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Stress: What Can The Earplugs Of Whales Tell Us About World War II?

Pocket-sized shark squirts clouds of light from pockets

An explosive problem: How the navy cleans up WW II underwater leftovers

Massachusetts group wants to end federal protection for seals to mitigate Cape Cod sharks

Divers find last US warship sunk by German sub in World War II

Florida: Insurance claim denied after destructive 11-feet gator break-in; 'They don't cover gators'

Dramatic video shows Georgia beachgoers rescuing dozens of beached whales; 'It is so sad'

Chicago: Gator hunter on moments after catch: '... Had a nice little cry'

Pressure: SeaWorld hits back in Virgin Holidays whale tourism row

Apex: Orcas eat great white sharks-- new insights into rare behavior revealed

Two southern resident orcas are missing, feared dead; 'The population is not healthy'

Texas brothers catch and release 12-foot tiger shark: 'Dreams came true today'

Group Holds Underwater Music Festival Off Florida Keys to Promote Reef Protection

Swimming with sharks doesn't faze Hong Kong actress and seasoned diver Hidy Yu, who is also committed to helping preserve marine life

A diver snapped incredible photos with a jellyfish 'as big as him' off the British coast

Archaeologists discover 22 ancient amphoras off Albania coast

Panic: Three Costa Blanca beaches popular with Brits closed after mystery fish bites children aged 7 and 10

Wet: 'Crawl' Star Kaya Scodelario Explains What It's Really Like To Shoot Almost An Entire Film Underwater

Swimmer uses a subwing to swim and dive with 'celebrity' wild dolphin in stunning underwater footage

Watch: Scientists Spot Deep-Sea Crab Feeding on 'Fish Egg Buffet'

Jeremiah Sullivan Gets Bitten By Sharks. On Purpose: 'Fear Is a Funny Thing'

Utah diver spears record tiger muskie, reaction mixed

Impaled: Dolphin dies after being stabbed off Upper Captiva

Algae Belt: Scientists discover 'biggest seaweed bloom in the world'


One of biggest great white sharks seen feasting on sperm whale in rare video

Russian navy changes underwater rescue method; 'all available means'

After long delay, Canada joins global pact to stop illegal fishing trade

What to do if you spot Portland's resident Dolphin

Florida: Beached whale on Little St. George euthanized due to poor health, shark bites

Killer collapse: The southern resident orcas of B.C. are struggling. Here's why there's a cross-border fight to save them

Argh! Rare white dolphin sighted in the Marlborough Sounds

Scotland: Spirtle survives severe sunburns, delights scientists

Dolphin and dog make friends during South Carolina boat ride

Guess what: Nearly 10 per cent of Sydney fish is not what it is labelled

Review: 'Sea of Shadows' a chilling documentary about organized crime -- and fish

Irish father and son capture amazing up-close footage of humpback whale off coast of Kerry

1 out of 633: Ocala diver tells his record-breaking underwater cleanup story; 'I love diving and I hate trash'

Two weeks along, Shedd's male baby beluga doing 'exceptionally well'

Police warn flushing drugs down the toilet could create 'meth-gators'

Wookey Hole: Artist paints canvas underwater in cave

Australia: Southern right whale gets rock star welcome at The Cut in Dawesville

Fish discard ban not being enforced, Lords report warns amid fears of illegal dumping at sea

Stricken manta ray asks swimmers to remove fish hooks in incredible video

Decades-old diving bell recovered at Glensheen Mansion in Duluth

'Everyone was in shock': Great white shark jerks boat around SF Bay for miles

Cuban couple holds underwater wedding

Malaysia: War on fish bombings, sale of 'bombed' fish

Get out: 16-year-old girl on boogie board bitten by shark in Florida

Japan: Dolphin stuck in metal ring found swimming at Hokkaido port

Manta ray rescued after seemingly approaching Australian snorkelers for help

Illegal fishing, plastic waste could wipe out the Mediterranean's sharks

Hide: Mother whales whisper to evade orcas while swimming with their calves

Parole: Orcas loaded onto trucks as Russia releases more from 'whale jail'

Giant manta ray spotted off Alabama coast; 'An amazing experience, I am a better man for it'

In search of a cause for whale's death in East Java

Watch a tiny worm make one of the loudest sounds in the ocean









Humpback whales make stunning comeback in southern Africa

Dolphin adorably greets service dog at SeaWorld Orlando

Preventing another salmon escape: New rules for Puget Sound fish farms

Great white shark named 'Jules' after Julian Edelman

Get out: Cape Cod shark scare creates booming business for pool contractors

Police: 3 fake wooden legs left at shark attack victim's memorial in Wellfleet

Panic: Cape Cod town looks into emergency speaker systems amid increased shark sightings; 'you will hear this'

Acapulco cliff divers risk their lives to drive tourism – video

Virginia radio host says a 'baby shark' bit her at a North Carolina beach

Girl attacked by shark nearly 2 years ago going to beach for first time since attack

Kiwi paua diver thrown about during shark attack off Chatham Islands

Whale watching companies file lawsuit over distance restriction

Ocean sanctuary proposed for captive orcas

Poor shark was slowly sliced open by plastic ring she got stuck around her neck as a baby

U.S. company fined nearly $3M for 2016 fuel spill in B.C. First Nation's fishing territory

Parasite in San Marcos, Comal rivers causing fish to lose ability to swim

Cape Cod looks to tackle great white shark threat amid sightings, beach closures

This jellyfish washed ashore with a whole fish perfectly preserved inside

Divemaster in fish bomb tragedy likely a murder target, say Sabah police

A surprise catch! This 139-pound, 6-foot fish was caught by researchers in a New York lake

Florida teen attacked by shark while boogie-boarding

Inner space: The great ocean mission eclipsed by Apollo 11 moon landing

Report: Tunisia becomes second largest shark-fishing country in Mediterranean

Man reels in fish with massive snake latched onto it

Canada's largest underwater volcano to be explored in B.C. expedition

Amity: Multiple shark sightings close Cape Cod beaches to swimming

Renowned deep sea explorer Robert F. Marx passes away peacefully at age 82 on fourth of July

Close encounters of the third kind: Whale tourism in Tonga disturbing natural behavior

One of three entangled North Atlantic right whales may be on its way to freedom

Huge fish bitten in half by shark moments after angler got out of the water

'Ghost nets' no more as Queensland moves to legislate against the illegal fishing practice

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