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Tunanomics: Why it pays to be a Mexican tuna rancher
date added: 2014-12-11  source:

Greenpeace accuses Philippines of juvenile tuna fishing
date added: 2014-12-10  source:

carpcalendarErotic German carp calendar makes interesting Christmas gift
date added: 2014-12-09   source:

Huge blue marlin caught off Kona... on a Gatorade bottle
date added: 2014-12-09  source:

Rain amid drought confuses Northern California salmon -- they keep getting lost
date added: 2014-12-09  source:

Mistaken identity: Fish products often mislabeled
date added: 2014-12-07  source:

No FAD: Conference reveals illegal devices plunder tuna stocks
date added: 2014-12-07  source:

Myth busted: Pufferfish don’t hold their breath while inflated
date added: 2014-12-06  source:

Chinese fishermen under fire for using home-made bombs to blast their catch out of the water – and turning the spectacle into a tourist attraction
date added: 2014-12-05  source:

Sea Shepherd departs for Operation Icefish; 'fed up with talk and broken promises'
date added: 2014-12-05  source:

Idaho sockeye salmon success could be blueprint
date added: 2014-12-04  source:

B.C. researchers dive underwater caves to solve salmon mystery; 'something out of a Tolkien novel'
date added: 2014-12-04  source:

Miami Restaurants Dishing Out A Solution To The Lionfish Invasion; 'Our fish don’t know how to eat them'
date added: 2014-12-03  source:

Canadian Fisherman Guilty of Manslaughter in 'Murder for Lobster' Case; 'Let the crabs eat him'
date added: 2014-12-03  source:

Brit scientists dissect bluefins tuna in front of audience; 'I could not stop playing with it'
date added: 2014-12-02  source:

California water wars: Man vs. fish (and the fish are winning)
date added: 2014-12-02  source:

tongueparasiteTongue-eating parasite discovered in Brit supermarket fish
date added: 2014-12-01   source:

Aussie expert panel warns of supertrawler environmental risks; 'considerable uncertainties'
date added: 2014-12-01  source:

San Francisco creating an 'amnesty pond' for unwanted goldfish
date added: 2014-12-01  source:

EU blasted after forced build of £1.3million fish ladder is used by just three fish a day
date added: 2014-11-30  source:

Experts: Brit supermarkets selling 'fresh' fish that's really 15 days old
date added: 2014-11-28  source:

ambushBlack seadevil's 'flashlight' lures deep-sea prey
date added: 2014-11-27   source:
redtailcatfishFlorida: Boys catch their own 'River Monster'; redtail catfish native to Amazon
date added: 2014-11-27   source:

P.E.I. farmer fined for pesticide runoff that killed thousands of fish
date added: 2014-11-26  source:

monstercatfishSport and commercial fishermen battle over monster catfish; 'plenty of fish'
date added: 2014-11-26   source:

Should U.S. Government Kill Thousands of Birds to Save Salmon? 'They Have No Idea What's Coming'
date added: 2014-11-26  source:

Atlantic bluefin tuna quotas see first increase in 24 years; 'Anything extra is always good'
date added: 2014-11-24  source:

New 'Red List' Reveals Sushi Edging Pacific Bluefin Tuna Toward Extinction
date added: 2014-11-24  source:

Study: Tags On Fish May Act As 'Dinner Bell' For Seals
date added: 2014-11-24  source:

sockeyesalmonPhoto essay: The sockeye salmon’s incredible, vital journey
date added: 2014-11-23   source:
hungrycarpKentucky hopes you'll eat its invasive carp; 'These are hungry, hungry fish'
date added: 2014-11-21   source:

California salmon run flounders as rivers run warmer and lower
date added: 2014-11-21  source:

Delaware fisherman facing more than 200 shellfish violations
date added: 2014-11-20  source:

The world’s fish poachers are now being tracked… by Google
date added: 2014-11-19  source:

Photographer captures stunning opah images
date added: 2014-11-19  source:

Video: The sockeye salmon’s truly ‘life-and-death’ journey
date added: 2014-11-19  source:

fishpedicuresFish-pedicure business may head to Supreme Court
date added: 2014-11-17   source:

New England cod fishermen face uncertainty as ban goes into effect
date added: 2014-11-17  source:

Why Divers In Bonaire Are So Eager To Kill The Beautiful Lionfish
date added: 2014-11-16  source:

Michigan State scientists: don't forget about freshwater fish!
date added: 2014-11-15  source:

zebrafishstripesScientists Explain Zebrafish Stripes, How To Erase Them
date added: 2014-11-13   source:

The U.S. is spending $4.5-Million to save the rarest fish on Earth
date added: 2014-11-12  source:

Indonesian new minister vows to crack down upon illegal fishing
date added: 2014-11-12  source:

One Dutch ship 'lands 23% of English fish quota'
date added: 2014-11-12  source:

Colombian fisherman saved after two days in Pacific Ocean
date added: 2014-11-12  source:

Enron Of the Sea? Three Justices Consider Whether Tossing Out Three Fish Destroyed 'Records'
date added: 2014-11-12  source:

Study: Human Activity Changes Fish Genitalia In Just 35 To 50 Years
date added: 2014-11-12  source:

Greenpeace Accuses 'Monster Boats' of Overfishing; 'Industrial Fishing Barons'
date added: 2014-11-11  source:

jirosushiLegendary Sushi Chef Jiro Warns Against Overfishing
date added: 2014-11-11   source:

South Africa: Fears that fish farm would make triathletes shark bait
date added: 2014-11-07  source:

Remains of dedicated fisherman to rest in fish sanctuary; 'his getaway'
date added: 2014-11-07  source:

Bizarre sea-life visitors arrive with Pacific Northwest's historic warmth
date added: 2014-11-06  source:

Grand Cayman is the lionfish hunting capital of the world
date added: 2014-11-05  source:

Every fish you eat is an environmental mystery, but would you pay more to know the truth?
date added: 2014-11-05  source:

Judge: Girl, 3, can legally ice fish
date added: 2014-11-05  source:

No Fluke: Man Gets Tangled Up in Illegal Fish Activity, Lands in Prison; 'Research Steal-aside'
date added: 2014-11-05  source:

Ignoring international limits, U.S. expands fishing for declining bigeye tuna; 'these tuna pay the price'
date added: 2014-11-03  source:

No Asian carp DNA found in Great Lakes after additional testing
date added: 2014-11-02  source:

bigfatfishsmResearch: BOFFFS—big, old, fat, fertile, female fish—sustain fisheries
date added: 2014-10-30   source:

Florida: Epic mullet migration, epic feeding frenzy
date added: 2014-10-30  source:

pikepoisonKill 'em all: Alaska's largest pike poisoning project underway
date added: 2014-10-30   source:

Brazil: Deadly pufferfish 'gift' paralyses eleven family members
date added: 2014-10-30  source:

New tool identifies high-priority California dams for fish survival
date added: 2014-10-29  source:

goldfishaliveFour secrets your goldfish is hiding from you
date added: 2014-10-29   source:

Fishing or fish farming: Which is more responsible?
date added: 2014-10-29  source:

Study: Great Barrier Reef dredging could damage fish populations
date added: 2014-10-28  source:

Cichlids seen 'playing' like other animals for the first time
date added: 2014-10-27  source:

California lake poisoned to get rid of invasive fish
date added: 2014-10-27  source:

salmonrunPhotos capture the quadrennial phenomenon as millions of salmon jam B.C.'s Adams river
date added: 2014-10-27   source:

Tampa: Lionfish are here, and threatening native species; 'they don't belong here'
date added: 2014-10-26  source:

Humans should thank ancient Scottish fish fossils for joy of sex
date added: 2014-10-25  source:

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