011-10-21  source:

fishspaFish Foot Spa Virus Bombshell: Treatment 'Could Spread Hepatitis C and HIV'
date added: 2011-10-20   source:

Scientists: Piranhas communicate with sound when they feel under threat
date added: 2011-10-17  source:

britangler100Brit Angler Nets 100 Fish Over 100lbs; 'I Gave Myself Five Years To Do It'
date added: 2011-10-17   source:

In fish-kill mystery, EPA scientist points at shale drilling
date added: 2011-10-15  source:

End of the line: Fishing film nets documentary prize
date added: 2011-10-14  source:

Dating drought or purple patch? Fish reveal how males choose mates
date added: 2011-10-14  source:

goliathgrouperwaltSternsFSUsmFlorida biologists fish for reasons behind endangered grouper's comeback
date added: 2011-10-13   source:

Fish jump into picture of evolutionary land invasion
date added: 2011-10-12  source:

Woman Breaks Fishing Record After Reeling in 251lb Catfish; 'I Just Had to Hold On for My Life'
date added: 2011-10-11  source:

Biologist: Global warming will reduce populations of plant-eating fish; 'herbivores are going to need more food'
date added: 2011-10-10  source:

Colossal aggregations of giant alien freshwater fish as a potential biogeochemical hotspot
date added: 2011-10-10  source:

yellowsalmonMystery: Canadian Pink Salmon Turn Yellow; 'There is Something Very Wrong Here'
date added: 2011-10-10   source:

Australia: Fishermen breaking out in boils after handling sick fish; 'They're like big spider bites'
date added: 2011-10-08  source:

Norway's salmon rot as China takes revenge for dissident's Nobel Prize
date added: 2011-10-07  source:

fishBehaviorboldtimidsmResearch Finds Fish Behavior May Seal Their Fate; Timid In The Weeds
date added: 2011-10-07   source:

Lungfish provides insight to life on land; 'humans are just modified fish'
date added: 2011-10-06  source:

The world's largest floating fish factory able to freeze 1,500 tons of fish a day
date added: 2011-10-05  source:

Rats! 'Severe infestation' aboard ship detained for illegal fishing
date added: 2011-10-05  source:

Pros Carr, Bradley qualify for Bassmaster National Championship; 'It's going to be the best of the best'
date added: 2011-10-04  source:

Scientist: North Sea platforms are fish magnets; 'reef effect' attracts more fish than previously thought
date added: 2011-10-04  source:

Video shows tool use by a fish; 'it requires a lot of forward thinking'
date added: 2011-10-02  source:

Mystery of Canada's missing salmon continues; judicial inquiry expected to offer few solutions
date added: 2011-10-01  source:

kelpbasssmResearcher: 'Illusion of plenty' masking fish population collapse off California coast
date added: 2011-10-01   source:

New European fishing quotas 'horrendous' say fishermen
date added: 2011-10-01  source:

1213-pound Marlin Landed off Cabo San Lucas After Epic 28-hour Battle
date added: 2011-10-01  source:

Japanese researchers focus on radiation's effects on marine life
date added: 2011-09-29  source:

Wind whips angler Teddy Carr at Oneida Lake; 'that's what killed my spot'
date added: 2011-09-28  source:

goldfishmoughGoldfish angry? Study finds aquarium fishes are more aggressive in reduced environments
date added: 2011-09-26   source:
taiwanfishcarrierTaiwan's largest live fish carrier embarks on first voyage
date added: 2011-09-26   source:
largemouthBassCatchreleasesmCatch and release: Small fish recover faster than large fish; 'they all survived easily'
date added: 2011-09-24   source:

Scientists: Titanium oxide nanoparticles cause brain injury in fish
date added: 2011-09-24  source:

The science behind the fishy smell in smelly fish
date added: 2011-09-22  source:

angelfishjawBizarre jaws help angelfish adapt to what's on menu
date added: 2011-09-22   source:

Florida: Man claims barracuda attacks him, jumps on boat, leaves gash
date added: 2011-09-22  source:

Anglers Bradley, Carr land enough fish to qualify for regional Bassmaster event; 'I was going to swing for the fences'
date added: 2011-09-21  source:

Concern as Bay of Fundy farmed salmon found in rivers
date added: 2011-09-21  source:

Fish shrinkage probed in lab; 'almost all... commercial fish are shrinking'
date added: 2011-09-21  source:

Researchers: Salmon and other fish predators rely on 'no guts, no glory' survival tactic
date added: 2011-09-19  source:

Groups: Make Pacific salmon British Columbia's official fish
date added: 2011-09-19  source:

Researcher: Climate Change Brings Fishing Boon To UK Waters; 'Haddock, Pollock, Whiting, Cod' Losers
date added: 2011-09-19  source:

New Zealand: Hundreds of fish believed dead after aquarium fire; 'the fish will have a horrible death'
date added: 2011-09-17  source:

sealicesalmonConcerns raised over use of toxic pesticides to fight sea lice
date added: 2011-09-16   source:

World's largest fishing lure, at 355 pounds, is a real whopper
date added: 2011-09-16  source:

grouperseamonsterAncient Mosaics Reveal Changing Fish Size; Groupers As Man-eating 'Sea Monsters'
date added: 2011-09-16   source:
fishtankHurry, restaurant's 6ft fish tank -- free to a good home; 'in the way of the improvements'
date added: 2011-09-13   source:
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