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Environmentalists: Solar eclipse not to blame for massive fish farm escape
date added: 2017-08-28  source:

glowfishAustin company behind glow-in-the-dark fish in pet stores sells IP for $50 million
date added: 2017-08-28   source:

Solving how fish swim so well may help design underwater robots
date added: 2017-08-26  source:

Invasive lionfish may be superfish hybrids of two Indo-Pacific lionfish species
date added: 2017-08-22  source:

News you can use: Five reason why people shouldn't take fish medicine
date added: 2017-08-21  source:

Why farming is making salmon go deaf: Accelerated growth causes hearing damage in the popular fish
date added: 2017-08-21  source:

Research finds evolutionary link between 400 million-year-old fish fossil and humans
date added: 2017-08-20  source:

Fish are sniffing out plastic waste and confusing it for food
date added: 2017-08-20  source:

Ireland: Public being urged to remain vigilant after Pacific salmon found in Mayo, Donegal and Galway rivers
date added: 2017-08-17  source:

Florida: After 30-year hiatus, goliath grouper may soon be on the menu
date added: 2017-08-16  source:

goldfishalcoholGoldfish go months without oxygen by making alcohol inside cells
date added: 2017-08-16   source:

Can these giant deep-water fish predict earthquakes?
date added: 2017-08-15  source:

Brussels under fire as Dutch fishermen begin Electrocuting fish in North Sea
date added: 2017-08-15  source:

lampreySuckers: Fish responsible for $3 million revamp of Christchurch intersection
date added: 2017-08-14   source:

Peeping in on the mile deep club; Braving an Antarctic winter to catch Chilean sea bass in the act
date added: 2017-08-14  source:

gmosalmonCanadians Are Now the First to Eat Genetically Modified Salmon
date added: 2017-08-14   source:

Canada: Cape Breton projects aim to turn a profit on fish waste
date added: 2017-08-14  source:

Popular fish to be registered as unique product of Bangladesh
date added: 2017-08-12  source:

Japan: Red tide kills 270,000 puffer fish in Nagasaki
date added: 2017-08-12  source:

Endangered species petition for bluefin tuna rejected
date added: 2017-08-12  source:

DNA from Viking cod bones suggests 1,000-year history of European fish trade
date added: 2017-08-10  source:

Shocked seaside tourists found thousands of dead fish washed up on a Dover beach
date added: 2017-08-09  source:

parrotTributes paid to Parrot, Britain's largest fresh water fish who has died age 25
date added: 2017-08-09   source:

Couple stunned after cherished fish are eaten by vicious otter
date added: 2017-08-08  source:

fishfakeDid a Miami man really catch a fish in South Beach floodwater yesterday?
date added: 2017-08-07   source:

Extinction possible as Salmon River salmon runs hit near-record lows
date added: 2017-08-07  source:

University team find 'no take' fish zones falling short of protection targets
date added: 2017-08-07  source:

Counting fish by their calls: Fish are noisy, and researchers are putting those sounds to work
date added: 2017-08-07  source:

People are buying 'antibiotics for fish' to cure their illnesses
date added: 2017-08-05  source:

non-genetic-variation-fish-evolution-jawssmResearchers: 'Vigorous gaping' a surprising source of adaptive variation in baby fish jaws
date added: 2017-08-05   source:
nhfishRare fish caught in lobster trap off New Hampshire seacoast
date added: 2017-07-31   source:

Pescicide: Man sentenced to 120 days in prison after fish cut in half during domestic dispute
date added: 2017-07-31  source:

rivermonstersRiver Monsters: Five arrested for killing 'near threatened' 125 kg catfish in Almora
date added: 2017-07-31   source:
goldfishFish can't recognise faces if they're upside down – just like us
date added: 2017-07-31   source:

Kiwis: Plastic 'Being Regularly Ingested' by Fish Consumed in New Zealand
date added: 2017-07-29  source:

sunfishnewMeet an elusive, tragic, and incredibly bizarre new species of fish
date added: 2017-07-28   source:

Eat, love, pay: Hilsa are small fish with a huge fan base, and people will pay to protect them
date added: 2017-07-28  source:

Seattle's new seawall built to make life easier for fish
date added: 2017-07-28  source:

Mexican fishing bats In the Sea of Corte: Researchers delve into the mystery of a bat that makes its living at sea
date added: 2017-07-28  source:

bloodyfootfish11-year-old attacked by large fish while swimming in Minnesota lake
date added: 2017-07-25   source:

Massive two-ton fish species discovered; It took scientists four years to find the newest species of the world's largest bony fish
date added: 2017-07-25  source:

tugawarState trooper has 90-minute tug of war with 650 pound tuna fish
date added: 2017-07-25   source:

Study warns fish lovers of multiple chemicals
date added: 2017-07-24  source:

B.C. man caught world record fish with his bare hands before eating it
date added: 2017-07-24  source:

fishmafiaNorwegian police to investigate 'fish mafia'
date added: 2017-07-24   source:

Ireland: 'Several hundred' fish killed due to sewage pollution in River Tolka
date added: 2017-07-23  source:

Man charged for killing eagle that was eating too many fish
date added: 2017-07-22  source:

'The pain is quite excruciating' - Warning as potentially deadly fish stings people at popular swimming spot
date added: 2017-07-22  source:

Great Barrier Reef: Fish exposed to oil make risky choices
date added: 2017-07-21  source:

Another clue emerges on Lake Norman 'monster' with report of 'enormous fish'
date added: 2017-07-21  source:

Noisy fish? Lake Superior underwater noises include ships, wind and ... eelpout
date added: 2017-07-21  source:

Fishing teenpreneur says, 'The tug is the drug'
date added: 2017-07-19  source:

Eel truck overturns to leave cars and road covered in slime and fish
date added: 2017-07-19  source:

Fish flop around in suburban Chicago road during flood
date added: 2017-07-18  source:

Think you know what fish is in your sushi? Think again
date added: 2017-07-18  source:

Re-animator: How to cryopreserve fish embryos and bring them back to life
date added: 2017-07-18  source:

Expert: Climate change to shrink your fish and chips portion; 'child size'
date added: 2017-07-18  source:

WATCH: Animal rights activists confront family fishing in Florida, throw fish back
date added: 2017-07-17  source:

respectfishShowing respect for a giant fish, woman watches state record swim away
date added: 2017-07-17   source:

'Sup? George Waters: A conversation with an invasive Asian carp
date added: 2017-07-14  source:

Fish that flails around after being cut in half is probably the best argument for vegetarianism
date added: 2017-07-11  source:

Students help pilot new lionfish trap; 'It's not quite the worst-case scenario, but it's close'
date added: 2017-07-10  source:

bigmuskie'Huge' snake steals, eats fish caught by Iowa fisherman
date added: 2017-07-10   source:

Indonesian student group invents automatic fish grading tool
date added: 2017-07-10  source:

Antarctica is melting faster than scientists expected; ice shelves 'really kind of the canaries in the coal mine'
date added: 2017-07-10  source:

Study: Small 'weedy' fish to dominate seas if ocean acidification continues
date added: 2017-07-10  source:

Scientists: North Sea cod stock improves from disastrous levels
date added: 2017-07-10  source:

Drone wars: Why lionfish are being hunted by robots in Bermuda
date added: 2017-06-30  source:

Study: Ten per cent of fish caught in oceans get thrown back
date added: 2017-06-29  source:

greysealSeals are being shot so Scot supermarkets can stock popular fish product
date added: 2017-06-29   source:

Carcass of 250-pound fish found at Oregon's Keno Dam; 'It was quite a surprise'
date added: 2017-06-28  source:

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