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snakeheadnycSnakehead fish: Can invasive species be eaten out of existence?
date added: 2013-09-06   source:
lobsterSomething fishy is going on in the nation's lobster capital
date added: 2013-09-05   source:
needlefishPhilippines: Fisherman killed after being stabbed in the throat by needlefish
date added: 2013-09-05   source:

Activist warns: 'Days of eating Pacific Ocean fish are over'
date added: 2013-09-05  source:

Kiribati: Massive marine protected area is an even bigger sham
date added: 2013-09-04  source:

Reluctant teenage girl catches 250lb tuna on her first ever fishing trip with her father
date added: 2013-09-03  source:

Tropical fish smuggler's story leaks out... from his pants
date added: 2013-09-03  source:

Scientists unravel ancestry of Ireland’s rarest fish, found in just one lake
date added: 2013-09-03  source:

Study: Spilled fracking fluid killed fish In Creek, Like 'Canary In The Coal Mine'
date added: 2013-09-03  source:

Monster of deep: prehistoric fish was 52 feet long
date added: 2013-09-02  source:

Will Fukushima Mutate Sea Life? 'It Doesn't Appear To Outright Kill
date added: 2013-09-02  source:

AC or DC? 2 newly described electric fish from the Amazon are wired differently
date added: 2013-09-01  source:

Newly published research suggests leaders among fish are born, not made
date added: 2013-09-01  source:

$20M Wasted? Two U.S. Agencies Tasked With Inspecting Catfish
date added: 2013-08-31  source:

Research: 'Zombie Fish' Can Reproduce Long After Death; 'Stored Sperm' A First For Vertebrates
date added: 2013-08-31  source:

Video: Fish's whole brain activity map explained
date added: 2013-08-30  source:

Mercury Levels Predicted to Rise in Pacific Ocean Fish; 'Two-to-three-fold increase over the next roughly 20 years'
date added: 2013-08-30  source:

Angler almost gets skewered when marlin jumps into boat
date added: 2013-08-29  source:

Scientists claim sea lice in farms kill one third of wild salmon
date added: 2013-08-29  source:

bareknucklenoodlerPhotos: Bare knuckle noodler babes; 'It's like people think we're crazy'
date added: 2013-08-27   source:

Ireland: Farmer sorry after pollution leak kills thousands of fish
date added: 2013-08-27  source:

swordfishSwordfish catch in River Tyne 'very rare'
date added: 2013-08-27   source:

Scientists: 'Sea serpent' on Spanish beach most likely oarfish
date added: 2013-08-26  source:

Scientists urge Obama to update warnings of dangers of mercury in fish
date added: 2013-08-24  source:

Fish species losing homes as sea anemones suffer from bleaching
date added: 2013-08-23  source:

Research: Tiny fish make big 'eye' to distract predator, boosting chances of survival
date added: 2013-08-22  source:

worldrecordhalibutAngler smashes world record by catching 518-Pound halibut
date added: 2013-08-22   source:

Biologists to poison Yellowstone stream, reintroduce native fish
date added: 2013-08-21  source:

Greenpeace: Urgent need to slash Pacific tuna quotas
date added: 2013-08-21  source:

Sustainable seafood is a fantasy; being a responsible fish eater is much more difficult than it appears
date added: 2013-08-21  source:

codcatchWhat happens when a fisherman and fish both catch the same fish?
date added: 2013-08-20   source:

Struggling U.S. fishermen still await federal disaster relief; 'Time is not on the side of this industry'
date added: 2013-08-20  source:

A historic catch: Man lands a 500-plus-pound blue marlin in Hong Kong
date added: 2013-08-20  source:

Fears for Pacific tuna stocks amid record 2012 catch
date added: 2013-08-19  source:

Washington, D.C.: National Mall pond yields 1000 dead fish
date added: 2013-08-19  source:

pacuteethScandinavian men can return to the water: 'Testicle-eating' fish said to be a myth
date added: 2013-08-19   source:

salmonCanada: B.C. man reels in 28-kilogram Chinook salmon
date added: 2013-08-17   source:

In 1967, the submarine ALVIN was attacked by a swordfish
date added: 2013-08-17  source:

Alaska: Pink salmon catch could break record
date added: 2013-08-14  source:

American family adrift at sea saved by fishing ship; fleeing to 'see where God led us'
date added: 2013-08-14  source:

Florida residents weary of eating fish after Lake Okeechobee discharge
date added: 2013-08-14  source:

Sea life relocating fast in response to climate change; Extinctions possible as predators move into new areas
date added: 2013-08-14  source:

fishhookedResearchers Look For Answer To The Question: Do Fish Really Feel Pain
date added: 2013-08-13   source:

Toxic Fukushima fallout threatens fishermen's livelihoods
date added: 2013-08-12  source:

Report: Hawaii restaurant offerings help track reef fish populations
date added: 2013-08-09  source:

Minnesota: New poll shows support for 'locking out' Asian carp; 'No other state stood up to this'
date added: 2013-08-09  source:

New 'fishless' feeds could make aquaculture more sustainable
date added: 2013-08-09  source:

Endangered sawfish sold as 'fresh or salted fillets 'in markets as shark
date added: 2013-08-09  source:

recordsnakeheadVirginia man snags world-record snakehead; 'I'm just along for the ride'
date added: 2013-08-09   source:
deadsturgeon8-foot-long sturgeon found floating in Lake Washington
date added: 2013-08-09   source:

Florida: Teenager hospitalized with minor injuries after something bites him; 'it couldn't have been a very big fish'
date added: 2013-08-08  source:

Yacht used by Ernest Hemingway is restored in Peru; 'a symbol of the crusade for the recovery of the sea'
date added: 2013-08-07  source:

Italian fishermen urge boycott during self-imposed fishing ban
date added: 2013-08-07  source:

hemlockfishDoctors: Water hemlock eaten by buffalo fish likely culprit of rare disease
date added: 2013-08-07   source:
molariderAngler turns cowboy, jumps in and rides giant mola mola
date added: 2013-08-06   source:

Record returns of fall chinook salmon are predicted on Lower Columbia River
date added: 2013-08-06  source:

Australia opens world’s smartest aquarium
date added: 2013-08-05  source:

putinlureBelarus leader beats Putin's pike with man-sized catfish
date added: 2013-08-05   source:
waterbugGiant water bug eats fish: Devours prey from the inside out
date added: 2013-08-04   source:

Marine experts: Gulf of Maine has become a cod-forsaken place, endangering all fisheries
date added: 2013-08-04  source:

Study: Stimulating environment 'boosts brainpower' of fish
date added: 2013-08-03  source:

Researchers: Robotic predators terrify zebrafish but booze makes it better
date added: 2013-08-03  source:

Farmers demand truth about fish; 'Label it. Tell people, give them the choice'
date added: 2013-08-03  source:

8footcatfishFishermen catch 220 pound, 8 foot catfish
date added: 2013-08-02   source:

Farmers demand truth about fish; 'Label it. Tell people, give them the choice'
date added: 2013-08-02  source:

Swedish nightclub told to turn down music to protect pet fish
date added: 2013-08-01  source:

pikeputinKremlin Denies 'News' Footage Of Putin Catching Fish Was From 2007
date added: 2013-08-01   source:

'Grand daddy' of Pacific tuna tagging program recaptured after 13 years
date added: 2013-07-31  source:

Sir David on mission to breathe life into neglected fish fossils
date added: 2013-07-31  source:

yellowoldSan Diego angler still fishing at 90, catches giant yellowtail
date added: 2013-07-30   source:

Virus outbreak confirmed at two fish farms on Newfoundland’s south coast
date added: 2013-07-29  source:

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