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Hitler's 'Lost Fleet' of U-boats Found in the Black Sea
date added: 2008-02-12  source:

Cable cutter nutters chase underwater conspiracies
date added: 2008-02-11  source:

Japanese Girl's Letter Returned 15 Years Later... By Fish; 'Unbelievable'
date added: 2008-01-28  source:

Guinness certifies world's largest swimming pool; Chilean monster 1000 yards long
date added: 2008-01-24  source:

lostweddingringsewerHusband Dives Into Sewage to Save Wedding Ring; 'There's Actually Fish Down There'
date added: 2008-01-23   source:

A guide to the movie sea monsters
date added: 2008-01-22  source:

Men Who Taped Themselves Fishing For Manatee Catch Jail Time
date added: 2008-01-21  source:

20 bald eagles die in truckload of fish guts
date added: 2008-01-15  source:

hornedsnakeheadfishsmMalaysian Angler Catches 'Lucky' Horned Snakehead Fish; 'It's Not For Sale'
date added: 2008-01-12   source:
mrpotatoheadMr. Potato Head Makes Pal With Brit Octopus; 'Fascinating'
date added: 2008-01-12   source:

Firefighters rush to save fish in leaking tank; 'a matter of life or death'
date added: 2008-01-07  source:

Beauty treatment has Angelina Jolie rubbing caviar into her skin
date added: 2008-01-01  source:

Remains of Ancient Civilization Discovered on the Bottom of Russian Lake
date added: 2008-01-01  source:

skatePutrefied skate, a smelly Icelandic delicacy
date added: 2007-12-25   source:
earthraceEco-boat powered by human fat attempts round the world speed record
date added: 2007-12-22   source:

Ancient 'temple of Artemis' discovered off Italian coast
date added: 2007-12-03  source:

deborahberryneedlefishneckSwimmer Stabbed In the Neck by Needlefish; 'Only in Hawaii'
date added: 2007-11-27   source:

Korean Expert Offers Explanation Of The Mysterious Chinese Lake 'Tianchi Monster'; Could Be 'Tianchi Trout'
date added: 2007-11-17  source:

foundringFound: A token of love that was lost at sea for 90 years
date added: 2007-11-14   source:

Geneticist: Brit Beast Found 200 Years Ago 'Strikingly Similar' to Loch Ness Monster
date added: 2007-11-05  source:

wolfofthesea'Wolf of the sea' washes up along California coast; 'They are wild looking'
date added: 2007-11-01   source:

Storms dump wild stuff, ocean rarities on Oregon beaches; 'distinctive innards'
date added: 2007-10-29  source:

greatswallowersmFreak: 7.5-inch Great Swallower Fish Dies While Swallowing 3-foot Snake Fish
date added: 2007-10-29   source:

Worry As 'Glow-in-the-dark' Shrimp Sold At Seattle Grocers; FDA: 'No One Got Sick'
date added: 2007-10-28  source:

Scientists a Step Closer to Steering Hurricanes; 'No Longer An Act of God'
date added: 2007-10-24  source:

underwatermotorcycleRussian Brothers Invent Underwater Motorcycle
date added: 2007-10-17   source:

Bavarian Fisherman 'Absolutely Sure' On Spotting 2-meter Crocodile Near Lake
date added: 2007-10-12  source:

bluelobstermanAfter 47 Years, Lobsterman Snares Blue Shocker; 'It's Just Such A Deep Blue'
date added: 2007-10-08   source:

Prize-Winning Brit Angler Asks To Be Fed To The Fishes When He Dies; 'This Is My Dream'
date added: 2007-10-05  source:

10,000 Wildebeest Drown in Migration 'Pileup'
date added: 2007-10-03  source:

Mystery at sea: Hijackers, fugitive, murder, money, Miami, AWOL, Cuba, Joe Cool
date added: 2007-10-01  source:

Oklahoma Police Seize, Euthanize Illegally Tattooed Fish; 'I Love You'
date added: 2007-09-29  source:

500 Brits break underwater dinner record; 'smoked salmon, vegetables and toffee apple'
date added: 2007-09-25  source:

findolBrits: Lonely dolphin 'Findol' comes home for a tickle on the tummy
date added: 2007-09-22   source:

Japan's Ancient Underwater 'Pyramid' Mystifies Scholars; Formations 'Not Caused By Earthquakes'
date added: 2007-09-21  source:

Amid water crisis, California mayor opposes 'toilet-to-tap' water supply proposal
date added: 2007-09-17  source:

Needlefish stabs diver to death in Vietnam; 'It's a very strange death'
date added: 2007-09-16  source:

Mysterious 'sewage' found off Scot coast found to be sea squirts
date added: 2007-08-30  source:

stanleycupringlostStanley Cup ring lost 30 years ago found in Gulf of Mexico
date added: 2007-08-28   source:
butchsurfingdogSurfing dogs hit the waves in California competition
date added: 2007-08-28   source:
glasssquidPhoto Gallery: Weird Deep-Sea Creatures Found in Atlantic
date added: 2007-08-25   source:
russianmonsterRussian fishermen catch squeaking alien and eat it
date added: 2007-08-23   source:
icyswimThe Icy Heart: Winter Swimming An Addiction; 'You're Mad, You're Mad'
date added: 2007-08-12   source:
glassmanagerie'Glass menagerie': Museum unearths exotic stash of glass sea creatures
date added: 2007-07-28   source:

Video: Chinese Lake Kanasi Monster
date added: 2007-07-22  source:

pinkdolphinRare Pink Dolphin Spotted In Louisiana Lake
date added: 2007-07-18   source:

Taiwan marine college stages underwater graduation ceremony
date added: 2007-07-17  source:

surfingdolphinPicture: 20 surfing dolphins line up to catch a wave
date added: 2007-07-16   source:
lemmyMonster 3-foot-long Lobster 'Lemmy' Caught Off Brit Coast
date added: 2007-07-11   source:
rubberducksThousands of rubber ducks to land on British shores after 15 year journey
date added: 2007-07-06   source:

BBC boss dies after stripping off clothes, walking into the sea; 'Something catastrophic happened'
date added: 2007-07-03  source:

New World-Record Speed Set At International Human-powered Submarine Races; 'Batwing And Manta Ray-like' Power
date added: 2007-07-01  source:

Whale-Feces Researcher, Oceanographer, Hazmat Diver Make List Of 10 Worst Jobs in Science
date added: 2007-06-30  source:

Giant octopus found to enjoy playing with Legos
date added: 2007-06-28  source:

Large Lake in Chile Suddenly Goes Missing; 'Completely Disappeared'
date added: 2007-06-25  source:

Lithuanians claim underwater breath-holding record; 'I know this is very dangerous'
date added: 2007-06-22  source:

Loaves and fish: bread-toting tourists feed multitudes of carp at Pennsylvania lake
date added: 2007-06-20  source:

Spectators' horror as horse drowns at popular country fair; 'You could see the terror in its eyes'
date added: 2007-06-19  source:

French forget the cellar, keep wine in the sea; 'more of the woody aspect, the smoky cask'
date added: 2007-06-17  source:

Florida boater knocked unconscious by leaping sturgeon
date added: 2007-06-16  source:

Fish caught with a tin can around its neck; 'partly grown into its flesh'
date added: 2007-06-13  source:

indiansubmergedcityNew find to gauge exact age of ancient submerged city off Indian coast
date added: 2007-06-07   source:

Kiwi Scientists In A Quandary As Threatened Sea Lion Acquires Taste for Threatened Penguins
date added: 2007-06-06  source:

lochnesselephantMonster million pound payout offered in largest ever Nessie hunt
date added: 2007-06-05   source:
tigerunderwaterZoo's Bengal tiger develops taste for eating underwater, swimming
date added: 2007-06-01   source:

Mysteries to behold in the dark down deep: seadevils and species unknown
date added: 2007-05-25  source:

The brand new 150,000 yacht that mysteriously sank hours after its launch
date added: 2007-05-23  source:

nutriaSWAT Team Snipers Take Aim to Wipe Out Hated Aquatic Rodents
date added: 2007-05-16   source:
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