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Ukraine: Fish Caught In Sewage and Served to Tourists Implicated in Cholera Outbreak
date added: 2011-06-10  source:

fluorescentfishPicture: Fluorescent lizardfish, glowing reefs in Fiji
date added: 2011-06-08   source:

Bass angler Pearson qualifies for weekend action for first time in his career; 'I've been waiting 10 years for this day'
date added: 2011-06-07  source:

Study: Despite Previous Reports, 'Cold' Lake Erie Could Harbor Asian Carp
date added: 2011-06-07  source:

Bass angler Robert Pearson to literally enjoy home cookin' this weekend; 'I have to find the bigger fish'
date added: 2011-06-06  source:

sardinerunsharkSouth Africa: 'Greatest Shoal on Earth' Runs Late
date added: 2011-06-03   source:
doubledeadfishPhilippines: Public warned against eating 'double-dead' fish
date added: 2011-06-02   source:

Seafood you eat may not be what you think it is; 'You're receiving some cheap substitute'
date added: 2011-05-31  source:

The bends: Grand Coulee Dam floodwaters are killing hundreds of thousands of fish every day
date added: 2011-05-31  source:

7,000 tanks: University opens world's most modern zebrafish facility
date added: 2011-05-31  source:

Pass: NOAA Finds Endangered Species Listing For Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Not Warranted
date added: 2011-05-31  source:

Study finds common fire retardant harmful to aquatic life; PBDEs linked to 'disruption of thyroid hormones'
date added: 2011-05-27  source:

South Georgia study uncovers weird and wonderful marine life
date added: 2011-05-27  source:

fishingnetAussie scientists: New fish net lets the small swim free
date added: 2011-05-26   source:

Study: Mediterranean sea invaded by alien species; 'the world's most invaded sea'
date added: 2011-05-26  source:

Inquiry: Organized crime part of illegal B.C. fish trade
date added: 2011-05-24  source:

Northeast Fishermen Receive Apology, Almost $650,000 in Returned Fines From NOAA; Fish Police 'Overstepped the Bounds of Propriety and Fairness'
date added: 2011-05-21  source:

Angler Teddy Carr records top-10 finish in weekend Bassmaster tourney; 'I caught 25 fish in a single hour'
date added: 2011-05-20  source:

Expert: Invasion of lionfish in Bermuda waters can be controlled
date added: 2011-05-20  source:

zebralionfishScientists find new species in Kermadec Islands
date added: 2011-05-19   source:

Researchers use Facebook to identify 5,000 species of fish
date added: 2011-05-18  source:

Kiwi researcher: One-way barrier used to keep out koi, save lakes; 'it's a real simple system really'
date added: 2011-05-18  source:

Sturgeon strike: Woman hurt after big fish jumps through boat's windshield
date added: 2011-05-17  source:

New Hampshire: Fishermen Say Catch-Share Regulations Destroying Industry, Spurring Suicide Attempts
date added: 2011-05-17  source:

lakeerieDeadfishThousands of fish washing up on Lake Erie shore
date added: 2011-05-16   source:

Simple Toadfish Grunts May Contain Complex Information; 'It's Me Again, Can We Spawn?'
date added: 2011-05-16  source:

An enigmatic problem in marine ecology uncovered; 'fish larvae can go almost anywhere'
date added: 2011-05-15  source:

Aussie rescuers fume over 'stupid' anglers
date added: 2011-05-14  source:

Angler Teddy Carr has tricks for fishing in his backyard; 'you're trying to find a diamond in the rough'
date added: 2011-05-13  source:

atlanticmollyPoeciliamexicanasmStudy: Darkness stifles reproduction of surface-dwelling fish
date added: 2011-05-13   source:

Iowa man battles to catch record fish; 'I looked over and my bobber was gone'
date added: 2011-05-12  source:

'Godzilla' Lionfish Threatening Cayman Paradise; 'I'm Worried That These Fish Are Taking Over'
date added: 2011-05-11  source:

Salmon Wars Return To Portland Courtroom: Can At-risk Fish and Hydroelectric Dams Coexist?
date added: 2011-05-11  source:

They're back, or maybe never left: Spread of snakeheads called phenomenal
date added: 2011-05-10  source:

Arizona 'fish pedicures' case overturned in part by appellate court
date added: 2011-05-09  source:

EU Proposes to Pay Fishermen to Catch Plastic Trash
date added: 2011-05-09  source:

The Mystery of the Disappearing Salmon; 'All the Suspects Played a Role and All Are Guilty'
date added: 2011-05-09  source:

Anatomical clues to human evolution from fish
date added: 2011-05-07  source:

batfishsavedAustralia: Tropical Nemo and his mates saved from a slow cold death
date added: 2011-05-07   source:

Former seafood company executives sentenced for mislabeling foreign fish
date added: 2011-05-06  source:

aquaticchickenAnother side of tilapia, the perfect factory fish; 'aquatic chicken'
date added: 2011-05-05   source:

Study: 'Small Fry' Fish Just as Vulnerable to Population Plunges as Sharks or Tuna; 'All Species of Fishes Can Collapse'
date added: 2011-05-05  source:

About 51 kg black caviar confiscated in Azerbaijan this year
date added: 2011-05-03  source:

Researcher: Jump in communication skills led to species explosion in electric fishes; 'it sounds like a frying pan'
date added: 2011-05-02  source:

New method for measuring biomass reveals fish stocks are more stable than widely believed
date added: 2011-05-01  source:

Research: Fish can detect and record marine 'dead zones'
date added: 2011-05-01  source:

evolutionpupfishsmStudy: 'Explosive' Evolution In Seen Pupfish, Changing Up To 130 Times Faster
date added: 2011-05-01   source:
anchoviessmEat your anchovies: Fish livers contain beneficial fatty acids
date added: 2011-04-30   source:

Japan's Emperor Eats Fish Caught Near the Fukushima Plant; 'Tears Came to My Eyes'
date added: 2011-04-29  source:

valkellswatercolorsVal Kells' watercolors: Artist provides dazzling detail in new field guide to fish
date added: 2011-04-28   source:

Salon owner appealing ban of foot-munching fish
date added: 2011-04-27  source:

Kansas City catfish angler lands giant goldfish; 'I was really amazed'
date added: 2011-04-27  source:

The great supermarket fish scam: Shoppers 'are being duped into buying mislabeled species'
date added: 2011-04-27  source:

cichlidswimmingsmHow fish swim: 'Treadmill for fish' reveals contribution of fins to propulsion
date added: 2011-04-25   source:

Big tuna: In spite of widely publicized fears, bluefin tuna populations are actually rebounding
date added: 2011-04-25  source:

Europe scorns 'supersalmon' as GM battle widens; 'this battle is not being fought on the science'
date added: 2011-04-24  source:

blackredfish'Black' red snapper: Odd animal deaths, deformities linked to Gulf Oil spill?
date added: 2011-04-23   source:

Thousands of Islands, Many Fish: Indonesia Modernizes Its Infrastructure as Part of an Effort to Dominate the Global Seafood Market
date added: 2011-04-23  source:

Putting a price on sea fish: Study says commercial fishing rights lead to more sustainable fishing methods
date added: 2011-04-21  source:

Volume at Japan's Tsukiji fish market reaches pre-earthquake levels
date added: 2011-04-21  source:

Study: Making Coral Sea no-take fish zone 'cheaper' than alternative
date added: 2011-04-21  source:

FDA: No Need to Test Pacific Fish for Radioactivity; 'No Sampling or Monitoring'
date added: 2011-04-21  source:

orangutanfishResearcher: Orangutans use simple tools to catch fish
date added: 2011-04-20   source:
SurstrommingWould You Eat Surstromming, Or Would It Eat You?
date added: 2011-04-20   source:

Researchers: New 'legal drugs' could help goldfish and koi with fish lice
date added: 2011-04-19  source:

Gulf seafood industry still smeared by suspicion; 'They don't look the same; they don't smell the same'
date added: 2011-04-19  source:

clownfishNemo found: Incredible images of clownfish sheltering in deadly anemones
date added: 2011-04-18   source:

Russia denies fish radiation rumors; 'no radioactivity threat exists... even hypothetically'
date added: 2011-04-18  source:

Texas Tackles Illegal Noodling: 'I Didn't Know It Was Against the Law'
date added: 2011-04-18  source:

Study: Death -- not just life -- important link in marine ecosystems; copepod carcasses 'fuel microbes'
date added: 2011-04-17  source:

Major Japanese port resumes tuna fishing for first time since tsunami
date added: 2011-04-16  source:

Bass angler Pearson fired up for Lake Chickamauga tournament; 'almost giddy'
date added: 2011-04-16  source:

Minnesota appeals court: Minnows are not fish 'under the plain language of the game and fish laws'
date added: 2011-04-16  source:

Radiation release will hit marine life: Researchers call for extensive surveys to gauge ecological effects of Fukushima
date added: 2011-04-15  source:

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