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Thousands of dead fish washing up on Fiji beaches
date added: 2016-02-15  source:

9,200-year-old fish fermentation site found in Sweden
date added: 2016-02-15  source:

Tracking fish from hook to fork: New tracing technologies will make it easier to see where fish are coming from
date added: 2016-02-15  source:

laserfishNorwegian fish farms fight sea lice with 'Star Wars'
date added: 2016-02-10   source:

Ecologist maintains dam focus: Scientists know the least about the deadliest and most common type of turbines
date added: 2016-02-10  source:

Weather girl knocked down by flying fish
date added: 2016-02-05  source:

Oregon biologists won't condone end to catch-and-release fishing for sturgeon in lower Columbia River
date added: 2016-02-05  source:

SeaWorld’s fishy business drowning in negativity
date added: 2016-02-05  source:

cornwallfisherIconic small fishing boats of Cornwall face extinction warns fisherman
date added: 2016-02-03   source:

Print an army of giant, articulated fish from this 3-D database
date added: 2016-02-03  source:

oilfishWhy do some fish thrive in oil-polluted water?
date added: 2016-02-02   source:
parrotcarpThe Parrot: What other celebrity fish are in the giant carp's league?
date added: 2016-02-02   source:

Bizarre desert-dwelling fish may have evolved just a couple hundred years ago
date added: 2016-02-01  source:

Tui chub alert: Why one single fish has wildlife experts in Oregon scrambling
date added: 2016-02-01  source:

Mystery fish-gut attack on award-winning Tasmanian cruise operator; 'sabotage'
date added: 2016-02-01  source:

Kill 'em all: Invasive fish in Oregon lake sparks new eradication effort
date added: 2016-01-31  source:

Study: Seals blamed for drop in juvenile salmon stocks in Strait of Georgia
date added: 2016-01-31  source:

laplandfisherLapland fisher braves -24C weather to reel in ice fishing record fish
date added: 2016-01-29   source:

Baffling moment frozen fish 'brought back to life'
date added: 2016-01-29  source:

Kingpins of the Gulf make millions off red snapper harvest without ever going fishing
date added: 2016-01-29  source:

akeqfishFor a few Alaska fish, 1964 earthquake spurred rapid evolution
date added: 2016-01-28   source:

Aussie researchers: Drunken fish ‘lost at sea’ become easy pickings for predators
date added: 2016-01-26  source:

bonyfishFinding Our First Fish: New fossils are rattling the fish family tree
date added: 2016-01-26   source:

Why the seafood industry is rebranding 'trash fish'
date added: 2016-01-25  source:

Three of the craziest monster fish caught in 2015 featured on Nat Geo WILD
date added: 2016-01-25  source:

Missing fish: 30 percent of global fish catch unreported
date added: 2016-01-25  source:

Hagfish slime could help scientists to develop super hydrogels
date added: 2016-01-24  source:

Australia: Prices for popular fish likely to skyrocket in struggle to keep up with demand
date added: 2016-01-23  source:

Seattle dog mesmerized by seeing fish for the first time
date added: 2016-01-23  source:

Incredible video shows boat full of children showered with carp that leap out of the river because of the sound of the motor
date added: 2016-01-22  source:

badfish4 fish we’re overeating and what to eat instead
date added: 2016-01-22   source:

They're Back: Thousands of dead fish return to Rio shores ahead of 2016 Olympics
date added: 2016-01-22  source:

To Save Its Salmon, California Calls In the Fish Matchmaker
date added: 2016-01-22  source:

assfishAssfish with small brain and unflattering name displayed by B.C. museum
date added: 2016-01-20   source:

The fishing rod that sends a message to your phone when you catch a fish
date added: 2016-01-20  source:

Australia considers mass herpes release for fish population control
date added: 2016-01-20  source:

Scientists sound alarm over hydropower’s impacts on tropical fish biodiversity
date added: 2016-01-18  source:

AenigmaticusAenigmaticus: Strange 6ft deep-sea fish washes up in Alaska
date added: 2016-01-18   source:

US issues first-ever federal rules for offshore fish farming
date added: 2016-01-18  source:

Medieval Fish Trap Discovered in Poland
date added: 2016-01-18  source:

Ice fishermen could face manslaughter charge for drilling holes in a frozen lake
date added: 2016-01-17  source:

kingfisherStunning photographs show kingfishers swiping fish from waters in split second
date added: 2016-01-14   source:

Hydro dam boom threatens a third of the world's freshwater fish
date added: 2016-01-14  source:

speckledtroutAmazing underwater video shows speckled trout feeding on prey
date added: 2016-01-14   source:

Excruciating video shows barbed fish stuck in New Year reveler's leg after dip in the ocean
date added: 2016-01-12  source:

butterflyfishReef Health and Butterflyfish: Picky Appetites Protect Fish From Corals Touched By Seaweed
date added: 2016-01-12   source:
asiancarpStudy: Asian carp could become most common fish in Lake Erie
date added: 2016-01-09   source:

U.S. tuna fishing fleet to be shut out of vast area of Pacific Ocean in fee dispute
date added: 2016-01-09  source:

ospreyOsprey snags two fish in one fell swoop
date added: 2016-01-08   source:

How satellite technology is helping to fight illegal fishing
date added: 2016-01-08  source:

U.S. tuna fishing fleet to be shut out of vast area of Pacific Ocean in fee dispute
date added: 2016-01-08  source:

Indonesian Navy blows up illegal foreign fishing boats
date added: 2016-01-07  source:

Scientists: Polluted waters could be causing male fish to be developing eggs
date added: 2016-01-07  source:

Family says parasites were in fish bought at California Costco; 'should not be visible'
date added: 2016-01-06  source:

fishbombIn Tanzania, a Horrific Fishing Tactic Destroys All Sea Life: Bombs
date added: 2016-01-06   source:

Kim Jong Un recognizes North Korea's fishing workers for state contributions; 'model comrades'
date added: 2016-01-05  source:

Brits outraged over EU rules limiting recreational anglers
date added: 2016-01-04  source:

fishtailNew fish scale determines weight based on tail size
date added: 2016-01-04   source:

Malaysian-led research team successfully sequenced the genome of a Malaysian fish: The Asian arowana
date added: 2016-01-04  source:

Fish 'betraying' one another is key to reducing carp numbers in waterways
date added: 2016-01-02  source:

halffishMan Finds 'Half a Fish' Still Alive at Market - Then Adopts it Out of Pity
date added: 2016-01-02   source:
codygormanMan accused of killing pet fish receives year in jail
date added: 2016-01-01   source:

Bristol Council plans To Stop People Angling in a Lake - By Killing All Fish That Swim In It
date added: 2015-12-29  source:

Scientists: More fish tossed back in the ocean survive than previously thought, affecting catch limits
date added: 2015-12-28  source:

Sticklebacks: These Fish Went From Saltwater To Freshwater In Just Fifty Years
date added: 2015-12-28  source:

Science, elbow grease keep National Aquarium poop-free
date added: 2015-12-27  source:

Record fish haul confirms recovery of North Sea stocks, say industry figures
date added: 2015-12-26  source:

The one that got away: Chinese fisherman pulled into the water by huge fish
date added: 2015-12-22  source:

kimjongKim Jong Un order believed behind bodies, fishing boats found off Japan
date added: 2015-12-22   source:

Underwater study reveals the secret life of cod and haddock
date added: 2015-12-22  source:

Trafficked into slavery on a Thai fishing boat: 'I thought I’d die there'
date added: 2015-12-21  source:

Lawsuit accuses fisherman of eating his colleague
date added: 2015-12-21  source:

Experiment looks at effect of pharmaceuticals on fish; 'These are complex-mixture experiments'
date added: 2015-12-20  source:

Caught on video: Fisherman’s leg impaled by marlin on fishing trip; 'like a hot knife through butter'
date added: 2015-12-19  source:

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