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New 'fishless' feeds could make aquaculture more sustainable
date added: 2013-08-09  source:

Endangered sawfish sold as 'fresh or salted fillets 'in markets as shark
date added: 2013-08-09  source:

recordsnakeheadVirginia man snags world-record snakehead; 'I'm just along for the ride'
date added: 2013-08-09   source:
deadsturgeon8-foot-long sturgeon found floating in Lake Washington
date added: 2013-08-09   source:

Florida: Teenager hospitalized with minor injuries after something bites him; 'it couldn't have been a very big fish'
date added: 2013-08-08  source:

Yacht used by Ernest Hemingway is restored in Peru; 'a symbol of the crusade for the recovery of the sea'
date added: 2013-08-07  source:

Italian fishermen urge boycott during self-imposed fishing ban
date added: 2013-08-07  source:

hemlockfishDoctors: Water hemlock eaten by buffalo fish likely culprit of rare disease
date added: 2013-08-07   source:
molariderAngler turns cowboy, jumps in and rides giant mola mola
date added: 2013-08-06   source:

Record returns of fall chinook salmon are predicted on Lower Columbia River
date added: 2013-08-06  source:

Australia opens world’s smartest aquarium
date added: 2013-08-05  source:

putinlureBelarus leader beats Putin's pike with man-sized catfish
date added: 2013-08-05   source:
waterbugGiant water bug eats fish: Devours prey from the inside out
date added: 2013-08-04   source:

Marine experts: Gulf of Maine has become a cod-forsaken place, endangering all fisheries
date added: 2013-08-04  source:

Study: Stimulating environment 'boosts brainpower' of fish
date added: 2013-08-03  source:

Researchers: Robotic predators terrify zebrafish but booze makes it better
date added: 2013-08-03  source:

Farmers demand truth about fish; 'Label it. Tell people, give them the choice'
date added: 2013-08-03  source:

8footcatfishFishermen catch 220 pound, 8 foot catfish
date added: 2013-08-02   source:

Farmers demand truth about fish; 'Label it. Tell people, give them the choice'
date added: 2013-08-02  source:

Swedish nightclub told to turn down music to protect pet fish
date added: 2013-08-01  source:

pikeputinKremlin Denies 'News' Footage Of Putin Catching Fish Was From 2007
date added: 2013-08-01   source:

'Grand daddy' of Pacific tuna tagging program recaptured after 13 years
date added: 2013-07-31  source:

Sir David on mission to breathe life into neglected fish fossils
date added: 2013-07-31  source:

yellowoldSan Diego angler still fishing at 90, catches giant yellowtail
date added: 2013-07-30   source:

Virus outbreak confirmed at two fish farms on Newfoundland’s south coast
date added: 2013-07-29  source:

20-yr-old faces 20-yrs prison time in Idaho aquarium coverup
date added: 2013-07-29  source:

Rare and threatened freshwater fish plundered for aquarium trade in India
date added: 2013-07-29  source:

Somali pirates now protecting illegal fishing business
date added: 2013-07-28  source:

genitalclawStudy: Male Guppies Use Genital Claw When Spurned By Females
date added: 2013-07-28   source:
turtlebycatchnetFish-farm firm awarded $75,000 in defamation ruling against anti-salmon-farming 'zealot'
date added: 2013-07-25   source:

Hospital creates club for fishermen who hook themselves; 'three or four a day'
date added: 2013-07-25  source:

Why Is the Baltimore Harbor Suddenly Murky White and Full of Dead Fish?
date added: 2013-07-24  source:

Kauai: Fisherman hooks 230-pound ahi that capsizes boat
date added: 2013-07-23  source:

Ireland: Anglers valued at a staggering €750m to economy
date added: 2013-07-23  source:

Sushi wedding cakes the latest for diehard fish fans
date added: 2013-07-22  source:

Russia blocks bid to establish protected marine environment near Antarctica
date added: 2013-07-22  source:

Prince Charles says it's OK to eat cod; 'new dawn' for fishing industry
date added: 2013-07-20  source:

perchLand Of The Free: Man jailed for using brother's fishing license
date added: 2013-07-20   source:

Researchers hope to net rare hybrid 'saugeye' fish
date added: 2013-07-18  source:

Florida: Sturgeon Jumps Into Boat, Injuring Three Kids
date added: 2013-07-18  source:

sportygoldfishSporty Goldfish Learns To Play Football
date added: 2013-07-17   source:

Fishermen: Protected seals threatening cod population; seals '14,000 unregulated fishermen'
date added: 2013-07-15  source:

evilfishThese fish are evidence that humans aren't the only evil animals
date added: 2013-07-14   source:

England: Victory for small fry fishermen who win ruling to increase their annual catches
date added: 2013-07-14  source:

PETA wants Rays to remove fish tank from ballpark; 'traumatically taken'
date added: 2013-07-14  source:

oldmanWhat to do on 102nd birthday? This man went deep-sea fishing
date added: 2013-07-13   source:
benkaideadJapan: Divers Bid Farewell To Strange-Looking Fish Known As 'Benkei'
date added: 2013-07-11   source:

Crowd gathers to see feeding of monster fish
date added: 2013-07-10  source:

walkingfishOne small step: Researchers film walking fish in slow motion
date added: 2013-07-10   source:
rainbowtroutMan catches rainbow trout on demand with bare hands
date added: 2013-07-10   source:

The Threat of Pirate Fishing To The World’s Fisheries
date added: 2013-07-10  source:

200rockfishTests Show Record Rockfish Was 64 Years Old, Not 200
date added: 2013-07-10   source:

Trouts under threat as deadly pesticide devastates top Brit fishing river
date added: 2013-07-09  source:

fishcagesFish cages bring economic hope to Haitians
date added: 2013-07-09   source:

Research: People make gestures when speaking because ancient fish did
date added: 2013-07-09  source:

Woman claims to have taught goldfish to play music
date added: 2013-07-09  source:

Canada: Manitoba mocked for official sucker fish contest
date added: 2013-07-08  source:

paintedfishAustralia: Painted fish the latest pet shop craze
date added: 2013-07-08   source:
pikedeadMinnesota: 37-inch pike found dead with 3-pound sucker stuck in its craw
date added: 2013-07-08   source:

Report: Pollution rather than fish farms having greatest impact on wild salmon
date added: 2013-07-08  source:

200rockfishWhy Nobody Threw Back 200-year-old Rockfish Caught In Alaska
date added: 2013-07-08   source:
pufferfishScientists Predicts Humans Could Eventually Grow Fish-like Beaks
date added: 2013-07-08   source:
growingcoldGrowing cold: Scientists study broad adaptations of Antarctic fish to freezing waters
date added: 2013-07-07   source:

Media giving 'false balance' in news stories about overfishing?
date added: 2013-07-07  source:

80 tons of dead fish scooped out of the Mississippi Sound; 'It smelled pretty bad'
date added: 2013-07-06  source:

The Worst Marine Invasion Ever: 'Obese' Lionfish Thriving Off Carolina Coast
date added: 2013-07-06  source:

Sea slugs and tuna spines make their way onto restaurant menus as chefs go for cheap 'trash from the sea'
date added: 2013-07-01  source:

robotfishScientists create a robot fish that can dive beneath water's surface
date added: 2013-07-01   source:
sealampreysexVampire fish like It hot; 'you should know your enemy'
date added: 2013-07-01   source:

Fish in Louisiana lake left covered in sores and blisters after parasite attack
date added: 2013-07-01  source:

How Fish Swim: Scientists Reveal Secret Behind Undulatory Swimmers
date added: 2013-06-28  source:

noodlingFormer Cheerleader, 19, Becomes The First Woman To Win Oklahoma Noodling Competition
date added: 2013-06-28   source:
bassphotofakeWhy the latest world record bass photo is fake
date added: 2013-06-27   source:
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