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Gulfland: Diver Explores the Hidden Depths of WWII Shipwreck off the Florida Coast; 'they're having a second life underwater'

Cheat Sheet: What's the deal with the rise in mermaid diving in New Zealand?

Malaysian malaise: Shark fin still being sold openly at Kota Kinabalu market

Prey: Chilling Moment Shark Enters 'Hunt Mode' as She Smells Diver in Ocean

Weight of evidence: 2 fishermen plead guilty to charges for cheating in Sept. 2022 walleye tournament; 'Thou shall not steal, and crime does not pay'

Photo: Near 700-pound bluefin tuna caught offshore TX Gulf Coast

Video captures fishermen landing 3 meter shark from Gold Coast lake

DOA: Reclusive, 15-ft Beaked Whale, Likely Sick, Strands in Flagler Beach Near Water Tower

Sailboat crew rescued in Pacific after abandoning ship sunk by whale; 'Tommy this is no joke'

Gazprom Invited to Recover Object Found Near Nord Stream Pipeline

Shiver: 2 megamouth sharks caught on video for the 1st time ever

Watch: Tourists discover massive Pacific octopus twisting inside Washington state park

A fish can sense another’s fear, a study shows; 'clearly very ancient pathways'

'She thinks we're just fishing': Viral video of father-daughter Florida fishing trip reminds us to pause

Brazil: Shark Attack Victim Slams Down Bystanders Who Were No Help During Horrifying Incident

The Abyss: A Man Is Living 100 Days Underwater. It May Do Extraordinary Things to His Body.

Another Animal That Speckles with Age: Dolphins

Florida to be visited by seaweed blob twice the width of US this summer; 'piles up on beaches up to 5 or 6 feet deep'

Sailing crew rescued after giant whale sank 44ft boat in Pacific Ocean

8 dolphins dead in mass stranding event in Sea Isle City, New Jersey

‘Peaceful protest’ coming to MarineLand in Niagara Falls remembering last Orca whale

Mark the Shark: Florida fisherman's brutal shark video for tourists branded 'legal torture'

Frozen: Ice Departs and Leave Nearly Two Dozen Dolphins Dead on Carbonear Shore

British scientists appeal for return of head of rare shark washed up on beach

Rare tiger shark beheaded after washing up on Brit beach; 'exceptionally rare visitor to these shores'

Contagion: In UK, bird flu kills dolphins

I'm a fishing boat captain. Green energy companies, government want to put me out of business

Australian surfs for 40 hours to smash world record; 'I push myself to the limits with my adventures'

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Other News...

After nearly 13 years underwater, a camera is found and the photos recovered

Here's why scientists are worried about newly discovered underwater heat waves

Heat: Temporary shutdown of Monticello nuclear power plant causes fish kill

This just in: A 1,500 pound great white shark named ‘Breton’ is currently swimming off the coast of North Carolina

Auckland fisherman’s close call with orca on fishing trip; 'My heart rate went up pretty quickly'

Fisherman stranded on remote Western Australia island after shark bite

'My hobby is also my dream job': from icy water to swimming with sharks, diver has seen it all

Humiliation for scientists as they retract photo of 'first goblin shark seen in the Greek Mediterranean

Go fish: Much of Oregon faces ‘devastating’ salmon fishing ban

Idaho angler lands record northern pike – 'a true monster of a fish'

China to release 200,000 rare fish into Yangtze River

Antarctic expedition shows melting ice presents a growing threat to whales

Interstate commerce: Colorado fishermen ordered to pay over $1K each after catching 463 pounds of Michigan fish

The spy who came in from the cold: Norway town votes to support marine reserve for displaced whales

Mutation behind night blindness in humans helps whale sharks see in the dark

This just in: Zoonotic agent Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae caused mass mortality of harbor porpoises off the Dutch coast

Whale penis on the menu as Japanese suppliers try to tempt tourists; 'It’s about being responsible consumer'

They're back: First right whale mom and calf pair arrive in Cape Cod Bay for the season

Back: Rough-toothed dolphin rescued near Longboat Key now swimming on her own

Camera found after 13 years in Colorado river, photos recovered; 'I had gotten tossed from my tube'

Inquiring minds: Why are these orcas killing sharks and removing their livers?

Navy Seabee divers play tic-tac-toe underwater at air show

As whale populations grow, Dungeness crabbers foresee their own demise

Underwater robot spots guitarfish in Eilat, Israel

Man swims to safety after being attacked by shark off Hawaii’s Big Island

How sharks equipped with cameras solved an aquatic mystery; 'all you could see was seagrass'

South Africa: Man drowned soon after his baptism in the Letaba River

Malaysia: A history-making mermaid show

North Korea removes fishing restrictions in the Yellow Sea; 'great wind'

UK fishing vessels ‘underreporting’ whale, dolphin and porpoise bycatch

Magnet fishing: Noblesville woman part of growing Indiana trend; 'I got a watch ... it's running!'

With assessment underway, Nova Scotia has quietly imposed a moratorium on fish farming

Algae-farming fish help coral reefs bounce back from bleaching events

Frenzy: Hundreds of sharks filmed in water off Gold Coast over weekend

Endangered right whales can be found in Gulf of St. Lawrence all year, study finds

Meet SeaWorld rescue team who attempted to save beached sperm whale in Carlsbad; 'it didn't make it'

Australia: 'Significant planning' underway to clean up massive fish kill in NSW's far west

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More news...

Green new deal: 29 electric scooters removed from Hillsborough River

Photos of scarred shark reveal details of battle with orcas

Promises: Miami Seaquarium’s captive orca Lolita may soon head back to wild

Frustration mounts over motorboat stuck near sacred site in West Maui; 'It's nothing new'

False killer whales devour marlin in rare event caught on video

Green new deal: Mystery grows as another dead whale washes up on East Coast

Human foot in shoe mysteriously washes up on Kiwi beach in 'gruesome' incident

Whale wars: Paul Watson's new anti-whaling ship to sail from Hull for global mission to 'put itself into harm's way'

Cull and close: Protest over closure of Noumea beaches due to shark attacks

Long-lost ship found in Lake Huron, confirming tragic story

Cornwall: Trio of stranded juvenile loggerhead turtles saved

Know before you go: Shark tracker sees where a few tagged sharks lurk in Florida waters using this innovative tool

Watch: Shark swims close to Florida spring breakers in Destin and ignores them

Angler comes face to face with giant bull shark, but what he does next wins praise

Ontario: Police divers discover 'body' reported in a canal was a mannequin

Cambodia: More human resources and education required after dolphin found dead in net

Florida: Ruskin scientists help protect Bay Area’s multi-million dollar tropical fish industry

Philippines: Oil slick from sunken vessel reaches fish sanctuary in Calapan City

India: Why whale-shark poaching off the Gujarat coast has authorities worried

Israeli tech ‘Super Seaweed’ produces natural health compounds, medicine from the sea

Underwater turbulence revealed as a key factor in climate change

The Florida Aquarium is offering a unique underwater tour

Seagrass: How sharks equipped with cameras solved an aquatic mystery

Is it safe to eat? Bangladesh fish exposed to hormones, antibiotics and toxic waste

Australians called on in hunt for shark egg cases for conservation, research

South Carolina: Upstate group recovers lost items in lakes for owners, raising money for a boat; 'It's a hobby'

Advice issued after several seals are spotted coming ashore on beaches in Jersey

'It squeezed my foot like vice': Florida surfer left traumatized with nightmares after terrifying attack

Man suffers shark bite while swimming off Hawaii Island’s Anaeho’omalu Bay

Saving the planet by eating one venomous lionfish at a time

Croatia detonates massive Nazi-era ship mine found buried in seabed

Australia: Shark nets and fishing hooks risk killing off endangered species

New fish species found in urban mega city of Hangzhou

SeaWorld San Diego rescue team discusses beached whale death; 'the animal didn’t make it'

Aluminum sulphate: Chemists address a water sanitation chemical that is harmful to aquarium fish

Save the 'massive, living, beautiful, breathing, majestic boxes of carbon' known as whales

‘Count his toes’: Man says he was bitten by shark off Florida beach