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Man fishes 10 hours with hook in head; 'He numbed it and pried it out'
date added: 2010-10-14  source:

Florida man makes a bet he can swim across canal, then drowns
date added: 2010-09-30  source:

pacuFish with 'human-like' teeth found in Carolina lake
date added: 2010-09-15   source:

Report: Monkeys blown up with explosives to test the effects of marine blasting; 'A dolphin is not a sheep ... or a monkey'
date added: 2010-09-14  source:

Brit police stumped as another human foot found by river
date added: 2010-09-11  source:

Swimming stag surprises Kiwi fishermen; 'we thought it was a pile of sticks'
date added: 2010-08-26  source:

underwaterdressesUnderwater fashion show - models take the plunge in Korean 'hanbok' dresses
date added: 2010-08-26   source:
sealpup'Rescued' seal pup kept in motel room is ready to be set free
date added: 2010-08-24   source:
ving-rhamesDid Ving Rhames encounter the legendary underwater 'Bunyip'?
date added: 2010-08-20   source:

Dog taught to swim underwater for 15 seconds; 'I wanted a dog that was capable of anything'
date added: 2010-08-17  source:

Monster fish slaps, nibbles Aussie swimmers; 'It's quite eerie when he first does it'
date added: 2010-08-13  source:

Malaysian Islanders Relieved As Missing Blind Turtle Found 'Swimming In Circles'
date added: 2010-08-11  source:

jumpingdeathMystery as thousands of fish 'jump to death' for 30 minutes in Quanzhou China
date added: 2010-07-26   source:
fairyshrimpRussian Fishermen Find 'Green Monster' in Sewage Facility
date added: 2010-07-25   source:
octopuspualWorld Cup Final: 100 Per Cent For Paul The Psychic Octopus
date added: 2010-07-15   source:
lakemonsterSea monster or carp lurks at Indiana lake; 'It had a snake's tail'
date added: 2010-07-14   source:

Spanish PM Jose Zapatero offers Paul the psychic octopus state protection; 'I am concerned'
date added: 2010-07-12  source:

flyingsubmarinePentagon Researchers Planning 'Flying Submarine'
date added: 2010-07-09   source:
deepseadogDeep Sea Dog: Russian Teaches Dachshund To Scuba Dive
date added: 2010-07-08   source:

Winemakers release Abyss, sparkling wine aged undersea; 'Really fruity and with a very distinctive taste'
date added: 2010-07-07  source:

crazysnappingfishKiwi Lands Crazy Snapping Fish; 'It Had A Nasty Disposition'
date added: 2010-07-06   source:
orangutanswimKing Of The Swimmers: Orangutan 'Suryia' Loves A Summer Dip With His Trainer
date added: 2010-07-03   source:
surfingmiceSurfing mice: Australian trains rodent troupe; Gulls, not sharks, 'a threat'
date added: 2010-07-01   source:
tigerunderwaterWhite tiger eats his meals underwater
date added: 2010-06-30   source:

Sea Turtle Finds Lost Camera, Films Itself Swimming; 'You Will Not Believe It'
date added: 2010-06-13  source:

Shrinkage: Aussie nude snorkeling record bid fizzles
date added: 2010-06-10  source:

Fish pulls Florida woman into ocean; 'it had a burst of energy'
date added: 2010-05-26  source:

Brit in court over charges of having sex with a squid; 'grossly offensive, disgusting'
date added: 2010-05-17  source:

strangeherring'Extremely strange' giant herring found off the coast of Sweden
date added: 2010-05-14   source:
savegoldfishArrest and 1K fine... for saving doomed goldfish; 'This was an emergency'
date added: 2010-05-13   source:

Garden pond mystery deepens as 30 missing fish reappear; 'They haven't been hiding'
date added: 2010-05-06  source:

The message in a bottle that turned up 30 years later - on Facebook
date added: 2010-04-29  source:

Octopus Steals Kiwi Diver's Video Camera - While It's Recording
date added: 2010-04-20  source:

Locals disgusted as dog feces removed from Ontario river; 'It's just plain rude'
date added: 2010-04-12  source:

dolphinloveMan reveals intimate romance with dolphin; constant 'come-ons'
date added: 2010-04-08   source:
nineleggedoctopusFlorida restaurant cooks up 9-legged octopus; 'this can't be'
date added: 2010-04-07   source:

Aussie scuba divers try to break underwater tic-tact-toe world record
date added: 2010-04-06  source:

weirdcreatureWeird creature washes up on Thai beach
date added: 2010-04-05   source:

Fish survives fall from the sky; 'That's our lucky fish
date added: 2010-04-05  source:

seacritterTerrifying Sea Critter Hauled From Ocean's Depths
date added: 2010-04-04   source:
airfrance447UAV's may soon find wreckage of Air France flight 447
date added: 2010-04-02   source:

Mystery as dog found on 'ghost' ship off Kiwi coast
date added: 2010-03-31  source:

Danish TV reporter that poured shampoo into fish tank acquitted of animal cruelty
date added: 2010-03-30  source:

Atlantis? Oceanographers find signs of Atlantic disaster 2,000 years ago
date added: 2010-03-29  source:

3dboobsHeidi Montag's breasts can and will kill a shark in 3D
date added: 2010-03-29   source:

The Farmer's Son Who Aims To Be First To Swim The Atlantic Even Though He's Hopeless At Sport, Five Stone Overweight And Dislikes Water
date added: 2010-03-24  source:

Marriage Proposal In Aquarium After Groom Learns To Scuba Dive In Secret
date added: 2010-03-16  source:

octopuskoreaHow to devour squirming octopuses in Seoul: Chew, chew, chew
date added: 2010-03-12   source:

Large whale buried in glass tomb in southern Vietnam
date added: 2010-03-10  source:

oarfishearthquakeOarfish omen spells earthquake disaster for Japan; 'old superstitions'
date added: 2010-03-10   source:

Mysterious deep-sea fish appears in large numbers off Japanese coast
date added: 2010-03-07  source:

Freak! Fish fall from sky in Australia two nights in a row; 'alive when they hit the ground'
date added: 2010-03-02  source:

goldfishtvstarAmazing Goldfish Newest Brit TV Star
date added: 2010-02-26   source:

Florida students puck off at underwater hockey clinic; 'Don't judge until you've been here three times'
date added: 2010-02-25  source:

Mysterious Headless Marine Animal Washes Up On Canadian Coast; 'I Didn't Know What To Think Of It'
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

Boy, 15, Sucked Into Drainpipe, Swept 40 Yards Down A Raging River... And Survives; 'Luckiest Person Alive'
date added: 2010-02-16  source:

surferimpaledAussie surfer impaled by surfboard; 'You're kidding. This is going to be hideous'
date added: 2010-02-09   source:

Mystery: Taiwanese Navy Says Unidentified Object Was Neither Whale Nor Submarine
date added: 2010-02-04  source:

Farce: Trial costing 2,000 over the death of three goldfish thrown out after after police fail to test crucial evidence
date added: 2010-01-26  source:

MonsterQuest: Florida's Cold Weather Reveals Manatee With Strange Tail
date added: 2010-01-15  source:

Bugatti car that spent 70 years underwater could fetch 80,000 at auction
date added: 2010-01-12  source:

Loch Ness Monster Death Rumors Denied; 'Nessie Is Just Keeping Her Head Down'
date added: 2010-01-11  source:

Divers Seeking 'Atlantis' Remnants In The Bahamas; 'Unnatural Features' Eyed
date added: 2009-12-30  source:

fishfeedbottleTourists Feeding Fish Milk From A Bottle At Chinese Theme Park
date added: 2009-12-29   source:

Icelandic holiday treat: Putrefied skate is selling like hot cakes
date added: 2009-12-28  source:

Otter chaos: Sea otters escape in cargo hold, delay Continental flight in Houston
date added: 2009-12-28  source:

Baby Seal Found In Brit Garden, 18 Miles From The Sea; 'Looked Like A Huge Slimy Cat'
date added: 2009-12-28  source:

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