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China rewards 11 fishermen who captured seven 'foreign underwater spy drones' with lavish ceremony as Beijing tightens grip on national security

Boaties harass pod of orca in Northland; Kiwi Authorities investigating

Aussie Beach on lockdown as shark bites surfer's foot down to bone in terrifying attack; 'Felt a tug'

Australia: History shows serious shark attacks in Illawarra are rare

Solar storms cause grey whales to become stranded as radio waves interfere with their ability to detect the Earth's magnetic field

Snared and left to die: Tragic fate of turtle caught in fishing equipment captured by photographer

Aussie surfer bitten by shark south of Sidney

Dismal Science: What the hell is the DC Metro's 'climate change will increase shark bites' ad talking about? An investigation

Ireland: Baby seal rescued off Clare coast, over 2,000 miles away from her Arctic home

A baby dolphin lost its way in the Keys. It took a smart move to reunite it with its pod

Killer whale found dead on The Wash salt marshes with plastic in its empty stomach is first to become stranded in Britain in almost 20 years

Families Sue Truth Aquatics over 'Conception' Fire; Charge Lack of Night Watch and Safe Battery Charging Violated Regulations

Massive 2,800-lb. Great White Shark Caught Off Of Hilton Head – Could It Help Solve A Crime?

Celebrity survivalist known as the 'Tarzan of LA' sparks outrage after cooking and eating a dead baby dolphin found washed up on the beach; 'Definitely gamey'

At a perilous time for North Atlantic right whales, their poop is coveted as 'treasure'

report: Fish bone removed from woman's liver after she swallowed it 8 years ago

Fisherman catches 350-pound fish near southwest Florida, researchers confirm it's 'a big old fish'

The World's Oldest Known Diving Suit, the Old Gentleman

Follow the money: NYC Explorers Club facing lawsuit from 'bullied' scuba divers

Iran has 'fleet of killer dolphins trained to blow up ships in suicide attacks'

Something fishy about South Africa's missing great white sharks

Mystery as half a shark washes up on Queensland beach

Strange hums heard around the world traced to new underwater volcano

Amazing pictures capture moment porpoises are spotted mating off Brit coast

Incredible Footage Captures Beluga Whales Singing Back at Kayaker's Song

Underwater: The 10 Most Underrated Aquatic Horror Movies, Ranked

Did A Russian Built Submarine 'Sink' A U.S. Navy Sub Back in 2015?


Australia: Thousands of fishes die as rains wash bushfire ash into rivers

Lake Erie fishing dependent on competing Ohio toxic algal abatement plans

Rediscovery of WWII bomber off Oahu raises hopes for recovery of remains

Fisherman hoping great white shark will bring new clues in cold case

Thailand: Marine experts confirm dwarf fin whale killed by human activity

Virtual: Great Barrier Reef recreated using artificial intelligence giving city-dwellers access to Living Reef

Mission Impossible: Wounded baby whale gets antibiotic shot to improve grim odds

Born Free: Fish trapped in can rescued on Falmouth beach

YouTube prankster appears in Australian court for 'scuba driving' flooded car to liquor store in viral video

Treasure Fever: Discovery of a legendary, lost shipwreck in North America pits treasure hunters and archaeologists against each other

Duck feeds grains to fish in viral video. Find a better friendship if you can

Researchers decode bottlenose whales' DNA to learn about fragile population

Rare drone footage shows grey whale calf drinking milk from mother

Surfer bitten by shark off North Carolina coast

Mission Impossible: Injured orca still trapped in line, might only have days to live; Kiwis race to rescue

New interactive map highlights Great Lakes shipwrecks and their lore

India: A dolphin paradise, in the middle of chaos

Injured newborn right whale in 'poor' shape off Southeast coast after boat strike

The deadly 'ghost gear' which haunts seas and coastlines

Philippines: Whale wounded while hunting prey returned to sea by rescuers

Surfers chase 'monster waves' in the Portuguese seaside town, Nazaré

Documentary on Mobile underwater photographer and filmmaker Mike deGruy gets limited release this weekend

Malnourished millennial killer whales grew up smaller, but scientists unsure the impact

'The ocean is a dangerous place', and those who swim with sharks know it

A rare Queensland whale skeleton's year-long trip to Canada for cleaning

Dead alligators dropped to the bottom of the sea make for a rare and delicious meal

Distinguished professor of ichthyology making 50th trip to Africa to study fish

A new documentary explores one man's whale obsession

Bad moon rising: As huge tides bear down on Oregon coast, researchers warn this is the future

'Lost' sperm whale stranded in Ardersier may have had brain problem

Days-old North Atlantic right whale already injured by propeller, NOAA says

For manta rays, survival isn't black and white: Does a manta ray's coloration help it survive predation?

Does ocean acidification affect coral reef fish behavior? New study says no, debunks earlier studies

How a fish steals its ability to glow; 'People just assumed it couldn't be done'

Wife of experienced diver mauled by shark advocates for sea creature that killed her husband

Having a whale of a time: Swimmer gets synchronised with ocean beast off coast of Tonga








Sea turtle trapped in hole in rocks is rescued by marine scientist

Florida man arrested for overharvesting more than 50k lbs of Gulf reef fish

Kiwi girl continues to surf after possible shark bite at Oreti Beach

Philippines: Bohol town mayor defies acting governor on whale shark feeding ban

Benthic buzz: Bizarre deep-sea creature makes rare appearance in shallower waters

A lottery will decide who gets to fish for Maine's lucrative baby eels

Florida wades into the culture war over shark finning; 'it's just not going to fix the problem'

Bascom, Florida is a home to one of the world's oldest fish

Family of girl attacked by Aussie shark claim it was responsible for attack last month

Shark ignore swimmers, nothing happens, makes news; 'a neutral, positive experience'

Huge hammerhead shark tagged by researchers was almost too much for boat, photos show

Two rare whale dolphins mysteriously wash up on a remote Aussie beach - leaving scientists baffled

Nessie, the zoo's new elephant seal, is tougher and more photogenic than you

iPhone survives months underwater, symbolizes brighter days ahead to owner; 'It seems so silly…'

Dangerous invasive fish found in Tennessee lake - after it jumps into a man's boat

Thailand: German man released from hospital after bitten by 'big fish' – or maybe a shark

Winners of the 2019 Ocean Art underwater photo contest

Remembering Windsor Safari Park in 27 fantastic pictures

Whaling: The rise and fall of New Zealand's oldest, most ruthless industry

New fish farm near Miami aims to grow major portion of U.S. salmon supply

Venice canals nearly dry, months after historic floods

Deep dive into the unknown: Zhou Fang captures China's underwater world

Shark study: Old fishing hooks remain threat to sharks

This overweight lab lost 60 pounds using an underwater treadmill

We broke every diving rule: Thai rescue cave diver

Florida wildlife hospital rehabilitates pelicans injured by fishing tackle

Grace: Great white shark caught off Hilton Head named for Bluffton teen killed in unsolved hit-and-run

Rescuers seek injured right whale newborn offshore South Carolina, Southeast coast

Environmentalists: Giant Myanmar Irrawaddy dolphin died of old age

Kiwi police patrol helps with crowd control as pilot whale gives birth

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