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Alligator with a knife stuck in its skull sparks concern in Texas community

More than 600 divers set world record cleaning up debris from the ocean floor

'My feet were on fire!' Up to 15 beach-goers are stung by stingrays in just one day in California

The Fish Egg That Traveled Through a Swan's Gut, Then Hatched

man charged in South Carolina shark branding case; 'Shared on Social Media'

Seal Pup Born at Reykjavík Zoo Raises Ethical Concerns

'CSI of the Sea' investigate a dead rare pygmy sperm whale found washed up with an eye missing and huge chunks out of its tail

Putting Names to Unidentified Sharks: Most sharks and rays caught in the Mediterranean are not identified to a species level

Marineland Is Officially Exempt From Canada's New Ban On Whale And Dolphin Captivity

California Seamounts Are Sylvia Earle's Newest 'Hope Spots'

Recipe for Disaster: Barrels possibly containing Agent Orange ingredients remain months Oregon Lake discovery

Moby Dick: Museum wants missing whale bones returned

First Study of World's Largest Marine Stingray Reveals Long-Distance Migration

Bermuda vacation: The Seal That Flew 1000 Miles To Get Home

Seals with antennas on their heads helped scientists solve an Antarctic mystery

Expert determines man's giant catch to be rare, old fish: 'I had never seen something like that'

Could Arctic warming be behind gray whale deaths in Alaska, and elsewhere? Here's why scientists are asking.

California: Sea World employees free sea lion pup from plastic trash

Water shortages could make iceberg delivery routine

Hong Kong diver, 66, wages marine war against ocean's silent killers – ghost nets

East Timor: The Revered Crocodiles of This Island Nation Have Suddenly Started Killing People

Japan's commercial whaling to restart July 1 after 3-decade hiatus

Spotted for the first time: a fish holding its breath underwater

'Whale jail' company that illegally held belugas and orcas in overcrowded 'prison' is fined £340,000


Rare blue lobster brought to a restaurant in Cape Cod

Washington state waterfront owners asked to take dead whales

Highly toxic invasive fish spreading in Aegean sea

More snakehead fish swimming into Chesapeake Bay; are Pennsylvania, NY next?

US dad who punched shark to save daughter shares harrowing tale

Alabama: Police say missing diver was using 'homemade diving equipment'

Dive Bahrain: Boeing 747 towed across ocean ahead of being sunk for new underwater theme park

Tesla has a submarine car design and won't share it

Is it safe to eat fish from Florida waters with blue-green algae, like Lake Okeechobee?

Kiwi research: We should stop catching big, old fish

Mysterious dead thing with 'boney structures' found on Outer Banks. What is it?

Everyone is happy: Whale sharks seen mating on Ningaloo Reef, exciting scientists

South Africa: Whale caught in octopus trap dies

£600 penalty for Brit man fishing without licence and removing fish

Marine life can't live in the Gulf's growing 'dead zone' -- and it's largely our fault

Taiwan: Diver arrested for mistreating green sea turtle in Xiaoliuqiu

Report: Shark bites teen in second attack in 2 weeks; 'deep tooth bite'

Chernobyl explained: What happened to the Chernobyl divers?

Bahrain to sink Boeing 747 ahead of underwater theme park opening in August

Where whales and plastic meet: Scientists cruised to Iceland to find out why whales are eating so much plastic

Report: North Korean general executed by being thrown into piranha-filled fish tank

Florida: Shark with pool ring around neck rescued near Perdido Key

Florida: With toxic blue-green algae bloom, don't eat Lake Okeechobee fish, Audubon biologist says

Inquiring minds: What are that new baby orca's chances of surviving?

Mysterious flooding leads to discovery of 5,000-year-old underground city in Turkey's Cappadocia

How a far-flung group of scientists claimed the Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

2 more dead gray whales have been found in Alaska, bringing the year's toll to 75 along the US West Coast

Florida man describes 'shocking' alligator attack on 5-year-old granddaughter in lake

Breeding ground for humpback whales feeding in Irish waters discovered for the first time

Kiwis propose on-board cameras for commercial fishing boats that encounter rare Māui dolphins

In pictures: Royal Ballet soloist dances underwater with plastic trash to highlight pollution









NOAA investigates surge in dead dolphins along the Gulf Coast

Blurred lines: Striking underwater portraits reflect artist's own mental health struggles

A big fish tale: Calgary men catch 800-pound sturgeon

Cape Town: Tragic effect of octopus traps on whales, sharks around Miller's Point

Nova Scotia researchers hoping to reel in bucks to help fund massive whale display

Why is this baby orca orange?

Photographer captures 'horrific' photo of whale with sliced-off tail after boat collision

Aussie authorities euthanize Portland seal that became aggressive towards humans

Ship kills large whale in Cape Town harbour; propellers 'chopped off the back part of the whale'

Citing possible harm to orcas, Seattle Mayor Durkan protests U.S. Navy training exercises

'Allie' the humpback whale still making a splash off Alameda; 'It's not looking good'

Conservationists raise alarm over wild fish found on B.C. salmon farms

These fishes get sad when their partner is away — pointing to the roots of romantic love

South Carolina tournament netted a 1,000-pound tiger shark. Animal activists aren't happy

New Jersey: 19-year-old surfer injured by suspected shark bite at Ocean Isle Beach

How whale blubber is fuelling this soapmaker's Inuit pride

Scottish Marine Protected Areas to conserve whales, sharks

Very rare sighting of orca off Cape Cod captured in video

Atlantic salmon group sees promise in new wild-sourced fish

'A more humane country': Canada to ban keeping whales, dolphins in captivity

Scuba instructor says there are many questions after death at Wake County diving park

Humpback whale entangled in Nova Scotia fishing gear washes up on Scottish beach

The underwater Indian village that emerges once a year

Divers haul up giant ball of 'ghost gear' littering the seafloor off Maine's coast

Season for dolphin watching begins on island south of Tokyo

North Carolina doctors: Teen attacked by shark had 14-hour surgery to rebuild her hands

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