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The loneliest number: Cambodia-Laos border pool dolphins down to just one

Demand for Private Submersibles Is Soaring. Here’s What It’s Like to Take One on an Underwater Dive.

Jaws: Why Quint Smashed The Orca's Radio

'It would have been suicidal' 10 years ago - activist's daring swim reveals dwindling shark numbers

It Came From the Land: How a Deadly Land Fungus Began Killing Marine Mammals in the Salish Sea

Slovak divers' latest find fished out of mountain lakes dates to Austria-Hungary

'Absolutely disgusting': Canadian divers shocked by litter pulled from Penticton channel

Oil's not well: Scientists are still following whales that swam through the Exxon Valdez oil spill; 'we’re seeing a population that is going extinct'

River Monsters: Fly fish angler reels in potential world-record blue catfish in Texas river

After a sea turtle’s death, PETA calls for end to fishing in Alabama state parks; angling 'danger'

We have the technology: Algae-purified wastewater used to raise fish

It's Alive: Tongue-eating creature found inside fish at Texas state park is the stuff of nightmares

Lost: Appeal to help find missing shark tag on Isle of Wight

Officials: 2020 was a bad year for the Florida manatee, and 2021 is shaping up to be even worse

This Is How It Ends for Kiwi Dolphins: Extinct within our lifetime, so why is it so hard to save some species?

'Stunned' researchers rescue 4,000-pound sunfish from net

In the Mediterranean, Megayachts Do Megadamage; From anchors to engines, large private yachts can leave problems in their wakes

Will Florida orca Lolita be released? New management, damning report renew advocates' fervor

Federal judge halts planned lobster fishing closure in Gulf of Maine; rejects NOAA's 'markedly thin statistical modeling methodology'

Fishing Billionaire, Co-Founder of Trident Seafood, Chuck Bundrant Dies At 79; Made Fortune on 'Trash Fish' Pollock

Magnet Fishing, a Pandemic Craze, Is Now Creating Trash Problems; 'Leaving scrap is a big no-no'

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Other News...

Big fish whitewashing ‘blue food’ won’t make the world more green

The fugitive: Seal makes rare visit to Taiwan fishing harbor; escapes before capture

Researchers: North Atlantic right whale population at lowest in nearly 20 years

Pineapple skin diet shown to boost growth and immune system of tilapia

Supply chain: Fire breaks out on cargo ship that lost 40 containers in Strait of Juan de Fuca

This just in: Narrow-ridged finless porpoise population in E China surpasses 5,000

Canada: Boaters fined $25,000 for violating orca sanctuary zone

Man finds missing shark tag on Isle of Wight beach

Deadliest catch: After 19 fishing deaths in Texas, officials are offering tips for anglers to stay safe

Perspective: Boat the size of whale spotted near humpbacks

Segregation: Norway reveals plans for river trap system to protect wild salmon

California angler rescues whale entangled in lobster trap; 'one of the highlights of my life. Honestly'

Busted: Alligator caught trying to break into community pool in North Carolina

Study: Beluga whales ingest as many as 145,000 particles of microplastics a year

Meanwhile, down under: Undramatic swim-by between a large saltwater croc and two sharks is captured on camera

This odd Colorado River fish faces an uncertain future: The humpback chub has weathered dams and invasive species, but climate change and a dwindling river flow pose new threats

Florida: Boat captain finds huge tooth that belonged to prehistoric Megalodon shark

Say Ahhh.... Monk seal Kolohe hospitalized for toxoplasmosis, ingested fishing gear, ulcer

They're here: Rough-toothed dolphins sighted for the first time in Sarangani Bay

Revelations of Oregon coast orcas are many - but puzzles remain as whales defy scientists categorizations; 'It's a lot more fluid'

Project maps soundscape of northern Adriatic and impact on marine life

California: Drone video shows great white sharks swimming next to surfers in Del Mar; 'There’s lots of food and the water is warm'

Three ways to harpoon 'Moby Dick' on its 170th anniversary

The last crusade: Israeli diver finds 900-year-old sword on seabed

Mystery: Chile’s kelp forests seem nearly unchanged since the voyage of the Beagle

China: Endangered dolphins fully protected alongside world's longest sea-crossing bridge

Concerns for endangered whales amid proposed offshore wind farm slated for South Australia

Stranded pilot whale on Donegal beach passes away despite rescue efforts

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More news...

A Q&A with Mark Spitzer, renowned expert on fugly fish from Arkansas

Gulp! Hungry pike swallows live fish whole in stomach-churning video

12 Honolulu divers cited for lack of required equipment, over 2 dozen undersized fish

Will Niagara Falls’ Marineland open in 2022 and what will be the fate of their orca whale Kiska?

Bluefin: World's most expensive fish that can rake in millions spotted off the UK coast

How learning to scuba dive transformed my understanding of the ocean

Studying sturgeon: Biologists have giant questions about monster fish in upper Snake River

Stop overfishing or we’ll buy elsewhere, top UK fish firm warns European states

Photographer captures orca devouring a dolphin in Los Cabos

Record 21 humpback calves spotted in Salish Sea over feeding season as whale numbers rebound

License to eel: Radio program on slimy, elusive phantom fish airs Friday

The story of Missouri’s one and only shark attack

The surfer who survived a shark attack on the Sonoma coast recounts his harrowing story: 'I'm glad I'm alive'

Frenzy: Sharks feeding on mullet attracted by the pier lighting just after dark.

Some heroes wear tanks: Get to know the guys behind Lake Lanier Recovery Divers

Great Scot: Giant whale sculpture arrives in Dundee after four-day sea journey in poor weather

You are there: What it’s like to watch a harpooned whale die right before your eyes

Toxic shock: Researcher fears old dumpsite near Colac Bay could spell disaster for Hector's Dolphin

‘Forever chemicals’ trigger first fish consumption warning in Chesapeake region

Labrador kisses massive whale shark on the nose during adorable meeting

Alligator snapping turtle 'Mac' dies suddenly at Sunken Gardens; 'deeply shocked and saddened by this unexpected loss'

Devastated family say they won’t stop looking for missing diver off the Cairns coast

North Carolina man catches 13-foot hammerhead shark during fishing outing