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Welcome: San Diego Airport Agrees to Post Anti-Sea World Ad
date added: 2014-05-26  source:

Diver in close escape as he gets in between 40-tonne whale and its lunch
date added: 2014-05-24  source:

Playful pod of humpback whales puts on extraordinary show at Sydney's golden Bondi Beach
date added: 2014-05-23  source:

Study: Whales can only taste salt; 'The loss of bitter taste is a complete surprise'
date added: 2014-05-21  source:

Australian humpbacks challenge breeding grounds assumption
date added: 2014-05-21  source:

Scientists test hearing in Bristol Bay beluga whale population
date added: 2014-05-21  source:

One dead blue whale may be all Royal Ontario Museum can afford
date added: 2014-05-15  source:

B.C.'s matriarch orca 'Granny' is still going strong at 103
date added: 2014-05-15  source:

Japan takes aim at whales in north-west Pacific
date added: 2014-05-13  source:

How do you take apart a 150-tonne whale?
date added: 2014-05-13  source:

Rescuers save humpback whale from unlikely trap
date added: 2014-05-12  source:

falsekillerAustralia: False killer whale movements tracked off NT coast
date added: 2014-05-12   source:

Aussie expert defends call to euthanize injured sperm whale
date added: 2014-05-09  source:

Canada: New strategy promotes hunting as cure to Nunavut hunger
date added: 2014-05-09  source:

maptrackerWatch as this map tracks the whales swimming around Hawaii
date added: 2014-05-08   source:

2nd humpback whale tangled with rope in Monterey Bay; 'every whale is important'
date added: 2014-05-08  source:

Video: Whales come within inches of hitting fishing boat off coast of Camp Pendleton; 'my voice got high pitched'
date added: 2014-05-07  source:

Feds investigating frat graffiti on beached whale in Atlantic City
date added: 2014-05-07  source:

Campaigners' fury as court says move of Morgan the whale to zoo was legal
date added: 2014-05-07  source:

whalesnoopLaguna Beach becomes 'Whale Beach' as swimmers and cow-calf pairs mingle in surf
date added: 2014-05-06   source:

Whale washes up in New Jersey, gets frat graffiti tag
date added: 2014-05-06  source:

Sometimes the best way to get rid of a dead whale is to blow it up
date added: 2014-05-05  source:

marinephotographerSpokane-based marine photographer has deep perspective
date added: 2014-05-05   source:

Vancouver Aquarium plebiscite rejected by city council
date added: 2014-05-05  source:

Western Australia considered plan to lure sharks with dead whales
date added: 2014-05-03  source:

Vancouver council to call for plebiscite on whales in captivity
date added: 2014-05-03  source:

Town fears that huge swelling beached blue whale carcass ‘might explode’
date added: 2014-05-02  source:

Progress reported in effort to free humpback whale near Monterey Bay
date added: 2014-05-02  source:

seaworldvestedVested: SeaWorld's whale trainers given additional safety equipment
date added: 2014-05-02   source:

Killer whale pregnant with first-born at SeaWorld
date added: 2014-05-02  source:

Oregon Coast Scientists Use DNA to Look Into Whale Decimation
date added: 2014-05-02  source:

Whale carcasses in Newfoundland seen in dramatic images after washing ashore
date added: 2014-05-01  source:

Japan Kicks Off First Whale Hunt Since UN Court Ruling; 'A Rough Road'
date added: 2014-05-01  source:

Video: Tourist gets up-close with wildlife, gives gray whale a kiss
date added: 2014-04-30  source:

dolphinsightingRecord whale and dolphin sightings in North Sea
date added: 2014-04-30   source:

Aussie researchers test if orcas really do scare great whites?
date added: 2014-04-27  source:

Revealed: UK aquarium cashes in on whale circus... despite 'leading global fight to free captive animals'
date added: 2014-04-26  source:

Mystery of 'ocean quack sound' solved
date added: 2014-04-26  source:

lolitafishJudge to Seaquarium Killer Whale: You Can’t go Home Just Yet!
date added: 2014-04-26   source:

Canadian List Downgrades Extinction Risk for Humpback Whales
date added: 2014-04-26  source:

Survey: 60% of Japanese support whale hunt; 14% eat whale meat
date added: 2014-04-25  source:

Whale feces yield big clues for marine biologists; 'manuring mechanism' studied
date added: 2014-04-24  source:

SeaWorld visitor number decline thought to be linked to 'Blackfish' documentary
date added: 2014-04-23  source:

Japan To Redesign Whaling 'Research' Mission
date added: 2014-04-23  source:

'It’s really smelly:' Dead grey whale washes ashore on Oregon coast
date added: 2014-04-22  source:

Oregon Transit Agency Names New Bridge Tilikum, Same As Infamous 'Blackfish' Serial Killer Whale
date added: 2014-04-22  source:

Sea Shepherd: Western Australian Fisheries in league with Japanese Whale poachers
date added: 2014-04-21  source:

whalingwallIs Portland's Landmark 'Whaling Wall' Mural Endangered?
date added: 2014-04-21   source:

Japanese officials dine on whale in protest against court ruling
date added: 2014-04-20  source:

Norfolk minke whales killed by 'unusual' ship strikes
date added: 2014-04-19  source:

How they killed the Seaworld bill: Persuasive reasoning and hardball politics
date added: 2014-04-17  source:

harpoontipEastern Caribbean whalers carry on a tradition
date added: 2014-04-17   source:

Study: Female humpback whales swim to shallows to avoid sexual harassment
date added: 2014-04-16  source:

Ship carrying whale meat skips South Africa amid protest
date added: 2014-04-16  source:

Court filing: Japan intends to resume whaling in 2015
date added: 2014-04-16  source:

harpoontipEastern Caribbean whalers carry on a tradition
date added: 2014-04-16   source:

Court denies SeaWorld appeal over safety violations; trainers can't go into water with whales
date added: 2014-04-15  source:

Florida: Sperm whale necropsy report released; 'old and sick'
date added: 2014-04-15  source:

Analysis: Anti-whaling ruling gives Japan face-saving way to end program
date added: 2014-04-14  source:

whalesurfingPhoto of whales surfing Pipeline goes viral, drone video released
date added: 2014-04-14   source:

Obama vows not to ease up of Iceland whale hunting pressure
date added: 2014-04-14  source:

First pygmy whale migration study sheds light on risks faced on annual ocean journey
date added: 2014-04-13  source:

Canada: Biologist not alarmed by four dead sperm whales; nine dead blue whales much more concerning
date added: 2014-04-13  source:

Mayor turns against Vancouver aquarium, wants captive whales and dolphins out; 'I wrestle with this one'
date added: 2014-04-12  source:

South Africa: Distress whale towed out to sea
date added: 2014-04-10  source:

Scientists: Killer whales experience menopause – just like humans
date added: 2014-04-10  source:

SeaWorld attracts fewer visitors after film about trainer’s death shows mental anguish of killer whales taken from the oceans
date added: 2014-04-08  source:

Japan cancels next whaling hunt in Antarctica; plans to resume whaling 'in other areas'
date added: 2014-04-07  source:

Revealed: SeaWorld whales are pumped with Valium and Xanax to control their aggressive behavior; 'It's the final straw'
date added: 2014-04-06  source:

Sea Shepherd to head for Atlantic if Japan abides by UN ruling on whaling; 'I'm Not 100 percent Convinced'
date added: 2014-04-05  source:

Japanese whaling ban: How the old arguments finally collapsed
date added: 2014-04-04  source:

Battleground shifts for Japanese whale hunt, Canadian seal hunt
date added: 2014-04-04  source:

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