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basszombieAngler: 'Zombie bass' rise to surface stunned, snap out of it and swim away
date added: 2014-04-10   source:
oarfishaussieThis Rare Footage Shows Two Live 15-Foot-Long Oarfish Swimming in the Ocean
date added: 2014-04-10   source:

Israelis find how eyeless fish navigates
date added: 2014-04-09  source:

pufferdryJapan's puffer fish capital: Delicious and deadly
date added: 2014-04-09   source:
hagfishslime'Incredibly Strong' Hagfish slime mystery unraveled by Canadian scientists
date added: 2014-04-09   source:

Fisherwoman catches world record 64 stone tuna
date added: 2014-04-08  source:

chadwickMissing fish found wandering in river seven miles from home
date added: 2014-04-08   source:

First-Ever National Policy on Recreational Fishing Announced; 'We will do our part to find cooperative solutions'
date added: 2014-04-07  source:

Hong Kong's fish farms in the sky; 'this is rooftop farming on steroids'
date added: 2014-04-05  source:

Study: Too Many Salmon in the Sea, Posing A Risk To Other Wildlife; 'Very Little Is Known'
date added: 2014-04-05  source:

Pollution Blamed for 'Feminization' of Male Fish Along Basque Coast
date added: 2014-04-03  source:

caviarNo-Kill Caviar Aims To Keep The Treat And Save The Sturgeon
date added: 2014-04-03   source:
kiwitunarecordNew Zealand angler lands 907-pound Pacific bluefin tuna; catch could smash world record
date added: 2014-04-02   source:

Poisoned Yale lab fish lead to lawsuit
date added: 2014-04-01  source:

blingbishopDisgraced German 'bling bishop' blew €213,000 on a fish tank
date added: 2014-03-31   source:

Palau's plans to ban commercial fishing could set precedent for tuna industry
date added: 2014-03-31  source:

Exclusive: Animal Planet's River Monsters gets an aftershow
date added: 2014-03-29  source:

California: Emergency convoy trucking salmon hatchlings to safety downriver
date added: 2014-03-28  source:

Oregon: Groups start to haze cormorants to save salmon
date added: 2014-03-28  source:

Land Of The Free: Maine Seizes Koi From 66-yr-old Woman's Pond; 'Illegal Possession Of captive Wildlife'
date added: 2014-03-28  source:

4eyefishEye boggling! Scientists find new four-eyed fish species in waters off Australia
date added: 2014-03-28   source:

Fukushima fishermen OK TEPCO plan to release diverted groundwater into sea
date added: 2014-03-27  source:

basstourneyHow much do bass fishing tournaments hurt the fish?
date added: 2014-03-27   source:

Report criticizes wasteful discarding of fish; 'one of the largest threats to maintaining healthy fish populations'
date added: 2014-03-26  source:

Bluefin Tuna Show Animal Migration Routes Maintained by Knowledge of Informed Elders
date added: 2014-03-26  source:

Florida: Fisherman hooks tourist at Naples Pier, police investigating
date added: 2014-03-25  source:

China largest freshwater lake starts fishing ban
date added: 2014-03-24  source:

Mexican fisherman accused of biggest poaching case in history at Costa Rica's Isla del Coco still a fugitive
date added: 2014-03-24  source:

Disaster at Disney: giant fish tank bursts; 'Water began gushing out immediately'
date added: 2014-03-24  source:

Florida legislature mulling bills to make illegal purchasing or selling lionfish; 'let get rid of them'
date added: 2014-03-20  source:

Illegal fishing continues unabated in Costa Rica's treasured Isla del Coco National Park
date added: 2014-03-20  source:

Senators from Mississippi promote US-raised catfish over Vietnamese frozen fillets
date added: 2014-03-19  source:

robotfishmitMIT's robot fish is nearly as speedy and squishy as the real thing
date added: 2014-03-17   source:
carpmouthScientists: Asian carp could survive in all Great Lakes
date added: 2014-03-17   source:
albinomarlinRare albino blue marlin caught and released off Costa Rica
date added: 2014-03-15   source:

Man fined $6,000, banned from recreational fishing for life for netting salmon
date added: 2014-03-15  source:

Mystery fish falls from the sky in Brit village; 'how did it get here?'
date added: 2014-03-15  source:

In severe drought plan, California salmon may be moved by truck
date added: 2014-03-15  source:

Jeremy Wade: the underwater detective hunting river monsters; 'I had to dangle some bait and wait for a bit of luck'
date added: 2014-03-12  source:

Japan to cut bluefin tuna catch in Northern Pacific by half
date added: 2014-03-12  source:

New Zealand: Fish-dumping trawler likely to be seized
date added: 2014-03-11  source:

Slaves at sea: Report into Thai fishing industry finds abuse of migrant workers
date added: 2014-03-10  source:

Students' science project jeopardized after fish tank malfunctions; 'It was carnage -- absolute carnage'
date added: 2014-03-10  source:

Cesium lining: Traces of Fukushima disaster fallout help scientists track tuna
date added: 2014-03-10  source:

harshconditionsTexas lake welcomes back paddlefish gone for years
date added: 2014-03-10   source:

Catch of record walleye in Columbia angers some anglers; 'It's a big deal'
date added: 2014-03-10  source:

How deep can a fish go? Fish caught near New Zealand could answer the question
date added: 2014-03-09  source:

Fishing hook, line pried from Taiwanese woman's throat after eating fish
date added: 2014-03-08  source:

Scientists: Size matters as fish species splits in two
date added: 2014-03-07  source:

Brit Tesco stores come under fire for selling 'dirty tuna'
date added: 2014-03-07  source:

From sea to plate: report chronicles the journey of a fish
date added: 2014-03-06  source:

Gang stole hundreds of Koi carp from Southport aquarium; 'we are not insured for this loss'
date added: 2014-03-06  source:

Amazing slow motion video of kingfisher birds hunting underwater
date added: 2014-03-06  source:

tunabaitHigh-Tech Tuna Researcher Uncovers Marvels of the Big Fish
date added: 2014-03-06   source:

Fish veterinarian known as 'Dr. Koi' keeps patients feeling fin
date added: 2014-03-05  source:

'Peak Salmon' May Be Unlikely, But Threats To Farmed Salmon Loom
date added: 2014-03-05  source:

radiationsymbolHighly radioactive fish caught off Fukushima coast
date added: 2014-03-04   source:

So much more than an aquarium—A behind-the-scenes look at Shedd
date added: 2014-03-03  source:

Foreign fleets pushing Pacific tuna fishing industry to the brink of collapse
date added: 2014-03-03  source:

crispfishBrit Fish with crisp addiction 'Turns pink'
date added: 2014-03-03   source:

Fish compelled to eat glowing trash; 'It’s a whole new ocean habitat created by humans'
date added: 2014-03-01  source:

Russian environmentalists punch air holes in ice to save fish
date added: 2014-03-01  source:

India: Youth dies after swallowing fish while bathing in pond
date added: 2014-02-26  source:

bigfishElectricity cuts see Limerick businessman's exotic fish collection die
date added: 2014-02-26   source:
hammermouthBrave photographer captures close-ups of their razor-sharp teeth just inches away
date added: 2014-02-25   source:

Health Canada: No radiation in fish tested; 'The testing will never stop'
date added: 2014-02-25  source:

Absurd creature of the week: This fish swims up a sea cucumber’s butt and eats its gonads
date added: 2014-02-25  source:

Stimulus: Feds spending $175,000 to observe 'swimming abilities' of fish
date added: 2014-02-25  source:

Survey: Big fish gone around much of the Australian coastline
date added: 2014-02-24  source:

kiwitunaKiwi Woman Lands Potential World Record 411kg Tuna
date added: 2014-02-24   source:
tunafishTuna Lover's Dilemma: To Eat or Not to Eat?
date added: 2014-02-24   source:
tunamodelSushi easy: Model tuna makes gutting fish a much less messy game
date added: 2014-02-23   source:

PETA criticizes school for goldfish swallowing live tradition; 'cruel, dangerous, and illegal activity'
date added: 2014-02-23  source:

fishpurseLive fish handbag draws ire at Brit Awards
date added: 2014-02-23   source:

In lavish home aquariums, fish get the first-class treatment; 'friends, not food'
date added: 2014-02-22  source:

Fukushima trying to fight toxic fish rumors by posting info on radiation tests
date added: 2014-02-21  source:

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