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South Korea Abandons 'Scientific' Whaling Plans; 'The World Does Not Support Commercial Whaling'
date added: 2012-12-11  source:

paulwatsonWanted: Captain Paul Watson Resurfaces To Join Crew Of SSS Steve Irwin
date added: 2012-12-09   source:

Whale watchers look the wrong way as huge humpback leaps out of ocean
date added: 2012-12-06  source:

orcascaptivityOrcas in Captivity Are Having a Hollywood Moment
date added: 2012-12-06   source:

Video: Killer Whales Belly Bump Small Boat
date added: 2012-12-06  source:

Close encounter with humpback whale off Australian coast captured on camera
date added: 2012-12-04  source:

Study: Blue whales execute impressive 360-degree rolls to capture bigger mouthfuls of krill
date added: 2012-12-03  source:

Endangered no more? Petition prompts review of killer whale listing
date added: 2012-12-03  source:

Survey: More Japanese Support Whaling Than Not; 55% Have 'No Opinion'
date added: 2012-12-01  source:

Study: Humans Or 'Climate Change' May Be Driving Blue Whales Into Antarctica
date added: 2012-12-01  source:

Scientists: Pilot Whales Use Synchronized Swimming When They Sense Danger
date added: 2012-11-30  source:

Ireland: Remarkable whale hunt captured off coast for the first time
date added: 2012-11-29  source:

Scotland: Naval explosions blamed for 70 whales stranding
date added: 2012-11-28  source:

Sea Shepherd Seeks To Intercept Whales Close To Japan; Eco-warrior's Fleet Expands To Four Ships
date added: 2012-11-28  source:

New Zealand joins Australia in Japanese whaling case
date added: 2012-11-27  source:

Worldwide Anti-dolphin, Whale Hunt Rallies Planned For This Weekend
date added: 2012-11-27  source:

Aussie public urged to report sperm whale parts
date added: 2012-11-26  source:

Canada's Marineland trying to acquire another killer whale; 'following leads and looking for opportunities'
date added: 2012-11-26  source:

Researchers: Eating right key to survival of whales and dolphins
date added: 2012-11-26  source:

mobydickArgh! Real-life Moby Dick:Spotted Off Coast Of Norway
date added: 2012-11-25   source:
whalefossilCalifornia: Whale skeleton fossils draw in gawkers
date added: 2012-11-24   source:

Blubbery buddies and toothy terrors: Researcher says media influences public's perception of sea life
date added: 2012-11-24  source:

For diver and dog, an incredibly close orca encounter
date added: 2012-11-23  source:

28 Pilot Whales Die On Kiwi Beach
date added: 2012-11-22  source:

orcajumpphotCanadian scientists say turbines would put killer whales at risk
date added: 2012-11-20   source:

Conservationists hope for rebound in right whale births
date added: 2012-11-17  source:

Kiwi scientists presents verbal testimony in orca 'Morgan' court case
date added: 2012-11-15  source:

seaworldorcainjuryInjured Orca Getting Laser Treatments At SeaWorld
date added: 2012-11-12   source:

Sea Shepherd Launches Annual Anti-whaling Campaign; Fugitive Paul Watson MIA
date added: 2012-11-10  source:

Argh! Breaching Whale Lands On Boat Injuring Three
date added: 2012-11-09  source:

Sea Shepherd asks public to dig deep with donations wish list
date added: 2012-11-07  source:

Silence: Canada's Marineland Threatens To Sue Former Trainer For $1 Million; 'Negligent Disregard For The Truth'
date added: 2012-11-07  source:

Tasmania: Mass whale deaths as 80 animals die in stranding
date added: 2012-11-06  source:

cotillardMarion Cotillard film faces animal rights boycott; 'wretched existence'
date added: 2012-11-05   source:
deepwaterspermAnswers elusive about death of sperm whale found near Deepwater Horizon site
date added: 2012-10-31   source:
belugaUproar Over U.S. Request To Import 'Russian' Beluga Whales
date added: 2012-10-31   source:

Whale racket: Sounding out how loud the oceans were from whale vocalizing prior to industrial whaling
date added: 2012-10-30  source:

Salmon sperm research gains funding
date added: 2012-10-30  source:

40 Dead In Mass Whale Stranding In India; 'It Is Impossible To Move Them Back To The Waters'
date added: 2012-10-30  source:

gushingbloodTrainer Says Marineland Killer Whale Bleeding For Months; 'Gushing'
date added: 2012-10-24   source:

161 years later, 10 things you need to know about the Moby-Dick author
date added: 2012-10-23  source:

whalesharkextinctionResearchers: Diving Whale Sharks Surface To Warm Up
date added: 2012-10-22   source:

Jean-Michel Cousteau joins campaign to have Morgan the orca freed
date added: 2012-10-19  source:

Ex-SeaWorld trainers speak out in new video; 'I know nothing about whales'
date added: 2012-10-17  source:

pelicanescapesPelican escapes hungry humpback whale's grip by flapping its wings
date added: 2012-10-15   source:

Opposition as Aquariums Seeks To Import Beluga Whales
date added: 2012-10-15  source:

whaledriverSouth Africa: Dead whale driven through streets
date added: 2012-10-11   source:

Tasmania: Whale 'Plays' With Stunned Scientists; 'That Will Never Happen Again In A Lifetime'
date added: 2012-10-11  source:

paulwatsonCaptain Paul Watson: Fear And Loathing of Sharks In Western Australia
date added: 2012-10-07   source:

Whale on whale violence? Orca expert takes new photos of killer whale's injuries
date added: 2012-10-05  source:

PETA to parade 'bloodied, bandaged orca' at SeaWorld protest
date added: 2012-10-05  source:

Commentary: Let's keep the SeaWorld trainers out of the whale pool
date added: 2012-10-05  source:

beachedwhalesIndonesia: Beached Whales Kick Off Island Feast
date added: 2012-10-05   source:
migalootailArgh! Albino Whale 'Migaloo' Returns, Delights Aussies
date added: 2012-10-03   source:

Operator: Vital that Tonga doesn't spoil whale watching with excess licenses
date added: 2012-10-02  source:

Japan: Whale hunt to go on despite aging fleet, ship overhaul; 'research whaling is important'
date added: 2012-10-01  source:

Kiwis in close encounter with killer whale; 'one of the most insane moments I’ve ever had on the water'
date added: 2012-09-30  source:

whalesharkextinctionHumans May Be Loving Whale Sharks Too Much; 'Everyone Has This On Their Bucket List'
date added: 2012-09-29   source:

Aussies Angry Over Boatie's Whale Approach; Photographer 'Was Harassing And Chasing Them'
date added: 2012-09-26  source:

SeaWorld Appeals Ruling That Keeps Trainers From Swimming With Killer Whales
date added: 2012-09-26  source:

Philippines: Donsol has most whale sharks
date added: 2012-09-23  source:

windfarmEnvironmentalists Link Whale Beachings To Offshore Windfarm Sonar
date added: 2012-09-22   source:

Officials: Too soon to tell if pilot whales can be released; 'cannot be seen by the public'
date added: 2012-09-19  source:

Officials: Too soon to tell if pilot whales can be released; 'cannot be seen by the public'
date added: 2012-09-18  source:

Scotland: No obvious reason to whale stranding
date added: 2012-09-17  source:

Ireland: Rare Sighting Of Blue Whale Pod Off Cork Coast By Observer Group
date added: 2012-09-17  source:

Study: Killer Whale 'Grannies' Coddle Their Baby Boys Well Into Adulthood; 'Not Very Common In Mammals'
date added: 2012-09-17  source:

Large groups of orcas sighted in Arctic Ocean off Alaska; 'unusual'
date added: 2012-09-15  source:

Judge rules U.S. Navy can train near endangered whales
date added: 2012-09-13  source:

Swimming with whale sharks big tourist draw in Cancun
date added: 2012-09-11  source:

Korea: Captive Whale Shark Released From Marine Park
date added: 2012-09-11  source:

Officials: 'Critical Time' For Refloated Fife Pilot Whales; 16 Already Dead
date added: 2012-09-07  source:

beachedwhalesflorida22 whales beached along South Florida coast
date added: 2012-09-05   source:

Fugitive Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson guns for Japan
date added: 2012-09-05  source:

Boy Discovers Piece Of Whale Vomit Worth Up To $60,000
date added: 2012-09-03  source:

Shedd Aquarium announces successful birth of beluga whale
date added: 2012-08-30  source:

Animal groups launch lawsuit to move Miami aquarium's orca to sea
date added: 2012-08-29  source:

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