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Ten-year fishing ban in Yangtze River sees phased progress; 'restore the aquatic biodiversity'

Featuring daily drawings: Shark bite on South Carolina beaches as rare as winning lottery; 'they have seven senses to target their preferred prey'

Evert Day is a Gift: Shark bite survivor Caleb Swanepoel reclaims his love for the ocean

Concrete solutions: Fishermen are sinking boats and dumping concrete in the Gulf of Mexico — to save the fish

Wack the nose if attacked: Scientists assure that sharks are nearby more than we think, are not ‘bothering’ us

Venomous Sea Snake 'Scares Living Daylights' Out of Snorkeler in Coral Sea; 'It was very, very scary'

'Was this created on porpoise?' Stunning drone photograph reveals how harbor bears striking resemblance to a dolphin

Disaster Daydreams: Scientists Say Rising Sea Levels Will Isolate People Long Before They’re Underwater; 'In our lifetimes'

Alligator gar: Everything there is to know about the 300-pound fish species

Are Sea Cucumbers a Cleanup Solution to Fish Farm Pollution?

Vacation hell: 22-year-old Yale graduate loses foot in Turks and Caicos shark attack

Recent shark attacks are worrying beach-goers, yet experts say they're very rare; 'We are intruders in their environment'

The Red Sea: Faroe Islands Begin 'Horrifically Cruel' Whale Hunts

Believe it or not: Killer whale 'traumatized by collision with a boat' is teaching other orcas to attack yachts near Gibraltar

Florida: Fish in Biscayne Bay unwittingly on cocktails of prescription drugs, researchers say

Underwater robot deployed to aid endangered right whales off Georgia coast

Whale Hunted in Iceland Takes Two Hours To Die in Disturbing Footage

‘Sad reality of pollution’: Art made up of plastic waste retrieved from ocean installed at Chennai beach

Two Professional Mermaids Reveal How They Get Paid To Live Like Ariel

Evil: Man accused of killing about 50 fish in motel's koi pond

Glory days: Texas Man Recalls Catching Huge 190-Pound 'Prehistoric' Alligator Fish

Cultured: China scientists’ lab-grown fish fillets point the way to food future

Frenzy: 2 men bitten by sharks in Florida in less than 36 hours; 'I see it every time I close my eyes'

Killer whales are teaching each other to sink boats, say experts after orca pod launched terrifying Med attack on British couple

Experts rate the chances of spotting famous white whale Migaloo this migration season; 'It's normal to have sighting gaps'

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Other News...

Russian spy whale surfaces off Sweden: Harness-wearing Beluga is spotted after 'moving very quickly away from his natural environment'

Cetacide: Killer Whales hunt dolphins in Cape Town; 'wolves of the sea'

Study: Climate change may lead to massive tsunamis from Antarctica; 'we urgently need to enhance our understanding'

Poor Devon seal Sammy embedded with fish-hooks as warning issued

Scary moment humpback whale crashes into boat caught on camera; 'Thought it was a turtle at first. Happened so fast'

You'll never believe this whale isn't real... It's actually a sophisticated animatronic model

Australia: Seismic testing plans for Otway Basin prompt concerns for whales, dolphins and other wildlife; 'there are a lot of unknowns'

Baby eels remain one of America's most valuable fish after strong year in Maine

How to prevent a shark attack this Memorial Day weekend: Avoid spearfishing, Dr. Gavin Naylor says

Indian official who drained whole dam to retrieve phone suspended

Gladis strikes again! Female British sailor's night of terror as her yacht is wrecked by killer whales and begins to sink before dramatic rescue off Spain the beasts to attack boats

Navy SEALs training plagued by pervasive problems, according to investigation after death of sailor

Farmer, 72, is ripped apart and killed by 40 crocodiles after falling into their enclosure

Virgin Islands: Dolphins acclimating to Coral World after arrival from Las Vegas; 'There’s a lot that these animals need to learn'

Rare pygmy blue whale sighted off Terrigal on NSW Central Coast; 'For a whale nerd like myself, that's a really exciting moment'

Singapore sling: Man fishes along Sentosa Boardwalk even though it is strictly prohibited

Florida: These five beaches in Palm Beach County are known statewide for shark tooth hunting

Kayakers get sight of a lifetime as massive shark swims under boat

'I do miss my girlfriend': Man breaks record for longest time living underwater and is still down there

Meet Hullbot: Underwater autonomous robots which clean boat hulls and improve ocean health

Shipwrecked cargo containing Roman-era marble artifacts discovered in Israel

Texas diver uncovers lost watches, a sunken plane & missing people in the depths of Lake Travis

'I lost an arm, it's not the end of the world': Florida man, 23, maimed by 10ft alligator after falling into a pond behind a Florida bar

How a tug-of-war on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida ended with a 200-pound fish; 'It was the hardest fight I’ve ever had on that rod'

Australia: Sharks leave their mark on dolphin species

St. Thomas: Last three dolphins from Mirage Las Vegas relocated to sea sanctuary

China Focus: Investigation begins on two ancient shipwrecks in South China Sea

Science daily: Why can’t we breathe underwater?

International Day for Biological Diversity: Meet the Chinese white dolphins

Radioactive: ‘It’s been done for decades’ – How the upcoming Fukushima water release could impact Japan’s fishing industry

Watch: Off-duty Florida deputy rescues distressed dolphin calf

Video: Three scallop divers pull deer from water by it's antlers in rescue mission

Passing through: Right whale sighting shuts down Canadian lobster fishing section for at least 15 days

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More news...

Liverpool: Dead sharks on beach prompt calls for fishing net ban

South Africa: Ancient fish traps reveal message for the future; 'The method was systematic and sustainable'

Australia: No-take marine park area needs to be larger to help save species: grey nurse shark expert

New findings on deep sea whales, dolphins prompt call to stop Israel’s search for gas

In pics: diving activity in waters of Fenjiezhou Island, S China

What to know about the USS Iowa, the first Navy submarine named after the Hawkeye State

Firefighter uses profits from scuba diving business to help families stay safe on Lake Lanier

Canada: Student spots pod of orcas swimming just meters from his kayak

Fear: Sharks, real and pretend, cause fear despite low number of actual attacks

Israel: Diver drowns in Eilat, another hurt in a separate accident

Divers urged to be cautious near Titan triggerfish at Koh Haa’s free diving spot in Krabi

Philippines: Underwater cross installed in Medellin, Cebu

Change is always bad: Global warming could make some fish less nutritious

‘Rare’ new fish species — with dangly, long lips — discovered in river in Amazon

Angler dies jumping into river to get his dropped fishing pole, California cops say

Get out: Advice issued to sea swimmers as Ireland enters basking shark season

Warning to swimmers after sharks spotted feeding off Queensland coast

'Miracle he survived': Wife speaks after diver dragged into ferry propeller

Florida underwater cave dubbed 'Everest of diving' is so dangerous at least 13 people have died

Update: Teen surfer Maggie Drozdowski ‘traumatized’ by shark attack that dragged her underwater off New Jersey coast

Norway warns people to keep away from Russian ‘spy’ whale for animal’s safety

Amazing underwater sculptures appear on Great Barrier Reef

Melting Arctic sea ice is changing bowhead whale migrations, study finds

Nearly 100 koi fish go missing in Maryland community, residents suspect theft: police

Shark attack survivor recalls scary encounter, now 3 attacks this month in Florida Keys

Stone Harbor shark attack: How likely is another encounter in New Jersey?

Despite recent shark attacks, experts say they’re very rare

Reeling in the years: Children learn life lessons through fishing with Reel Connections for Kids at Smith Mountain Lake

Fisheries minister says shark fishing ban at Perth, regional swimming beaches is imminent

Expert anticipates 'dozens to hundreds' of white sharks this season after first sighting off Cape Cod

What is the official fish of your state? All but three of the 50 states have a state fish.

Kauai police officer turns fish, octopus into art using Japanese method of gyotaku; 'I need to capture this memory, somehow'

India: Whale vomit worth Rs 31 crore seized in Tamil Nadu, four arrested