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Shark bump mystery grows at aquarium; 'It's more of an aesthetic issue than a health issue'
date added: 2005-12-28  source:

Experts: Sea Cow 'Sirens' Fueled Mermaid Mythology; Sailors' Deprivation Sparked Images
date added: 2005-12-28  source:

doublemouthfishsmDouble-mouthed fish heading to Harvard for study; 'it’s very interesting'
date added: 2005-12-27   source:

Cape Town Diver in Hospital After Spearing Himself with Speargun; 'He is a Very Lucky Man'
date added: 2005-12-27  source:

Scientists snags new world-record 15 gram fish; 'I managed to land it safely after a few seconds'
date added: 2005-12-21  source:

gstringBrit Divers Find Ancient Pottery Shard with G-string-Clad Gladiator and Whip
date added: 2005-12-19   source:

Man Trains Goldfish to Swim Through Hoops, Push Soccer Ball
date added: 2005-12-19  source:

San Francisco Bay-area man ready to try out his 'boatercycle'
date added: 2005-12-18  source:

Mystery: Non-diving mallard ducks start diving for food
date added: 2005-12-18  source:

albinocatfish2Rare albino catfish making stir at hotel
date added: 2005-12-17   source:

Research: Buckyballs Hazardous to DNA When Dissolved in Water; Safe is a Difficult Word to Define
date added: 2005-12-09  source:

Ice swimmer plans new world record Antarctic dip; the last boundary of polar exploration
date added: 2005-12-07  source:

AdnanWalidFatal Fish: Swordfish Stabs Malaysian Fisherman in the Eye, Pierces Brain; It is Unusual
date added: 2005-11-27   source:
fatjoeGeriatric, overweight lobster Fat Joe dies after ride to aquarium
date added: 2005-11-22   source: buys for $1 million
date added: 2005-11-22  source:

Three Filipino fishermen killed when trying to fish with WWII bomb
date added: 2005-11-22  source:

godzillaPrehistoric underwater Godzilla discovered; These crocodiles were top predators
date added: 2005-11-15   source:

The 35th Anniversary of The Exploding Whale
date added: 2005-11-14  source:

Black lab Sonar sniffs out corpse at bottom of Finnish lake
date added: 2005-11-10  source:

Seal attack victim to have nose reconstructed; Its a bad injury, but its not that major
date added: 2005-11-06  source:

ElsievanTondersmNosy Seal Woman: Just Walk Away
date added: 2005-11-05   source:

Goldfish Population Found on Mountain Spawn Mystery; Goldfish Breed Externally
date added: 2005-11-04  source:

sealSeal Bites Off South Africa Womans Nose; Its a Predator, Its Got Vicious Teeth
date added: 2005-11-02   source:
fishbonesmCouple says fish bone bears Jesus image
date added: 2005-10-31   source:

Whale trapped in fishermans net mistaken for plane crash; It was a great big thing
date added: 2005-10-26  source:

Florida men wrestle 10-foot python to save koi fish
date added: 2005-10-22  source:

Goldie, Worlds Oldest Goldfish, Dead at Age 45; One Hell of a Fish
date added: 2005-10-17  source:

robotfighNew breed of fish-bot unveiled unveiled at London aquarium
date added: 2005-10-11   source:

Toothbrush gives Chinese sea lion winning smile
date added: 2005-10-11  source:

twoheadedturtleTwo-headed turtle found in Cuba near polluted river
date added: 2005-10-05   source:

Estranged husband scuttles his £40,000 boat to spite wife
date added: 2005-10-02  source:

Experts: Armed Assassin Dolphins Loose in the Gulf of Mexico; Surfers, Divers at Risk from Toxic Darts
date added: 2005-09-29  source:

noodlerUsing hands as bait, noodlers stalk giant catfish
date added: 2005-09-20   source:
princecharlesPrince Charles: I Sang to Seals; It was Absolutely Riveting
date added: 2005-09-14   source: Special: Reward Offered for True Identity of Environmental Reporter Dr. Alistair Billings
date added: 2005-09-04  source:

Leaping carp could breed new extreme sport
date added: 2005-08-30  source:

Lakes moss creatures scaring East Texas campers; hundreds of them
date added: 2005-08-25  source:

Stunt diver goes down in flames; Im scared for him
date added: 2005-08-24  source:

Chinese experts: no such things as lake monsters
date added: 2005-08-23  source:

Fisherman Finds Part of Wallet That Fell Overboard 39 Years Ago; Lost Credit, ID Returned To Owner
date added: 2005-08-23  source:

surfingmiceAussie trains mice to surf; you have to think like a mouse
date added: 2005-08-21   source:

Tsunami Clue to Atlantis Found
date added: 2005-08-18  source:

Loch Ness Monster surfaces in Scotland as part of TV show
date added: 2005-08-17  source:

No croc: Brits suspect giant turtle in mysterious disappearance of goose
date added: 2005-08-15  source:

Rocks off Gibraltar add weight to Atlantis debate; Atlantis is a myth
date added: 2005-08-15  source:

fishingdogFishing dog loves to chase fish; Arthur will work for hours
date added: 2005-08-11   source:

Discovery of Atlantis to air on TV; new images show man-made structures 4,900ft below sea level
date added: 2005-08-08  source:

sharkvscrocthumbNatures Most Fearsome Beasts Square Off: Croc vs. Bull Shark
date added: 2005-08-08   source:

Fisherman Speared by Living Javelin; Crocodile Needlefish Attack Leaves Foot-Long Scar
date added: 2005-08-02  source:

Diver swims into mouth of shark at Shanghai aquarium
date added: 2005-07-25  source:

Caught on Video: Massive Marlin Attacks Fisherman; 'I was In Shock and I was Scared
date added: 2005-07-20  source:

Canadian Woman Credits Seal with Saving Her Life; 'A Miracle Ending'
date added: 2005-07-19  source:

Kiwi Fishermen 'Freak Out' After Finding Body on their Anchor
date added: 2005-07-08  source:

floridacatfishFlorida Beachgoer Impaled by Flung Catfish; 'Those Spines are Very Painful'
date added: 2005-07-05   source:

4-yr-old Pulls Piranha from Pennsylvania River
date added: 2005-07-02  source:

Divers sent to find Chinese lake monster
date added: 2005-06-15  source:

yellowsubmarineFishermen Snare Yellow Submarine off Scottish Coast
date added: 2005-06-15   source:

Tooth of Loch Ness Monster found? 'nothing more than an antler'
date added: 2005-06-14  source:

Aussie women charged with smuggling fish in skirt; 'flipping and flapping noises'
date added: 2005-06-08  source:

calicolobsterConnecticut lobsterman catches rare calico lobster
date added: 2005-06-06   source:

Great water monsters and mer-folk: Scottish newspaper looks back at coverage
date added: 2005-05-31  source:

noodlerGreek wrestlers or idiots? For some, catfish noodling is good dirty fun
date added: 2005-05-31   source:

Lobzilla Bubba will live on as a shell of former self
date added: 2005-03-08  source:

Albanian Fisherman Swaps 800kg Turtle for Used Mercedes-Benz; 'A Big Black Thing in the Net'
date added: 2005-05-28  source:

monksealScientist: Odyssey Sirens 'Were Monk Seals'
date added: 2005-05-21   source:

Washington State man witnesses orca vs. octopus row; 'I couldn't believe it'
date added: 2005-05-02  source:

German Experts Confounded Over Pond's Exploding Toads; Like 'A Science Fiction Film'
date added: 2005-04-26  source:

Mystery surrounds the 'mystical' death of 300 hippos in Uganda
date added: 2005-04-23  source:

mysteriousclamsMalaysians: Mysterious Appearance of Clams Portend Coming Natural Disaster
date added: 2005-04-22   source:

Saltwater Croc Jumps into Boat, Bites Aussie Angler on the Head; 'I Have Got a Story to Tell Now'
date added: 2005-04-11  source:

Rare Clams Stolen from Hawaii Aquarium; 'Please Bring Them Back'
date added: 2005-04-09  source:

Malaysian Fishermen Mystified by Dolphin's 'Warning' Before Latest Earthquake
date added: 2005-04-02  source:

Mysterious Human-Like Amphibious Creature Spotted in the Caspian Sea; 'Man of the Sea'
date added: 2005-03-30  source:

Extra-terrestrial underwater experiments near Sumatra linked to tsunami?
date added: 2005-03-18  source:

Researcher: Herring Communicate Through Bubble Releases 'Like a Fart But Higher Pitched'
date added: 2005-03-17  source:

Deep in the Gulf of Mexico, A Weird Squid Lurks; 'I Screamed When I Saw It'
date added: 2005-03-11  source:

Locals wonder: Is something lurking in Lake Washington? 'head of an alligator'
date added: 2005-03-07  source:

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