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Scientists consider the future of seafood and farmed fish
date added: 2016-09-21  source:

39fishWe try to resurrect 39 fish and learn a little about life in the process
date added: 2016-09-21   source:
bigfishsnakeBoise 9-year-old lands 8-foot fish on Snake River
date added: 2016-09-20   source:

Whole Foods drops Hawaii fish auction until it proves fair boat labor
date added: 2016-09-20  source:

catfishThe birds: Woman hit in face by sky-falling cat fish
date added: 2016-09-18   source:

Video: Vietnam veteran’s dying wish was to catch one last fish
date added: 2016-09-15  source:

Report: Undocumented crews catch US's fancy fish from Hawaii for 70 cents per hour
date added: 2016-09-15  source:

Oceana going overboard on fish fraud, according to seafood industry group; 'misleading hyperbole'
date added: 2016-09-14  source:

Terrifying clip shows diver struggling to swim to surface after being stung by lionfish
date added: 2016-09-12  source:

wiperfishThis fish has a love song and it sounds like a windshield wiper
date added: 2016-09-12   source:

Fish fraud: Study finds 20 percent of seafood samples mislabeled worldwide
date added: 2016-09-12  source:

ghanafishGhana: Fish ‘taller’ than man sparks social media frenzy
date added: 2016-09-12   source:

Hawaii: Ruling goes in favor of aquarium fish trade
date added: 2016-09-12  source:

Kiwi skipper fined $25k for fishing in marine reserve
date added: 2016-09-11  source:

Obama Has Fish Named in Honor of Him - for the Second Time
date added: 2016-09-10  source:

A reel honor: Scientists name new fish after Obama
date added: 2016-09-07  source:

Fish for dinner? Your seafood might come with a side of plastic
date added: 2016-09-07  source:

Deep within Devils Hole, these divers protect National Park scientists
date added: 2016-09-07  source:

robotcannonInvasive Control: This Underwater Robot Shocks Fish To Death
date added: 2016-09-07   source:

Why did millions of fish turn up dead in Indonesia’s giant Lake Toba?
date added: 2016-09-06  source:

Barcelos: The Tiny Amazonian City That Supplies Aquarium Fish to the World
date added: 2016-09-06  source:

Delay: Koike says she is nearing final decision on Tsukiji fish market's scheduled relocation
date added: 2016-09-05  source:

The Alabama sturgeon lives! Feared extinct, fish's DNA rediscovered in Alabama River
date added: 2016-09-05  source:

Are humans causing the New Jersey fish die offs?
date added: 2016-09-04  source:

Governor declares state of emergency for Yellowstone River fish kill
date added: 2016-09-04  source:

Czech sushi restaurant faces €1.85mn fines for ‘Serving’ carp captured in local river
date added: 2016-09-04  source:

Health authorities: Don't eat fish caught off Vietnam's central coast
date added: 2016-09-01  source:

How do you get rid of millions of dead New Jersey fish? Vacuums
date added: 2016-08-30  source:

How do you stop invasive lionfish? Maybe with a robotic zapper
date added: 2016-08-29  source:

Aussie fisherman goes for a 'swim' during lunch break...feeds whole village
date added: 2016-08-29  source:

lemonsharkSouth Carolina fisherman reels in 9-foot lemon shark from shore
date added: 2016-08-29   source:

What do you do with hundreds of thousands of dead fish?
date added: 2016-08-29  source:

tunateenTeenager reels in giant 160lb bluefin tuna on fishing trip with his dad
date added: 2016-08-28   source:

Rare aquatic cats that fish with their paws are on the brink of extinction
date added: 2016-08-28  source:

Fisherman records bald eagle grabbing fish out of the water
date added: 2016-08-26  source:

Meet the ‘Salmon Cannon:’ This high-tech contraption sends fish flying over dams and other barriers
date added: 2016-08-26  source:

Man left with a spear impaled through his neck after terrible fishing accident
date added: 2016-08-25  source:

goldfishgrowsIf you dump your pet goldfish into a lake, it will grow into an enormous pest
date added: 2016-08-24   source:
diverteethDiver getting his teeth cleaned by fish is viscerally upsetting
date added: 2016-08-24   source:

Surgery on a paddle board: Fish scientist investigates why some fish roam
date added: 2016-08-23  source:

New study reveals how fish fins became fingers; 'we have a lot of things to rethink'
date added: 2016-08-23  source:

Scientists Fret: Coral reefs need fish urine to thrive; 'If biomass is shrinking, there are fewer fish to pee'
date added: 2016-08-23  source:

Experts: Fish eat toxin-laden microbeads
date added: 2016-08-22  source:

Research: Fish manipulates ovarian fluid to select preferred sperm; 'Sneaker Males' Thwarted
date added: 2016-08-22  source:

'Who we are:' Canadian Teslin Tlingit harvest first salmon in 17 years
date added: 2016-08-18  source:

More than 9,000 Florida lionfish netted, goal of 10,000 in sight
date added: 2016-08-16  source:

VIDEO: Mystery as man finds 75 fish in Banff garden after storm
date added: 2016-08-16  source:

glowingfishStrange glowing 'spook fish' have been found off New Zealand
date added: 2016-08-15   source:

Authorities powerless to stop tilapia infestation in south-east Queensland
date added: 2016-08-15  source:

Climate warming blamed for vanishing fish in African lake
date added: 2016-08-15  source:

Aussie test could help rare, ugly largetooth sawfish
date added: 2016-08-14  source:

India: Devotees banned from feeding fish in temple
date added: 2016-08-14  source:

Last supper? Japan's diners divided over killer puffer fish, or detox version
date added: 2016-08-12  source:

whitemarlinControversy: ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirts Sold For Marlin Conservation
date added: 2016-08-12   source:

9-year-old boy catches world record fish off the North Carolina coast
date added: 2016-08-11  source:

hagslimeResearch: Ooey Gooey Hagfish Slime Is an Amazingly Versatile Material
date added: 2016-08-09   source:

Holy mola: See one of ocean's weirdest fish reportedly found in New Jersey waters
date added: 2016-08-08  source:

blindfishBlind fish foil mining at Western Australia's biggest uranium deposit
date added: 2016-08-08   source:

Some fish tackle ocean global warming by pretending it's night
date added: 2016-08-04  source:

Illinois DNR Looking to Enlist 'River Monster' to battle Asian Carp in Mississippi and Other Rivers
date added: 2016-08-04  source:

Scientists: Mass Die-Off At Marine Sanctuary Off Louisiana, Texas
date added: 2016-08-04  source:

Video: Fireman is pulled overboard by a 400-pound fish
date added: 2016-08-03  source:

Sergeant Fish: Fisherman faces felony fraud charges for entering friend's monster fish for prize money
date added: 2016-08-03  source:

Closing the port to illegal fishers: New international agreement should help strip illegal fishers’ access to the market
date added: 2016-08-02  source:

Vietnam Plays the Blame Game Over the Fish Kill Disaster
date added: 2016-08-01  source:

weaverfishstepChild stung by Britain’s most poisonous fish on NI beach
date added: 2016-07-31   source:

Michigan hatchery webcam offers 24/7 fish reality show
date added: 2016-07-31  source:

Fish farmers defend sea lice treatment as study warns of wild salmon risk
date added: 2016-07-30  source:

belugatherapyFriendship with beluga offers fisherman hope in cancer fight
date added: 2016-07-24   source:

Invasive lionfish have reached the Mediterranean. Luckily they're tasty
date added: 2016-07-23  source:

What’s killing fish in Okanagan Lake? Province says viral outbreak, weather changes may be cause
date added: 2016-07-22  source:

mottledsculpinOne professor’s quest to 3D scan every fish in the sea
date added: 2016-07-22   source:

Pamela Anderson joins Sea Shepherd in anti-fish-farm campaign
date added: 2016-07-22  source:

arowanaArowana: Meet the World's Most Expensive Pet Fish
date added: 2016-07-22   source:
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