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Indonesia nabs Thai ship believed to carry slave-caught fish
date added: 2015-08-19  source:

Search And Destroy: Feds approved killing birds to save fish, despite warning it wouldn't work
date added: 2015-08-19  source:

Scotland: Cleaner fish keep salmon healthy by eating lice
date added: 2015-08-18  source:

Watch this fish attack an unsuspecting man’s nipple
date added: 2015-08-18  source:

China: Guangdong man poisons 40,000kg of fish to get back at enemy
date added: 2015-08-18  source:

Australia: Senate kills fish-labeling bill
date added: 2015-08-17  source:

kiwi-tunaKiwi man lands giant tuna with his bare hands
date added: 2015-08-15   source:

ZooKeeper: Florida Man's Lionfish device keeps divers safe; 'It Has Gone Absolutely Nuts'
date added: 2015-08-15  source:

Brooklyn seafood distributor pays fine in first successful prosecution of state's shark fin ban
date added: 2015-08-14  source:

Singapore: Fish farmer dreams of saving ocean; 'make seafood so cheap'
date added: 2015-08-14  source:

Minnesota: Six charged with poaching 676 fish from lake
date added: 2015-08-14  source:

Plymouth fish and chip shop is the most sustainable in the world
date added: 2015-08-13  source:

Drought: Recreational fishing shut down in most Olympic National park rivers, streams
date added: 2015-08-13  source:

Fish off Australia's coast dive deep to avoid heat
date added: 2015-08-12  source:

pinksalmonPacific Salmon Caught Off Brit Coast; 'This is quite an unusual find'
date added: 2015-08-12   source:

Can science build a better lionfish trap?
date added: 2015-08-11  source:

Shocking Video Shows Chinese Fishermen Butchering Whale Shark While It’s Still Alive
date added: 2015-08-11  source:

Snakehead fish found in upper Potomac River for first time
date added: 2015-08-10  source:

Tiny endangered fish highlights California drought conflicts
date added: 2015-08-10  source:

Florida: Man catches fish with bare hands on flooded Tampa street
date added: 2015-08-08  source:

Scientists: Fish evolving to swim faster and evade capture in trawler nets
date added: 2015-08-08  source:

This crazy fish jumps out of the water to bite man's fingers
date added: 2015-08-07  source:

Man charged with spearing fish in hotel
date added: 2015-08-07  source:

Brit aquarium's cafe gets award for serving 'sustainable' fish
date added: 2015-08-07  source:

'World's Largest Fish Farm' Project Underway In the Suez Canal
date added: 2015-08-07  source:

Amazing video shows captain landing 7ft fish while on tiny paddle board
date added: 2015-08-04  source:

Nigeria: Two die, one blind after eating ‘forbidden’ fish in Ebonyi
date added: 2015-08-04  source:

fishtankStudy: Fish tanks lower blood pressure and heart rate
date added: 2015-08-04   source:

Officials: Lake Erie fish safe to eat despite harmful algal blooms; 'bright green, slimy soup'
date added: 2015-08-04  source:

Greenpeace: Avoid fish caught by abused workers
date added: 2015-08-03  source:

In hot water: Columbia's sockeye salmon face mass die-off
date added: 2015-08-03  source:

date added: 2015-07-31  source:

Proposed policy asks the USDA to require more specific names for seafood
date added: 2015-07-28  source:

Great Lakes crustacean can survive being eaten by goby
date added: 2015-07-27  source:

Heat forces Oregon hatchery workers to truck salmon 100 miles
date added: 2015-07-25  source:

Does Arctic deal really ban North Pole fishing?
date added: 2015-07-23  source:

Former investigator is convinced hull damage sunk the Arctic Rose; 'It's A Hole'
date added: 2015-07-23  source:

Oregon implements rare fishing restrictions to help fish during drought
date added: 2015-07-22  source:

German court overturns city's ban on fish pedicures
date added: 2015-07-22  source:

Florida: University aquarium bursts; fish rescued in waste basket
date added: 2015-07-22  source:

Loch Ness hunter: Have we been catfished by Nessie?
date added: 2015-07-22  source:

Feds deny petition from environmentalists to ban cod fishing
date added: 2015-07-21  source:

Canada, Russia expected to unite for moratorium on High Arctic fishing
date added: 2015-07-21  source:

Record warm temperatures to have years-long effect on B.C. salmon stocks
date added: 2015-07-18  source:

Huge herring haul worries rival fishermen, environmentalists from Maine to New Jersey
date added: 2015-07-16  source:

Florida fisherman catches foot-long tiger shrimp
date added: 2015-07-16  source:

Brazil prosecutors probe deaths of 10,000 aquarium fish
date added: 2015-07-15  source:

giantrayOne Man's Quest To Save The Most Colossal Fish On earth
date added: 2015-07-15   source:

Five delicious kinds of fish that American consumers should be eating more of
date added: 2015-07-14  source:

Research: Smelling a Fish May Improve Critical Thinking Skills
date added: 2015-07-14  source:

Scot commissioner: Fish farms which shoot seals can be named
date added: 2015-07-13  source:

Open Water: One of three missing Korean divers in Cebu found dead
date added: 2015-07-11  source:

Are You Eating Tainted Seafood From China?
date added: 2015-07-11  source:

Fishermen off NC coast reeling in fish half-eaten by sharks
date added: 2015-07-09  source:

jumpingsturgeonFlorida: Jumping sturgeon kills 5-year-old girl on Suwanee River
date added: 2015-07-09   source:

India: Marooned fishermen survive rough Bay of Bengal on fish, water
date added: 2015-07-08  source:

fishslave22 Years A Slave: Burmese Man recounts Time In Asia's forced fishing industry
date added: 2015-07-08   source:

San Diego fisherman explains the moment he was dragged underwater by a sea lion
date added: 2015-07-07  source:

sturgeonBCNew Jersey boy nets massive 600 lb. sturgeon in B.C.'s Fraser River
date added: 2015-07-06   source:

More people in Florida sickened by ciguatera toxin in tropical reef fish than previously reported
date added: 2015-07-06  source:

Oregon: 400K salmon dead due to fish carcass clogging hatchery pipe
date added: 2015-07-06  source:

Fish fanatic risks life and limb during half century career; 'I became so drawn to it'
date added: 2015-07-04  source:

Seal-shooting wars: Sea Shepherd, Scottish Salmon Farmers Face Off
date added: 2015-07-03  source:

Professor to use electric current to remove invasive fish in Hawaii streams
date added: 2015-07-02  source:

Fish guts, blood and soul: Inside Kolkata's wild Lake Market
date added: 2015-07-01  source:

No poach: Federal indictments dropped against all 10 in Minnesota fish case
date added: 2015-06-30  source:

goldfishtorontoGiant goldfish swarm in Toronto waters
date added: 2015-06-30   source:

First Known Teeth Belonged to Fierce Fish; 'Scales evolved first and teeth derived from them'
date added: 2015-06-28  source:

Tassie fisherman to the stars Mark Eather cleared of trafficking charges; 'I wanted to make a stand'
date added: 2015-06-27  source:

Why are bluefin tuna going hungry in a sea full of fish?
date added: 2015-06-25  source:

'Virgin births' won't save the smalltooth sawfish from extinction
date added: 2015-06-23  source:

Shark attack survivor: Fish was 'biting up my left arm'
date added: 2015-06-22  source:

Future of tuna: Japan's appetite for fatty 'toro' triggered by economic boom
date added: 2015-06-22  source:

clownfishFinding Nemo on Great Barrier Reef proves difficult for researchers
date added: 2015-06-20   source:

Caution: Don't eat fish from Cocos until PCB results released
date added: 2015-06-20  source:

Palau On Patrol: A Small Pacific Island Caught Foreign Fishing Boats Trespassing--So It Burned Them at Sea
date added: 2015-06-20  source:

Crappie: Tournament organizer charged with wasting fish
date added: 2015-06-19  source:

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