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Aussie minister: End of Japan's whaling a step closer
date added: 2012-03-15  source:

tilikumorcapartyOp-Ed: Documents show SeaWorld waited 27 mins to call 911 after orca attack
date added: 2012-03-14   source:

Whale Wars: Japan Recalls Its Whaling Fleet From The Southern Ocean; 266 Minke Whales Confirmed Killed
date added: 2012-03-13  source:

Whale Wars: Sea Shepherd Claims 2012 Japanese Whale Hunt Over; Whalers Vow To Persevere
date added: 2012-03-09  source:

Whale Wars: Sea Shepherd Declares Victory As Steve Irwin Pulls Out Of Whaler Hunt; 'We Have Kept The Fleet Constantly On The Run'
date added: 2012-03-08  source:

Sea Shepherd activist arrested in Taiji spurs more Japanese to turn against whaling
date added: 2012-03-06  source:

First word: New 'Whale Wars' spin-off series 'very entertaining and engaging program'
date added: 2012-03-05  source:

Australia's anti-whaling lobby is missing the point
date added: 2012-03-04  source:

Say again: Blue whale behavior affected by man-made noise
date added: 2012-03-02  source:

1825beachedwhaleThe inspiration behind Moby Dick: Beached sperm whale in 1825
date added: 2012-03-01   source:

Killer whale transferred to SeaWorld San Diego from Texas
date added: 2012-03-01  source:

Whale Wars: Conflict Shifts To Kiwi Waters; 'Whaling Vessels Are Not Welcome'
date added: 2012-03-01  source:

Australia Advises Japan To Keep Whalers Out Of Its Waters
date added: 2012-02-29  source:

whalemeatamazonBacon, Curry, And Hamburger: Whale Meat On Sale On Amazon Despite Worldwide Ban
date added: 2012-02-23   source:

Fishermen study whale entanglements through reverse engineering
date added: 2012-02-21  source:

Scientists see big 'scientific event' as Pacific whales turn up far from home
date added: 2012-02-19  source:

Washington State: Mystery surrounds bruised and bloody killer whale carcass
date added: 2012-02-17  source:

Refueled: Sea Shepherd activists to steam on in marathon whaling pursuit
date added: 2012-02-14  source:

Aussie Greens call for whaling spy boat; government 'sitting on its hands'
date added: 2012-02-13  source:

How can finding sperm whale poop help you to retire?
date added: 2012-02-13  source:

Study: Whale poop reveals less ships causing less stress
date added: 2012-02-11  source:

tilikumorcapartyConservationists Warn: Orca Legal Bid 'A Strategic Error'
date added: 2012-02-09   source:

San Diego Judge Asked To Rule On 'Slave' Orca Suit; 'On The Next Frontier Of Civil Rights'
date added: 2012-02-09  source:

paulwatsonPaul Watson: Modern Pirate Seeks To Protect World's Sea Life
date added: 2012-02-08   source:

New Zealand: Call for better control of ships after whale deaths
date added: 2012-02-06  source:

Whale biologist pleads not guilty to orca feeding federal charges
date added: 2012-02-06  source:

Whale Wars: Hellish Week For Sea Shepherd Activists In Marathon Whaling Chase
date added: 2012-02-06  source:

Indicted Monterey Bay Marine Biologist Nancy Black Denies Feeding Killer Whales; 'I'm Not A Criminal'
date added: 2012-02-04  source:

Op-Ed: SeaWorld's worst nightmare as former trainers launch website
date added: 2012-02-01  source:

What do killer whales eat in the Arctic? 'whatever they can catch'
date added: 2012-01-31  source:

Rotting whale blamed for shark attacks at South Africa's 'beach of death'
date added: 2012-01-31  source:

Federal judge allows NonHuman Rights Project to appear as friend of the court in PETA v. SeaWorld
date added: 2012-01-30  source:

Fair Trial For Dutch Sea Shepherd Activist In Japan? 'Being Treated Like A Notorious Criminal'
date added: 2012-01-30  source:

Satellite tags show ties between whale groups
date added: 2012-01-27  source:

strandedwhaledead33 whales stranded again off New Zealand, to be killed
date added: 2012-01-27   source:

Philippines: 30-minute limit proposed for whale shark watching
date added: 2012-01-27  source:

whalepodstrandingPod Of 90 Whales Strands In New Zealand; 'It's Tragic'
date added: 2012-01-26   source:

New Zealand whale stranding kills 36, threatens 40
date added: 2012-01-25  source:

Queensland: Alarms saving whales from beach nets; 'extremely promising'
date added: 2012-01-23  source:

Gray whale tracked from Russia to California waters
date added: 2012-01-23  source:

Aussie taxpayers harpooned with $1 million bill; '$1 per taxpayer'
date added: 2012-01-22  source:

Whale Wars: Three Sea Shepherd Activists Injured In Skirmish With Japanese Whalers
date added: 2012-01-22  source:

Norwegian Authorities Fret Decline Of Whaling Industry, Stress Need To 'Recruit New Participants'
date added: 2012-01-22  source:

Sea Shepherd Trio Passes The Buck, Blames Aussie Government For Whaling Clash; 'They Broke Their Own Word'
date added: 2012-01-19  source:

whaleswallowSwallowed by a whale -- a true tale?
date added: 2012-01-18   source:

Japanese hand over whale activists; 'I am so proud of him'
date added: 2012-01-16  source:

babyGreatwhiteAustralia: Thugs Bludgeon Baby Great White Shark To Death In Front Of Children
date added: 2012-01-16   source:

Relief: Japanese harpoon ship leaves Aussie waters, enters whale haven
date added: 2012-01-15  source:

Australia: Greens whale patrol bill ready to go; 'It's really important here that Australia assert itself'
date added: 2012-01-15  source:

Diplomatic Row As Japanese Whaler Ignores Call To Leave Australian Waters
date added: 2012-01-15  source:

Report: Whale Wars Producers Paid $750,000 For Sea Shepherd Access
date added: 2012-01-15  source:

Analysis: Deep fears drive Japanese whaling; 'we know that they know that we know'
date added: 2012-01-14  source:

Sea Shepherd Accuses Aussie Government Of Demonization
date added: 2012-01-14  source:

Researchers propose putting a price on whales; tradable catch quota brings 'a market approach'
date added: 2012-01-13  source:

Whale Wars: Captured Sea Shepherd Trio 'To Go On Hunger Strike'
date added: 2012-01-13  source:

Whale Wars: Rescue of anti-whaling protesters to cost hundreds of thousands
date added: 2012-01-12  source:

Australia's White Whale, Migaloo, May Have An Albino Offspring
date added: 2012-01-12  source:

detainedseashepherdWhale Wars: Sea Shepherd Protesters Detained By Japanese May Be Tried In Japan
date added: 2012-01-12   source:

Japanese to release anti-whaling trio back to Australia
date added: 2012-01-11  source:

Australian government tries to locate Japanese ship and detained men
date added: 2012-01-10  source:

Whale Wars: Three Aussies Detained After Boarding Japanese Whaling Vessel
date added: 2012-01-10  source:

Whale Wars: Whalers, activists unite in calls for patrol ship
date added: 2012-01-09  source:

California Marine Biologist Accused Of Feeding Killer Whales In Sanctuary; 'She Broke No Laws'
date added: 2012-01-09  source:

Whale Wars: 'Ninjas' On Japanese Ship Shadowing Sea Shepherds; 'They're Armed'
date added: 2012-01-09  source:

whaleheadWhale heads and tales: A student probes the mysteries of whales' hearing
date added: 2012-01-08   source:

Whale Wars: Japan whaling fleet obstructed by Sea Shepherd activists
date added: 2012-01-08  source:

Sea Shepherd crew evacuate stricken boat; 'We are taking precautions'
date added: 2012-01-07  source:

Are transient orcas expanding range into Southern California?
date added: 2012-01-07  source:

Whale Wars: Bob Barker moves in on the Japanese whaling fleet in French Antarctic waters
date added: 2012-01-06  source:

Sea Shepherd receives official rebuke from Aussie government over aerial drone use
date added: 2012-01-05  source:

Neutral: Australia limits its whaling response
date added: 2012-01-05  source:

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