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Operation Noah's Arc: Biologists race to save fish from Brazil river contaminated by dam collapse
date added: 2015-11-21  source:

Don’t order the grouper: A submarine trip to the scariest thing off the coast of Florida
date added: 2015-11-17  source:

Prosecutor: Former fugitive fish smuggler pleads guilty
date added: 2015-11-17  source:

Deadly Dive Bomb: first fish seen leaping out of water to attack prey from air
date added: 2015-11-17  source:

lionfishResearch: Fish Shape Evolved To Avoid Being Swallowed
date added: 2015-11-16   source:

Alaska Cod Are Eating Seabirds - But How? 'There Are More Questions Than Answers'
date added: 2015-11-16  source:

Cormorant killing comes to seasonal end, litigation set for March
date added: 2015-11-15  source:

monsterfish'Monster' St. Lawrence River muskie an unforgettable 'father-son' experience
date added: 2015-11-14   source:

California’s Fish Are Ingesting Tiny Fibers from Your Favorite Jacket
date added: 2015-11-13  source:

Sea Shepherd hunts Interpol-wanted poacher that escaped Phuket
date added: 2015-11-12  source:

Florida: Goliath grouper drags spear fisherman, steals his catch
date added: 2015-11-12  source:

Video: Man claims he caught three-eyed fish In Gowanus Canal
date added: 2015-11-12  source:

Aquarium aficionado turns hobby into business; 'you're bringing the ocean into the house'
date added: 2015-11-12  source:

Florida: Underwater robots will assess grouper population
date added: 2015-11-11  source:

Potentially harmful bacteria found in Potomac snakehead fish
date added: 2015-11-11  source:

How some fish can supercharge their vision
date added: 2015-11-10  source:

Whiff of 'fraud' as Eurocrats tricked into eating cheap fish in Brussels restaurants
date added: 2015-11-09  source:

Experts Debate As Asian carp creep closer to Lake Michigan
date added: 2015-11-09  source:

Guinness finally takes fish bladders out of its beer, now vegan-friendly
date added: 2015-11-08  source:

Kiwi protesters link fish and chips to dolphin by-catch
date added: 2015-11-07  source:

UK's giant fish-eating spider surging in numbers
date added: 2015-11-06  source:

Stolen $400 puffer fish found in jar, returned to Portland store
date added: 2015-11-05  source:

Florida: 'I haven't seen it this bad. It's horrendous': Red tide brings dead fish, smell and health concerns
date added: 2015-11-05  source:

Report: A warmer Atlantic is helping kill off the cod
date added: 2015-11-05  source:

Over 90 Illegal fishing Ships Sunk By Indonesia Until Mid-October 2015
date added: 2015-11-05  source:

Former aquarium owner arrested for fishy behavior
date added: 2015-11-03  source:

See it: Wildlife photographers caught on camera cruelly inflating live fish in bid to bait endangered eagles
date added: 2015-11-03  source:

damselfishdistresschemicalalarmsmResearch: Distressed damsels release chemical cry for help
date added: 2015-11-03   source:

Scot cops: Sick vandals use Fairy Liquid to kill autistic boy's pet fish
date added: 2015-11-02  source:

It Could Take Centuries to Repair a Ruined Fish Habitat on the BC Coast
date added: 2015-11-02  source:

Aussie scientists break into circle to find Lake Burley Griffin carp's vulnerability
date added: 2015-10-29  source:

recordsnakeheadfishmarylandsmSportsman sets new maryland snakehead record with 17.49 pound catch
date added: 2015-10-29   source:

Leaked email shows salmon producers concerned over health of Tasmanian waterways they rely on
date added: 2015-10-29  source:

Fishing fracas as Brits, French clash in the English Channel; 'This is out livelihood'
date added: 2015-10-28  source:

California: Man Obsessed With Fish Arrested For Trespassing At Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
date added: 2015-10-28  source:

Evidence says it's time for a depth limit on trawling
date added: 2015-10-25  source:

sturgeonFisherman says he caught rare albino sturgeon in Fraser River
date added: 2015-10-25   source:

How to land a king salmon, the old-fashioned way
date added: 2015-10-24  source:

tagged barraDarwin man's tagged barramundi catch earns him $10,000
date added: 2015-10-24   source:
livedeadfishNo, This Fish Didn't Come Back to Life as a Woman Was Eating It
date added: 2015-10-24   source:

Scotland: Fish discard 'freedom' welcomed by industry leaders
date added: 2015-10-23  source:

Brooklyn fishmonger accused of trying to ship undersized glass eels To Asia; 'they're worth a fortune'
date added: 2015-10-23  source:

tarponlaAfter 22 years, Louisiana tarpon record shattered
date added: 2015-10-22   source:

Report: South Korean Becomes Third Nation To Harvest Tuna Eggs From Captive Fish
date added: 2015-10-21  source:

Fisherman captures video of a snake dragging huge catfish out of lake
date added: 2015-10-20  source:

Survey: Millions have unfulfilled desire to go fishing
date added: 2015-10-20  source:

Damn It: El Niño is going to starve a lot of fish
date added: 2015-10-20  source:

How Fish Guts Launched An International Empire
date added: 2015-10-18  source:

All fish caught must be landed, EU rules
date added: 2015-10-17  source:

El Nino and The Blob: Biologists discuss why weird fish are appearing in Alaska
date added: 2015-10-16  source:

Study: Coho salmon, a famous fighting game fish, is fighting to survive toxic runoff
date added: 2015-10-15  source:

Think Usain Bolt is fast? Scientists say fish are the world’s best athletes
date added: 2015-10-14  source:

Florida: Lifeguards say mullet run could be to blame for recent shark attacks
date added: 2015-10-12  source:

US, EU, and Japan have capacity to really tackle rogue fishing
date added: 2015-10-10  source:

fishlookFish Can Recognize Faces, a Surprisingly Human Skill
date added: 2015-10-09   source:

Fish rescued from abandoned aquarium supply store; 'they're not happy'
date added: 2015-10-08  source:

doctoredtailAngler caught cheating in big bass tournament in Texas
date added: 2015-10-07   source:

Whole Foods will no longer sell fish produced by Colorado prisoners
date added: 2015-10-05  source:

Jumping fish's hunting method discovered; 'It's quite unique for fish to jump out of the water'
date added: 2015-10-05  source:

New Zealand to ban fishing and mining in new giant South Pacific sanctuary
date added: 2015-10-05  source:

What’s killing the fish in Guatemala’s La Pasion River?
date added: 2015-10-04  source:

Hold The Chippies: North Sea cod could be back on menu as numbers improve
date added: 2015-10-01  source:

America Wastes 2.3 Billion Pounds of Seafood Each Year
date added: 2015-10-01  source:

Plastic for dinner: A quarter of fish sold at markets contain man-made debris
date added: 2015-09-30  source:

Portsmouth aquarium aims to encourage ‘threatened’ fish species to breed
date added: 2015-09-30  source:

Legislator wants to ban fish farming in Great Lakes; no 'toilet bowl'
date added: 2015-09-30  source:

'That's A Tuna Bro!': Expletive-filled Video Of Mystery Fish Goes Viral
date added: 2015-09-29  source:

Researchers design fish ‘backpack’ to advance underwater research
date added: 2015-09-25  source:

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