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Arowana: Rare fish nets tidy profit
date added: 2012-03-14  source:

Canadian fisheries minister takes heat for 'routine' salmon virus comments
date added: 2012-03-13  source:

jurassicfailJurassic fail: Fish accidentally snags pterosaur, and both die
date added: 2012-03-13   source:

Korea: Detection of radiation in Japanese fish on rise; cesium level 'below the international standards'
date added: 2012-03-11  source:

Brit angler 'gutted' after his club kicks him out for catching too many fish
date added: 2012-03-09  source:

B.C. salmon-farming critic vows to keep fighting from Norway
date added: 2012-03-09  source:

Cod madness in Norway's Arctic islands; 'I make really easy money'
date added: 2012-03-08  source:

Video: Fish now in aquariums in Miami Marlins new park
date added: 2012-03-08  source:

$7.8 billion reasons: Unlike Exxon Valdez, fishermen swiftly settle with BP over Gulf oil spill
date added: 2012-03-08  source:

Tokyo moves to relax regulations on poisonous puffer fish
date added: 2012-03-07  source:

Convicted fisherman: Black fish was rife in industry across Scotland for decades
date added: 2012-03-07  source:

In experiment, US offers up to $500 for fishermen not to fish; 'I have mixed feelings about the whole thing'
date added: 2012-03-06  source:

What makes a robot fish attractive? Hint: It's in the moves
date added: 2012-03-06  source:

Anti-fishing campaigners accused of misleading Australians on state of fisheries
date added: 2012-03-05  source:

fishingtrawlersmScientists: Diverse catches are better for fishery ecosystems; 'balanced harvest'
date added: 2012-03-05   source:

Conservation groups call for ban on Antarctic fishing
date added: 2012-03-04  source:

twoheadsTwo-headed trout raises eyebrows in Idaho; 'We need to be careful here'
date added: 2012-03-03   source:
monstercatfishKansas angler's monster catfish has died
date added: 2012-03-02   source:

Group seeks penalties for Pacific monument fishing
date added: 2012-03-01  source:

Canadian fishermen protest over fears of federal policy change; 'For 500 years, we've been here fishing'
date added: 2012-02-29  source:

asiancarpfightGo fish: U.S. Supreme Court stays out of carp fight - again
date added: 2012-02-29   source:

Men smuggle $2.36m cocaine stash inside live fish
date added: 2012-02-29  source:

pufferlaserPuffer fish chases laser in viral video
date added: 2012-02-29   source:

Vancouver Island Fisherman Invents Seal Repellent
date added: 2012-02-29  source:

Scot Fish Fraud: Law Breaking On An Industrial Scale; 'Very Large Sums Of Money To Be Made'
date added: 2012-02-29  source:

Diver spots dreaded lionfish in Tobago reef
date added: 2012-02-28  source:

Research: Lion fish huff and puff for their dinner
date added: 2012-02-28  source:

Robot fish prototype leads school of real fish behind it
date added: 2012-02-28  source:

Researchers: Old-fashioned fish regrow fins
date added: 2012-02-26  source:

Research Identifies Six Fishing 'Danger Zones'... Where Conservation Is Outweighed By Greed And Short-term Profit
date added: 2012-02-26  source:

Exotic fish worth £1,000 stolen from Brit aquatic center
date added: 2012-02-23  source:

20 bathers attacked by carnivorous fish in Brazil
date added: 2012-02-23  source:

Ocean's future: 'Goodbye big fish, hello small fish'
date added: 2012-02-23  source:

Anglers tell scientists a tarpon tale via DNA samples; 'Tarpon are charismatic fish'
date added: 2012-02-23  source:

smallleafNews species of blenny fish found near Andaman Islands; 'a small leaf'
date added: 2012-02-23   source:

US retailers launch investigation into Kiwi fishing industry standards
date added: 2012-02-23  source:

Marine Researchers: 'Drastic Change' In Oceans' Fish; Commercial Species Decline 55% In 40 Years
date added: 2012-02-23  source:

Boston: From depths of the Charles river, a 'a prehistoric, floating dinosaur'
date added: 2012-02-22  source:

India: Illegal fishing practices threaten aquatic biodiversity
date added: 2012-02-22  source:

Ming Tsai serves mislabeled fish to China's vice president; 'I did make a technical mistake'
date added: 2012-02-22  source:

henryThierry Henry to rebuild mansion to fit 4-storey aquarium for 300 fishes
date added: 2012-02-22   source:
knotlesshookMan revolutionizes fishing-knots problem with knotless hook
date added: 2012-02-21   source:

Whistleblower: 'White tuna' on menu can be gut-wrenching; 'Ex-Lax' of fish
date added: 2012-02-21  source:

Royal sturgeon returns to Ireland after 46 years at sea
date added: 2012-02-21  source:

Research: To save their species, fish hybridized themselves into extinction at alpine lakes
date added: 2012-02-21  source:

Uganda: Fear over use of explosives in fishing
date added: 2012-02-20  source:

bigcodBig Cod: First-time Angler Catches Record-Breaking Fish In English Channel
date added: 2012-02-19   source:

California: Fireman allegedly sells catch illegally after sportfishing expedition into Mexico
date added: 2012-02-18  source:

Scientists: Big fish shelter choice could have impact on ability to survive climate change
date added: 2012-02-16  source:

Google Earth spots fish farms from the air
date added: 2012-02-16  source:

catfishbodyFrench police searching for body instead find 2.2m catfish
date added: 2012-02-15   source:

Bleach leak kills more than 7,000 fish at California lab
date added: 2012-02-14  source:

bioluminescentsushirollsUse transgenic fish to make bioluminescent sushi rolls
date added: 2012-02-14   source:

Researchers: Not A Lot Of Fish Species In The Ocean; 'Marine Apocalypse' Led To Freshwater Dominance
date added: 2012-02-12  source:

Armed military drone trawled up by fishing boat
date added: 2012-02-11  source:

Petition seeks international investigation of Canada's farmed fish operations, protections for wild salmon
date added: 2012-02-11  source:

Scientists seek to learn whether fish farms kill fish
date added: 2012-02-09  source:

Peru's giant jungle fish hooks conscientious gourmets; 'like a sea bass with a better texture'
date added: 2012-02-08  source:

Plan hatched to save UK's rarest fish; 'Something had to be done quite urgently'
date added: 2012-02-08  source:

California salmon return is encouraging; 'these fish can survive for months without spawning'
date added: 2012-02-06  source:

Asian carp: 93% of Michigan voters concerned
date added: 2012-02-06  source:

scotfleetScot fishermen attacked over high-seas plundering
date added: 2012-02-02   source:
princecharlesPrince of Wales launches fight to save overexploited oceans from overfishing
date added: 2012-02-01   source:

Aljazeera exposes 'pirate fishing', corruption in Sierra Leone
date added: 2012-02-01  source:

Big Brother: Brits Use Hidden CCTV Cameras On Lakes To Target Fish Poachers
date added: 2012-01-31  source:

pufferfishHow the puffer fish gets you high, zombifies you, and kills you
date added: 2012-01-30   source:

Ecologists among the first to record and study deep-sea fish noises; 'a wealth of biological sounds'
date added: 2012-01-30  source:

morrocanaquariumMoroccan mall boasts largest aquarium
date added: 2012-01-29   source:

NOAA unveils improved way to estimate saltwater recreational fishing; 'can only be a plus'
date added: 2012-01-29  source:

UN Warns: World's Fish Overexploited, Under Threat; 'People Don't Want To Eat The Little Anchovies Anymore'
date added: 2012-01-28  source:

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