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Rare jellyfish making stinging debut along Southern California beaches
date added: 2013-07-11  source:

bajiiYangtze finless porpoise drops to critically endangered
date added: 2013-07-11   source:
starfishStarfish eyes are good enough to show them the way home
date added: 2013-07-10   source:
sealclubbingThe Horror: Group Releases Video Of Seal Killings In Namibia
date added: 2013-07-09   source:

Family Prepare For Life-changing 'Dolphin Therapy' Trip For Autistic Child
date added: 2013-07-09  source:

babyfaceCornish captive seal Babyface is dad at 36
date added: 2013-07-08   source:

Ever wondered what's really in your scampi? You'll wish you hadn't asked
date added: 2013-07-08  source:

German scientists made 3D-printed silent underwater propulsion inspired by octopus
date added: 2013-07-08  source:

Research: Amateur fishermen also a threat to Hector's dolphin
date added: 2013-07-06  source:

Researcher: Leeches from the underworld don’t want your blood
date added: 2013-07-01  source:

sealbiteWounded seal found on Cornish coast had bovine TB; 'terrible bite'
date added: 2013-07-01   source:

Mega-pod of dolphins spotted off San Diego coast; more than 1,000 dolphins swarm
date added: 2013-07-01  source:

pinkdolphinRare bubblegum pink river dolphin makes a splash in the Amazon
date added: 2013-06-30   source:

Group delivers international petitions to the governor of Bali to end sea turtle trade
date added: 2013-06-27  source:

bloodsuckinglampreyKill 'em all: US, Canada to poison blood-sucking sea lamprey
date added: 2013-06-27   source:

First As Penguins Conceived Via Artificial Insemination
date added: 2013-06-27  source:

Uganda: Two fishermen killed in hippo attack
date added: 2013-06-26  source:

Researchers uncover fatal attraction: Dolphins choking on fish, fishing line
date added: 2013-06-26  source:

dolphinbassRare photograph: dolphin with white seabass in its mouth
date added: 2013-06-26   source:

Hong Kong’s Pink Dolphins Dwindle to Just Dozens
date added: 2013-06-26  source:

oldmanateeSnooty, the world's oldest manatee, prepares for 65th birthday
date added: 2013-06-24   source:

Hong Kong white dolphin numbers dwindling quickly
date added: 2013-06-23  source:

huladolphinMaking a splash: Dolphin creates a 'hula hoop' effect after twirling out to the sea
date added: 2013-06-21   source:
sealMan v seal: How we compare with our marine cousins
date added: 2013-06-20   source:

The strange world of dolphin-assisted therapy; where people got the idea dolphins could heal their children
date added: 2013-06-20  source:

Experts: Cardigan Bay dolphins 'sent north' by water sports noise
date added: 2013-06-19  source:

Why dolphins make us nervous; 'non-human person'
date added: 2013-06-17  source:

Washington State rep's 'license to kill' bill would protect salmon from California sea lions
date added: 2013-06-16  source:

Scientists tag seals for first time off Cape Cod; 'We don’t know exactly where they go'
date added: 2013-06-16  source:

Campaigners warn tourists: Scotland home to mass seal shootings; 'seal management in progress'
date added: 2013-06-16  source:

Endangered Maui's dolphins fighting for survival off Kiwi coast
date added: 2013-06-14  source:

vanquillaMexico approves measure to save world's rarest marine mammal
date added: 2013-06-12   source:

Expert slams Kiwi government over lax eel fishing policy
date added: 2013-06-12  source:

sealkeithShoot to kill? River Severn seal 'Keith' may have returned
date added: 2013-06-12   source:

600-pound dolphin rescued from New York state sandbar
date added: 2013-06-12  source:

NOAA: Man seen in video touching seal admits mistake
date added: 2013-06-11  source:

Canada: Teens Plea Guilty In Bludgeoning 49 Baby Seals; 'Stupid, Senseless And Illegal'
date added: 2013-06-11  source:

Scientists look to marine mammals to shed light on Arctic ice loss
date added: 2013-06-07  source:

The sex lives of spoonworms: 10 marine animals with parasitic, dwarf, and otherwise reduced males
date added: 2013-06-06  source:

Video: Lens captures dolphins seasonal feeding on shore
date added: 2013-06-05  source:

dolphinsurgeryFlorida: Doctors make splash with dolphin’s surgery
date added: 2013-06-03   source:

Video: Killer whales attack dolphin pod on Japan coast
date added: 2013-06-03  source:

Marine Expert Tells Of Moray Firth 'Extraordinary' Dolphin Attack On Porpoise
date added: 2013-06-03  source:

New England Aquarium Officials: People To Blame For Seal Pup's Death; Beach 'Not A Petting Zoo'
date added: 2013-06-03  source:

mysterycreaturebeachMystery creature washed up on Brit beach; 'You don't usually see stuff like that'
date added: 2013-06-02   source:
dolphindeathssaWarmer seas could lead to more dolphin deaths in South Australia
date added: 2013-06-01   source:

Chinese white dolphin stranded on Xiamen beach, rescued by villager
date added: 2013-05-31  source:

Aquarium: 'Self-harming ' dolphin just having fun
date added: 2013-05-30  source:

Officials dismayed as concerned bystander 'rescues' baby seal from mother
date added: 2013-05-30  source:

Dolphins gain unprecedented protection in India; 'a whole new discourse of ethics in the animal protection movement'
date added: 2013-05-30  source:

Seal Hunt Off Newfoundland Called Best In Years As Protesters Push For Its End
date added: 2013-05-30  source:

littlesquidBeautiful close-up underwater photos of luminous sea creatures
date added: 2013-05-29   source:
youngdolphinAnother young dolphin washes up dead on South Australia coastline
date added: 2013-05-29   source:

Record Isle of Man dolphin sightings lead to photo appeal
date added: 2013-05-29  source:

Couple heading to Hawaii for dolphin-assisted birth; 'Dolphins are very intelligent and healing'
date added: 2013-05-28  source:

graysealncGray seal makes a splash on North Carolina coast
date added: 2013-05-28   source:
seaLionperuDead Sea Lions Found In Peru, Rat Poison Suspected
date added: 2013-05-28   source:

Study: Penguins stopped flying to perfect diving ability, save energy
date added: 2013-05-24  source:

Florida wildlife officials investigating manatee harassment video
date added: 2013-05-23  source:

Sea turtles stage comeback in a corner of the Caribbean; 'leatherbacks are actually endangered'
date added: 2013-05-23  source:

Ireland: Fish farm working labeled 'hero' after saving two beached dolphins
date added: 2013-05-23  source:

Florida Girl Who Lost Feet in Lawnmower Accident Meets 'Hero' Dolphin With Prosthetic Tail
date added: 2013-05-23  source:

Deadly jellyfish fear in Aussie reef death mystery
date added: 2013-05-22  source:

India: Government spikes dolphinarium plans
date added: 2013-05-22  source:

dolphinpoopDolphin Detects Woman's Cancer? 'He Saved My Life'
date added: 2013-05-22   source:
glassoctopusUnusual offshore octopods: The see-through 'glass' octopus
date added: 2013-05-21   source:
flubalancePandemic Swine Flu Virus Found In Seals; 'Where Did It Come From?'
date added: 2013-05-21   source:

Adorable moment a sea lion shows concern when little girl trips and falls in front of its tank
date added: 2013-05-20  source:

stonecrabflorida'Disastrous' Florida stone crab season finally ends; too many 'sunny days' blamed
date added: 2013-05-20   source:

Canada: Marineland answers critics on animal welfare; 'the investigation is over'
date added: 2013-05-19  source:

Dolphin protection, tuna catch in conflict for U.S., Mexico
date added: 2013-05-19  source:

Feds investigate reported dolphin poaching on Guam
date added: 2013-05-19  source:

sealionDeathsAustralia: Secret Images Reveal Grisly Sea Lion Deaths In Fishing Nets
date added: 2013-05-17   source:
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