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All night long: Residents losing sleep thanks to the droning mating call of randy fish
date added: 2013-10-28  source:

Researchers: Household products make fish unafraid of predators
date added: 2013-10-27  source:

Marine biologists dissect 'serpent'-like oarfish that washed ashore in California; 'so cool'
date added: 2013-10-25  source:

Study: Cold-water fish food not adapting to a warming world
date added: 2013-10-24  source:

‘Sea Serpents’ Or Harbingers? Oarfish Washed Up Year Before Japan Quake
date added: 2013-10-24  source:

Lionfish infestation in Atlantic Ocean exploding as predators multiply
date added: 2013-10-23  source:

oarfishsandiegoAnother 'sea serpent' washes up on California beach
date added: 2013-10-23   source:

Thailand: Brit Fisherman hooks 134-pound 'World Record' Fish
date added: 2013-10-23  source:

Reluctant Yellowstone anglers drafted in war on fish; 'This is the enemy here'
date added: 2013-10-23  source:

Japan: PM Abe tries to dispel rumors about Fukushima seafood
date added: 2013-10-22  source:

Nine foot long tuna fish weighing almost 37 stone caught off Scottish waters sets record
date added: 2013-10-22  source:

Fishermen complain of 70% decline in Red Sea fish catch
date added: 2013-10-22  source:

Southern Bluefin Quotas To Rise Highest Levels Since 1989 As Population Rebounds
date added: 2013-10-22  source:

Brit fisherman: I was treated like a criminal by French Navy
date added: 2013-10-21  source:

redlionfishsmStudy: Caribbean fish can't see lionfish; 'practically unstoppable'
date added: 2013-10-21   source:
armoredfishScientists: Amazon fish has super-shield against piranhas; 'multiple levels of defense'
date added: 2013-10-19   source:

Oarfish: First-hand account from discoverer of 18ft fish
date added: 2013-10-19  source:

oarfishdiscovery18-Foot oarfish found on Catalina amazes scientists; 'Discovery of a lifetime'
date added: 2013-10-19   source:

Is Eating Mercury-Laden Fish So Bad? 'Mercury in fish is not a large problem'
date added: 2013-10-19  source:

Vancouver: Sardines have disappeared, with serious economic, ecological effects on West coast
date added: 2013-10-18  source:

Lawsuit: EPA underestimates Washington State fish consumption and pollution levels
date added: 2013-10-18  source:

Fish eating worm invades Brit aquarium; 'like something straight out of a science fiction movie'
date added: 2013-10-18  source:

Canada: Woman rescues fish from library pond
date added: 2013-10-17  source:

Research: Mosquitofish Mating Strategies Change In The Presence Of Predators; 'Bonier and more elongated gonopodium tips'
date added: 2013-10-17  source:

Deadliest catch captain tells Congress he can't fish because of government shutdown; 'tough times'
date added: 2013-10-16  source:

arapimaNew Species of Giant Fish Arapaima Discovered in Brazil
date added: 2013-10-16   source:

Report raises fresh concerns about radiation levels in Japanese fish
date added: 2013-10-10  source:

tunacatchFishermen land 912-pound whopper: Wrestling giant tuna was '3½ hours of pure mayhem'
date added: 2013-10-08   source:

Kiwis peddle new 'revolutionary' fishing net; 'future of fishing'
date added: 2013-10-05  source:

Tuna nations finding it difficult to agree on Pacific conservation measure
date added: 2013-10-04  source:

seabassFisherman snags first ever U.S. sea bass in British waters; 'one-in-a-lifetime catch'
date added: 2013-10-04   source:

Thieves take £4k of fishing gear while Brit anglers sleep
date added: 2013-10-04  source:

Fish May Be Unfairly Blamed as Primary Source of Mercury Exposure
date added: 2013-10-04  source:

fishfarmcatsFish farm cats that have got it made, even if it means they have to swim
date added: 2013-10-03   source:

Rare and expensive pet fish on display in Taipei
date added: 2013-10-03  source:

X-rays reveal Snake River sturgeon eating tackle
date added: 2013-10-02  source:

pufferstatueGiant tower in the shape of a puffer fish creates online uproar in China
date added: 2013-10-02   source:

Uganda looks at cages to counter declining fish stocks
date added: 2013-10-01  source:

Scientists: 12-foot sturgeons possible in James River
date added: 2013-10-01  source:

'Record' 9-foot Tuna Caught Off The coast of Scotland
date added: 2013-10-01  source:

Train passenger takes wrong suitcase ... containing 60 live tropical fish
date added: 2013-09-30  source:

U.S. catfish producers charge FDA letting in tainted foreign fish
date added: 2013-09-29  source:

Study: Urban fish masculinized by hormone-mimicking chemicals
date added: 2013-09-29  source:

Scientists find early facial features on ancient fish; 'like finding the nose of a space shuttle in a hay wagon from the Middle Ages'
date added: 2013-09-29  source:

Record Breaking Salmon Harvest This Year in Alaska
date added: 2013-09-28  source:

Boom: Record run leads to relaxation of last Columbia salmon fishing rules
date added: 2013-09-28  source:

Officials: Fukushima fish prove safe from contamination, trial fishing to resume
date added: 2013-09-28  source:

Why do guppies jump out of fish tanks?
date added: 2013-09-27  source:

Scientists discover new genus of electric fish
date added: 2013-09-27  source:

Experts: Collective rights 'offer hope for global fisheries'
date added: 2013-09-26  source:

tinyblueAngler catches blue marlin with bare hands, and it sure is cute
date added: 2013-09-24   source:

First ever exotic Skipjack tuna is caught in Britain off the coast of Devon... and promptly barbecued
date added: 2013-09-24  source:

Seals loved by naturalists but not always fishermen
date added: 2013-09-23  source:

Expert: Asian carp adaptations in Indiana are scary; 'We'd never seen anything like this before'
date added: 2013-09-23  source:

World's biggest tuna company calls for limit on Pacific fishing effort
date added: 2013-09-22  source:

Study: Neanderthals ate fish 45,000 years ago
date added: 2013-09-22  source:

Scientists: Overfishing of sharks trashing coral reefs; 'the parrotfishes are very important'
date added: 2013-09-21  source:

Paradise lost: Hong Kong fails to list a single protected fish species 20 years after law passed
date added: 2013-09-21  source:

lungfish80-yr-old Australian Lungfish to Eat Lavish Cake on Its Birthday
date added: 2013-09-21   source:
underwaterdreamscapeKim Keever turns fish tanks into underwater dreamscapes
date added: 2013-09-19   source:

New Hampshire joins Massachusetts lawsuit against federal fishing regulations
date added: 2013-09-18  source:

gillstuffedStuffed To The gills: Alaskan Rainbow Trout Eats Nearly 20 Shrews
date added: 2013-09-18   source:
bluefintunaplateFrom Cat Food to Sushi Counter: The Strange Rise of the Bluefin Tuna
date added: 2013-09-17   source:

Do fish hold the secret to why some people are more social?
date added: 2013-09-17  source:

Fukushima Fallout Not Affecting U.S.-Caught Fish
date added: 2013-09-16  source:

blobfishMiserable-looking blobfish wins ugly animal award
date added: 2013-09-15   source:

Costa Rica's tuna fishermen demand a six-year moratorium on international competition
date added: 2013-09-15  source:

Underwater video uncovers mass kill from Hawaii molasses spill
date added: 2013-09-15  source:

Virginia Beach anglers catch 49 marlin in one day; 'It was awesome'
date added: 2013-09-15  source:

Record Catch: Alaska rivers run ‘Pink’ with humpy salmon
date added: 2013-09-15  source:

redsalmonEver Wondered: Why is wild salmon a deeper red than farmed salmon?
date added: 2013-09-14   source:

Molasses plume in Honolulu Harbor killing hundreds of fish
date added: 2013-09-14  source:

benthicMarine geologist finds fish habitat, beauty in 'benthic mapping'
date added: 2013-09-12   source:

Rare fish caught with a sausage: 'Royal' sturgeon hooked off the Welsh coast
date added: 2013-09-12  source:

chestbusterAlien 'Chestburster' type purple eel goby spotted in China
date added: 2013-09-12   source:

Cook Islands locals say foreign fishing trial hurts business
date added: 2013-09-10  source:

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