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Fear the fin: Maine lifeguards instructed not to do deep water rescues after shark sighting

Ireland: Donegal woman becomes first female diver in naval history

Alaskan First as Rare white orca spotted off Kupreanof Island

Taiwan dive firm says swimmers wearing sunscreen 'not welcome' in Kenting

Florida: 'Unprecedented' Biscayne Bay Fish Kill Creates Rancid Smell Along Waterway Shorelines

8x World Champ Arm Wrestler Tests Her Muscles Fishing For One Of The Strongest Fish In The Ocean

'We are devastated': Top underwater filmmaker drowns during dive off Spanish coast

Megamouth: A rare giant shark now sits in an ice block at the Smithsonian, allowing researchers to hopefully unravel clues about its evolution

Fishing fury: MP urges ban on supertrawlers plundering UK waters 'They're Hoovers!'

Record-breaking shark breach reaches 15 feet above the water, caught on camera: 'It was just perfect'

Paul de Gelder reveals how actor Will Smith confronted his fears for Shark Week's Off the Deep End

Let It Be: Warning Issued After 'Well-meaning' Public Attempt To Return Dolphin To Sea; 'Misguided'

In other news: Shark Week comes to life for Florida family who saw great white shark off Jupiter

$10,000 Reward: U.S. Fish & Wildlife investigates suspected poaching after walrus deaths in Bristol Bay

Florida: Manatee deaths are up this year, but scientists don't know why

Treasure off Florida coast: Missing wing of gold pelican statue from 1715 shipwreck is recovered

How losing a few limbs in a shark attack led Paul de Gelder to his Shark Week career

Weever Warning for Brit swimmers and sunbathers as dangerous fish with toxic spines found on British beaches

After fatal great white shark attack in Maine, debate intensifies over culling seals

Girl, 30, significantly injured by humpback whale simply days after diver crushed by two whales at similar magnificence spot

The last Alaskans: Life on the ice may never be the same for the I├▒upiat of northern Alaska as, warming oceans and rising seas weaken the very ground they stand on

Black Fish: Virtual event to mark 50th anniversary of orca capture

when animals attack: Snorkelers describe terrifying moment they were struck by humpback whale protecting its calf - with one woman suffering serious injuries

Shark bombshell: Novel study exposes shark populations with as little as a bottle of water

Meet the Chicago Woman Who Spent 800 Hours Swimming With Sharks, Without Leaving Home


Aquarium fish, hold the cyanide: How an Indonesian village stopped poisoning reefs for the tropical pet trade without losing livelihoods

Europe heatwave: Tons of fish found dead in French lake as water temperature nears 29C

China issues new sustainability rules for its notorious fishing fleet

Indian food: Two men try to buy remains of whale shark in Mumbai; arrested

'Lost' and stranded dolphin rescued in Cornwall after five-hour operation

US Navy asks industry for stealthy ways to neutralize underwater sea mines without tipping-off the enemy

20 years after Kursk, Russia moves from tragedy to redefined underwater warfare capability

Florida: Biologists trying to save underwater memorial from damage

Sea bass don't like surprises: Experiments show the fish respond differently to predictable and unpredictable stress

How to get abandoned, lost and discarded 'ghost' fishing gear out of the ocean

Horrifying images reveal bizarre parasite that replaces tongue of its fish host and feeds on blood

'It's just nasty': Florida officials investigating Biscayne Bay fish kill and residents are concerned

Watch Chinese frogmen fire their special underwater guns

Florida: Could fish kill In Biscayne Bay be a sign of worsening pollution?

Are sharks more attracted to blood of mammals or fish? Man's bizarre experiment goes viral

River Monsters: Susquehanna hunter searches for impact of flathead catfish

He's back, again: Patches, the famed West Coast dolphin, reappears for a record 4 days off Orange County

How diseases sweep through the sea: For marine mammals, viral and bacterial outbreaks are on the rise

Again: Brazil beachgoers rescue stranded humpback whale calf

Elusive Shetland orcas captured on film, creating once-in-a-lifetime moment

How surfer Britt Merrick found his 'spiritual home' among the waves

Florida couple reunited with wedding ring after losing it during a day at the beach

'Vampire fishing' trend rises in Midwestern states: 'This is hands-down your best shot at a big fish'

They're there too: Sharks found living inside active underwater volcano

Covid challenge: 13-year-old angler fishes 100 straight days

Home schooling: Shark Week's lessons learned from 20 years of 'Air Jaws'

Brits warned after increase in jelly fish stings on Wirral beaches

Why are butchered dolphins washing ashore in France's Brittany?

Giant fish, weird skeletons, sharks and other creatures seen around Welsh beaches this year

Commentary: To flourish, Sri Lanka's whale-watching industry must operate responsibly

Caught on cam: Florida tour guide saves dolphin in distress in Lemon Bay; FWC says next time, call them first

Arrested Development: A low-tech solution offers an effective way to keep sea turtles safe

Rudolph and Red: 2 deaf dolphins now call Clearwater Marine Aquarium home

Centuries-old Inca offering discovered in sacred lake

Brit agencies warn youngsters about dangers of jumping into Tenby Harbour; ' jumping is inherently dangerous'

Toxic chemicals from burning fossil fuels poison dolphins and whales on East Coast








That's no seal: Canadian man accidentally nets shark

Dam removal: If you unbuild it, they will come--the fish, that is

They eat: Shark spotted feeding on seal near Cape Cod shoreline

Shark species living in Southern New England waters 'in trouble'

Hundreds of sea lions to be killed on Columbia River in effort to save endangered fish

Drones reveal shark fests off Georgia coast, but bites remain rare

Researches working to protect shark population, food sources in North Carolina

Meet the man who's worried when sharks don't show up

CSI Sharks: Tracking the fish in Florida by what they leave behind

Rare albino alligator babies hatch at Florida attraction

Live 24hr underwater webcam in Miami harbor amasses cult following as it captures everything from sharks to manatees just yards from shore

Georgia Aquarium will offer visitors chance to swim with sharks

Shark Week: Shark bites angler's arm near Boca Grande causeway

Woman slides into Bahamian waters as 8-foot shark 'bumped' into her; 'Don't freak out, don't freak out'

You know the 'Tiger King' -- now meet the 'Tiger Shark King'

Add to the list: Sharks contaminated with plastic are 'cause for concern'

Stranded whales and dolphins offer a snapshot of ocean contamination

Shame of the sea: Scientists have found dozens of marine mammals firmly tied to fish aggregators in Ecuador, suggesting fishers are using the animals as bait

Scots free-diving photographer's images show 'alien life' in seas

Underwater expedition in remote corner of New Zealand uncovers fuller picture of maritime history

Underwater marriage proposal on Greek island of Alonissos

Meet the underwater sea sponge farmers of Zanzibar

Canada: Fish harvesters happy to see federal money but still have questions

Scientists mutate fish with disturbing results; 'we would starve and suffocate without jaws'

How the missing California Marines, sailor and amphibious vehicle were found

Mexico: Tourist caught on video harassing whale shark in Quintana Roo

'They just pull up everything!' Chinese fleet raises fears for Galápagos sea life

12 weird fishing lures and when they work, with underwater footage

Oh the humanity: Climate change could undermine a scientist's lifelong work of protecting fish

Philippines: Oslob resumes whale shark watching but visitors still few

Romanian alpinist fights to save the rarest fish species in Europe, contemporary with the dinosaurs

Man bitten by shark in Florida compares it to previous attack by alligator

Animal assassins and military mammals: How superpowers continue to train creatures for combat

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