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Declassified Russian Navy Archives Reveal UFOs Love The Oceans
date added: 2009-07-28  source:

MicroSea: Gates Backs Contraption To Cool The Seas, Tame Hurricanes; 'These Inventions Are A 'Plan C''
date added: 2009-07-21  source:

redneckfishingtournamentRedneck fisherman try to catch jumping fish; 'I've been hit by a 25 pounder'
date added: 2009-07-16   source:

Bloody Hell: Fish Bite Naked Chinese Man's 'Wrong Parts' During Spa's 'Special Water Treatment'
date added: 2009-07-12  source:

Expert: Mystery Carcass May Be Legendary Sea Monster 'Ogopogo'
date added: 2009-07-11  source:

Is It A Cloud? Is It A Jellyfish? No, It's A Whole New Way Of Making A Splash In The Art World
date added: 2009-07-08  source:

Sea lion hijacks LA harbor patrol boat
date added: 2009-07-06  source:

Brit mum in underwater cycle stunt; 'There's quite a bit of current'
date added: 2009-06-29  source:

lostengagementringlakeLost engagement ring found at bottom of Minnesota lake
date added: 2009-06-26   source:

Mystery continues as tadpoles fall from sky again in Japan city; 'someone could be pulling a prank'
date added: 2009-06-16  source:

How long do dead bodies remain intact in the ocean?
date added: 2009-06-14  source:

CarlRobertslakechamplaincreatureUnusual Creature Seen In Lake Champlain; 'It Had To Be 50 Feet Long'
date added: 2009-06-10   source:

Still ticking: Hawaiian fish coughs up gold watch
date added: 2009-06-09  source:

KimJong-ilMad Korean tyrant gobbles live fish; 'He would eat with gusto'
date added: 2009-06-05   source:

Surgeons Operate On London Zoo's Prickly Leatherjacket Triggerfish
date added: 2009-05-12  source:

Sri Lanka troops find rebels' underwater hideout
date added: 2009-05-12  source:

Florida Fisherman Recovering After Taking 'Beating' From 'Angry' Swordfish
date added: 2009-05-09  source:

RihannaRihanna turns to dolphin therapy to ease troubles
date added: 2009-05-08   source:

Live shark dumped on the doorstep of Aussie newspaper; 'you could see its gills going'
date added: 2009-04-27  source:

Fall diver's last words: 'I'll be right back'; 80-foot cliff, cold water doom 'adrenaline junkie'
date added: 2009-04-24  source:

Misspelling on lake signs to get overdue correction: Chargoggagoggmanchau-ggagoggchaubunagungamaugg
date added: 2009-04-24  source:

titanicbow600Man Hit By Curse Of Titanic Throws Relic Back Into The Sea
date added: 2009-04-20   source:

Brazilian Boy Impaled With 8-inch Spear As He's Mistaken For A Fish
date added: 2009-04-18  source:

sophietuckerdogcastawayLOST: After 5 mile swim, canine castaway survives five months on island
date added: 2009-04-09   source:

Florida man accused of hitting boater in head with fish; 'I told them I was sorry'
date added: 2009-04-08  source:

Destination Truth: US filmmakers to shoot documentary on Turkey's Lake Van Monster
date added: 2009-04-08  source:

Toddler dies after being stabbed in the brain by fish bone
date added: 2009-04-05  source:

blowfishBlowfish's bad rap is killing Japanese sushi chef
date added: 2009-04-05   source:
Emerson-De-OliveiraheadspearBrazil doctors remove fishing spear from diver's head
date added: 2009-04-02   source:

Taiwan official: Fish-foot-feeding might not be hygienic
date added: 2009-04-01  source:

EricTullettrecordEpic: Montana angler battles record 3.7-ounce fish
date added: 2009-03-28   source:

Giant Sea Worm That Attacked Coral Reef Caught By Aquarium Staff; 'Like Something Out Of A Horror Movie'
date added: 2009-03-24  source:

Scientists Edge Towards Squid Sausages; Tasters: Seafood Frankfurters Only 'Liked Slightly'
date added: 2009-03-23  source:

Boston Aquarium Staff Stunned As Octopus Squeezes Into Small Box
date added: 2009-03-12  source:

Fisherman Finds Missing Phone In Cod Belly... And It Still Works; 'It Was A Bit Smelly'
date added: 2009-03-03  source:

Lovesick Octopus 'Sid' Freed From Kiwi Aquarium
date added: 2009-02-20  source:

Another Victim Of Rogue Door-to-door Scot Fishmongers; 'I Couldn't Say What It Was'
date added: 2009-02-19  source:

Scot woman, 80, duped into buying poor quality fish from door-to-door salesman; 'unidentifiable' flavor
date added: 2009-02-17  source:

stonesmysterylakemichiganUnderwater stones in Lake Michigan puzzle archeologists; Debate unfolds: Man or nature?
date added: 2009-02-10   source:

Police: Randy rays spark search for body off Aussie coast
date added: 2009-02-08  source:

humanbelugakisschina'Human-Beluga Kisses' Staged At Chinese Aquarium
date added: 2009-01-29   source:

Aussie Olympian hurls giant frozen tuna 30 meters; 'went off very well'
date added: 2009-01-28  source:

UK regains 'extreme' ironing record; 128 brave freezing temps
date added: 2009-01-25  source:

surferridesharkTotally Bogus: The Great Shark Riding Hoax; 'Couldn't Believe His Eyes'
date added: 2009-01-25   source:

Somali pirates drown with ransom after freeing Saudi supertanker; boat capsizes
date added: 2009-01-14  source:

pigletsquidBizarre: Piglet Squid Is Always Smiling
date added: 2009-01-09   source:

Aussie stung by stingray after jumping on it; 'you've got to use a bit of brain'
date added: 2009-01-09  source:

Indian swimmer gets entangled in fishing net, drowns in tribute swim for Mumbai terror victims
date added: 2009-01-03  source:

seawoodliceMonsters From the Deep: Giant Sea Woodlice Arrive In Britain For First Time
date added: 2008-12-27   source:

Cutting and Burrowing: Deep-sea Squid's Bizarre Sex Techniques Revealed
date added: 2008-12-26  source:

'Leap of Faith' at Bahamas resort: Captive shark jumps tank, rides water slide into pool, dies
date added: 2008-12-23  source:

oarfishseaofcortezSea monster from Sea of Cortez resurfaces in shape of an oarfish
date added: 2008-12-21   source:

Dutchman aims to break record with 2 hours in freezing bath
date added: 2008-12-12  source:

Fisherman Finds Long-Lost Class Ring in 8-Pound Bass
date added: 2008-12-08  source:

deepseaalienoilshellAlien-like Squid Filmed at Ultra-Deep Oil-Drilling Site
date added: 2008-11-29   source:
seaserpentIn Search Of The Mysterious Sea Serpent
date added: 2008-11-24   source:

Chinese Man Breaks Record For 'Highest Waterfall Dive'
date added: 2008-11-18  source:

Documentary Crew Finds Unknown Creature In Canadian Lake; Baby Ogopogo Monster?
date added: 2008-11-14  source:

bluelobsterScot Aquarium Saves Blue And Orange Lobsters from boiling pot
date added: 2008-11-13   source:
chinafishtanktoiletChinese firm: Fish tank toilet 'will cut water use'
date added: 2008-11-08   source:

Massive Waves A Mystery At Maine Harbor; 'Oh My God, Is This The End?'
date added: 2008-11-07  source:

'Otto' The Octopus Wrecks Havoc At German Aquarium: Juggling Crabs, Smashing Glass, Shorting Out Lights
date added: 2008-11-04  source:

virginmaryseashellsmSacred Seashell: Virgin Mary Washes Ashore Along Virginia Coast
date added: 2008-11-02   source:
fishermandognorthseaNorth Sea fishermen catch dog a mile out to sea; 'I knew he hated water'
date added: 2008-10-28   source:
heronnofishingUnflappable: The heron who boldly shows off his catch on top of a 'No Fishing' sign
date added: 2008-10-25   source:

Why being a blue lobster can be very bad for your health
date added: 2008-10-16  source:

fishpedicuresUnhygienic: Texas bans fish pedicures; 'erring on the side of safety'
date added: 2008-10-13   source:
underwaterironingDivers aim for ironing record under water off Brit coast
date added: 2008-10-10   source:
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