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Burbot: $1,000 reward for catching ugly fish from Wyoming reservoir
date added: 2016-12-11  source:

Study: Guppies can do math, some better than others
date added: 2016-12-09  source:

bigcatfishNorth Carolina man hooks massive 112-pound catfish while fishing
date added: 2016-12-09   source:

Cornwall: Thousands of dead mackerel mysteriously wash up on Pentewan beach
date added: 2016-12-08  source:

Woman is distraught as she flushes her dead fish down the toilet – just as it started to swim back to life!
date added: 2016-12-07  source:

hotfishscientistMarine scientist follows hot fish as they move to cooler waters
date added: 2016-12-06   source:

Louisiana: Social media erupts over plan to kill fish-tagging program
date added: 2016-12-06  source:

Japan skating rink shuts over frozen fish controversy
date added: 2016-12-04  source:

How much do we really know about where our seafood comes from?
date added: 2016-12-03  source:

Marineland charged with five counts of animal cruelty
date added: 2016-12-01  source:

Herring washing ashore in St. Marys Bay leaves scientists puzzled; 'Something is happening out there in the waters'
date added: 2016-12-01  source:

800-Pound Groupers Making a Comeback—But Not Everyone's Happy
date added: 2016-12-01  source:

Scientists to map America's rivers: New 'aquatic atlas' will show details of every species of fish in western US waters
date added: 2016-11-30  source:

Some female fish evolve bigger brains as males develop larger genitals
date added: 2016-11-30  source:

lionfishFlorida Wildlife Commission celebrates removal of 111,000 lionfish
date added: 2016-11-28   source:

Wild chimps caught on camera using long branches to 'fish' for algae
date added: 2016-11-25  source:

jigglesAklavik man 'jiggles' a whopping 1-meter-long loche fish
date added: 2016-11-25   source:

Math: How humans and machines can work together to save the tuna
date added: 2016-11-25  source:

Chinese demand for rare fish bladders could spell extinction for world's smallest porpoise
date added: 2016-11-24  source:

Scotland: Thousands of fish poached alive in lice treatment bungle that could hit Christmas salmon prices
date added: 2016-11-23  source:

Why Cubans fish with condoms; the inventive practice makes use of limited resources
date added: 2016-11-22  source:

fishportWhy conservationists are using facial recognition on fish
date added: 2016-11-22   source:

Tens of thousands of dead fish clog Shinnecock Canal on Long Island
date added: 2016-11-21  source:

hungrykelpKelp needs help – it's being destroyed by hungry fish
date added: 2016-11-20   source:

Hawaii: Aquarium fish suit taken to state Supreme Court
date added: 2016-11-19  source:

Vietnam vets are dying from cancer caused by raw fish parasites
date added: 2016-11-17  source:

Aussie government now has 'tremendous power' to catch and kill sharks
date added: 2016-11-16  source:

Salmon carcass survey finds deadly parasite
date added: 2016-11-16  source:

China removes ban on breeding and processing of two puffer fish
date added: 2016-11-16  source:

Canada: Banff lake may be drained to stop spread of deadly whirling disease in fish
date added: 2016-11-16  source:

robotfishJapan unveils robotic fish 'companion'
date added: 2016-11-16   source:

Trouble at Tsukiji: world's biggest fish market caught in controversy
date added: 2016-11-16  source:

goliathgrouperSouth Dakota man goes overboard but still gets his goliath grouper
date added: 2016-11-15   source:
combinationcatchOne fish, two fish: Angler reels in quite the combination catch
date added: 2016-11-14   source:

Researchers listen under the ice for fish-distracting sounds
date added: 2016-11-14  source:

indianfish'Psychic' Indian fish picks Trump as next US president
date added: 2016-11-14   source:

Aquariums are killing the environment; 'Removing animals from the wild can have serious consequences'
date added: 2016-11-13  source:

Rangers give kiss of life to fish after vandals slash their tanks
date added: 2016-11-10  source:

Canada: 'Largest' recorded chum salmon run; 2 million fish overload nets, burden boats
date added: 2016-11-10  source:

Climate change will move tropical fish closer to the poles; If they invade, nobody wins
date added: 2016-11-08  source:

One Uruguay fish farm takes on world caviar market
date added: 2016-11-08  source:

Tasmanian politicians back salmon farming despite damning documentary
date added: 2016-11-08  source:

Feds pursuing goal of fish farming area off Hawaii despite lack of interest
date added: 2016-11-07  source:

Anthony Bourdain tells us it's okay to eat fish on Mondays now — here's why
date added: 2016-11-07  source:

Minister: British fisherman will catch hundreds of thousands of tonnes more fish after Brexit
date added: 2016-11-04  source:

fishringIndia: Fish with 'nose rings' rescued in Bengaluru
date added: 2016-11-03   source:

The $100 Million U.S. Government Fish Farm Nobody Wants; Ever wonder why we aren't raising tons of them in the ocean?
date added: 2016-11-03  source:

Kenya: Fisherman dies after swallowing live fish used to hook bait
date added: 2016-11-02  source:

Australia: Super trawler a threat to coastal tourism, recreational fishers say
date added: 2016-11-02  source:

Louisiana Official Defends 'Shoddy' Fish Testing After Oil Spill
date added: 2016-11-01  source:

They're back: Fish not seen in Shropshire for 100 years could return to River Severn
date added: 2016-10-31  source:

Surgeon who injected live fish with air to bait eagles for photos fined S$2,000
date added: 2016-10-30  source:

One Uruguay fish farm takes on world caviar market
date added: 2016-10-30  source:

triggerfish'He bit me:' Nova Scotia lobster fisherman catches strange fish
date added: 2016-10-30   source:

Marine biologist: Climate change is dulling the survival instincts of fish
date added: 2016-10-29  source:

Marine biologist: Climate change is dulling the survival instincts of fish
date added: 2016-10-28  source:

Flotsam and Fashion: Recycler of 'Ghost' Fishing Nets Makes Marine Litter Trendy
date added: 2016-10-28  source:

Britain's rarest freshwater fish flourishing in southern Scotland
date added: 2016-10-26  source:

Our jaws evolved from ancient fish: 420-million-year old fossil reveals how the bones in our faces formed
date added: 2016-10-26  source:

monsterfishbrit'Fish of dreams' British monster-hunting anglers hook gigantic fish
date added: 2016-10-24   source:

Dam operator accused of killing thousands of fish in Maine
date added: 2016-10-24  source:

Study: All-female hybrid fish species mates with males to maintain genetic diversity
date added: 2016-10-23  source:

Dead fish hit the streets as Vietnamese farmers protest pollution
date added: 2016-10-19  source:

Researchers: Hawaii may finally get an accurate count of Its bottomfish
date added: 2016-10-18  source:

Danish anglers enlisted to catch rainbow trout accidentally released from fish farm
date added: 2016-10-18  source:

The leafy seadragon is the most stunning fish in the sea. Argument over
date added: 2016-10-18  source:

Up to 80,000 Trout Escape After Cargo Ship Crashes Into Fish Farm in Denmark
date added: 2016-10-18  source:

Fish Wars: Japan to deploy enhanced patrol boats to deter Chinese vessels
date added: 2016-10-17  source:

Watch flounder attack bait from fish's point of view
date added: 2016-10-15  source:

Vietnam: Provincial court rejects lawsuits filed against Taiwanese fish killer Formosa
date added: 2016-10-15  source:

Grizzly bear uses unusual diving technique to catch salmon
date added: 2016-10-14  source:

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