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aussiecrocrogueAussie rangers hunt rogue 4m crocodile; ' take extreme care'
date added: 2010-10-17   source:

Swamp People: 13 foot gator killed after it eats Louisiana family's dog; 'we got the biggest one in Louisiana'
date added: 2010-10-15  source:

Costa Rican fisherman frolics with 'pet' crocodile
date added: 2010-10-02  source:

Aussie Punches Crocodile To Save Mate From Bite
date added: 2010-09-24  source:

Florida wildlife officers say they found 35 poached alligators
date added: 2010-09-20  source:

jamaicacrocattackJamaican man fights off crocodile with poke in the eye; 'no me never panic'
date added: 2010-09-18   source:

One-armed man bitten while trying to rescue alligator with arrow in its head
date added: 2010-09-15  source:

handcufffedgatorFlorida gator handcuffed by quick-thinking deputies
date added: 2010-09-15   source:

Monster 4.5 meter croc swims right into rangers' trap
date added: 2010-08-25  source:

Fisherman catches alligator 'feeding frenzy' on video; 'I ain't never seen so many gators in my life'
date added: 2010-07-30  source:

nilecrocodileGoing deeper: Film makers tackle the Nile crocodile; 'this is a very unknown animal'
date added: 2010-07-27   source:

One week after Florida gator attack, local swimming hole still popular
date added: 2010-07-21  source:

Killer croc loose in Miami neighborhood, eats dog; 'I can't believe it'
date added: 2010-07-19  source:

Researchers: Global warming could make it tough for crocs to dive for food
date added: 2010-07-11  source:

Big croc stalking popular Darwin fish spot; 'It's a disaster waiting to happen'
date added: 2010-07-08  source:

crocsharkAussie Tourists 'Jumping For Joy' As Monster Crocodile Gobbles Up Shark
date added: 2010-06-29   source:

Gator attack: Man 'nailed in neck,' 911 caller says
date added: 2010-06-27  source:

Alligator attacks Florida researcher diving at theme park
date added: 2010-06-25  source:

Researchers: Saltwater crocodiles surf across the ocean
date added: 2010-06-09  source:

Crocodiles turn Ugandan fishermen into food; 'People have now disturbed the ecosystem'
date added: 2010-05-31  source:

alligatorsnappingturtleRare 'alligator snapping turtle' caught in Chinese lake
date added: 2010-05-27   source:

Aussie pull 4m rogue croc from trap near popular holiday spot
date added: 2010-05-25  source:

crocodileCrocodiles leave Kenyan villagers in tears; 'Crocodiles will finish our people'
date added: 2010-05-25   source:

Florida man attacked by alligator while swimming in lake
date added: 2010-05-18  source:

3m croc makes beeline for Aussie jetski pair; 'he was fairly aggressive'
date added: 2010-05-12  source:

Celebrity gator 'Reggie' gets new mate at Los Angeles Zoo
date added: 2010-05-10  source:

American killed by crocodile in India's Andaman Islands
date added: 2010-05-08  source:

Massive 4.5m crocodile terrorizing Aussie fishos; 'it's their area so just respect them'
date added: 2010-04-20  source:

crocattackdogDog survives croc attack along Queensland coast; 'she had beaten the odds'
date added: 2010-04-01   source:

Aussie expert: Fatal crocodile attack 'inevitable'
date added: 2010-03-30  source:

AntonyBlackmoreMy battle with killer crocodile: Brit dragged underwater in jaws of 11ft beast
date added: 2010-03-30   source:

Massive Aussie croc dies after being harpooned at popular fishing spot
date added: 2010-03-28  source:

bridgecrocodilekenyaNew bridge saves Kenyan villagers from the jaws of crocodiles
date added: 2010-03-26   source:

Croc attacks Aussie girl, 5, on beach; 'Any croc attack has the potential to be fatal'
date added: 2010-03-24  source:

Aussie croc victim to dive again, but keeping mum; 'He will have some scars'
date added: 2010-03-20  source:

Indian officials: Rescued crocodile may die from plastic consumption
date added: 2010-03-18  source:

Park ranger saved from giant Nile crocodile attack by pregnant wife
date added: 2010-03-06  source:

Crocs shock Aussie golfers, shut down beach; 'we're aware of what they can do'
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

Bikini-clad tourists searching for whale sharks rescued at sea in the Philippines; 'The girls endangered their lives'
date added: 2010-02-21  source:

Aussie fishermen 'absolutely gobsmacked' as bikini-clad woman swims near crocs
date added: 2010-02-15  source:

Aussie to feed feral camels to crocodiles
date added: 2010-02-13  source:

Man Hunts Crocodile That Has Eaten Over 200 People; 'He Seems To Have Bullet Proof Leather'
date added: 2010-02-06  source:

Aussies urged not to 'bomb-dive' near group of dolphins; 'The juvenile dolphin could die just from the shock'
date added: 2010-01-27  source:

Aquarium: Crocs Recognize Their Own Names After Training; 'They Are Very Intelligent'
date added: 2010-01-27  source:

Aussie croc mystery continues; 'I don't know what it is, but it isn't a crocodile'
date added: 2010-01-26  source:

Malaysian villager fights off crocodile by poking its eyes
date added: 2010-01-25  source:

Aussies issue warning after 8 crocs caught; 'peak danger period for attacks'
date added: 2010-01-21  source:

Aussie territory argues over croc safety zone as numbers rise
date added: 2010-01-19  source:

South African woman taken by crocodile while swimming river
date added: 2010-01-06  source:

20 years on, captive crocodile Gori waits for a mate
date added: 2010-01-06  source:

Durban's 15-year-old crocodile hunter making a name for himself
date added: 2009-12-28  source:

10-foot gator caught on Florida home's doorstep; growling beast 'quite a talker'
date added: 2009-12-14  source:

Zambia: We've not failed to address human-crocodile conflict
date added: 2009-12-13  source:

Aussie animal handler nursing wounds after crocodile bite; 'an annoying shock'
date added: 2009-12-09  source:

Aussie crocodile escaper will return to scene; 'It was a bit hairy'
date added: 2009-10-25  source:

Study: Alligators surprisingly monogamous; 'we didn't expect to find fidelity'
date added: 2009-10-20  source:

Aussie surgeon sinks teeth into croc injuries; 'the risk of infection is quite high'
date added: 2009-10-19  source:

US golfer loses arm in alligator attack
date added: 2009-10-14  source:

Five-year-old Texan kills 800-pound alligator; 'I wasn't afraid for a second'
date added: 2009-10-07  source:

Shock as man captures caiman with bare hands in London; 'I've got big strong hands'
date added: 2009-10-01  source:

20-million-year-old 10-meter crocodile fossil found in Cuba
date added: 2009-09-11  source:

Croc suspected of killing six fishermen captured in India
date added: 2009-09-05  source:

Norway whale catches lowest in a decade; industry, demand dwindling
date added: 2009-08-31  source:

Horror as human-reared crocodiles prey on humans
date added: 2009-08-27  source:

MattThorntonHunters bag 701-pound gator in Alabama opener; 'We knew he was coming up'
date added: 2009-08-25   source:
costaricaalligatorBrit holidaymaker: My croc attack felt like I was in a Jaws film
date added: 2009-08-22   source:
MissUniverseAustraliaRachaelFinchalligatorMiss Universe Australia Flees Giant Crocodile Attack
date added: 2009-08-04   source:
costaricaalligatorCrocodile makes a lunge for German tourist on Costa Rica river
date added: 2009-08-02   source:
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