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chinasubChinese farmer spends his life savings building his own 18-ton submarine
date added: 2015-03-28   source:

Scientists find 1500 new species in world's oceans including giant jellyfish
date added: 2015-03-15  source:

frozenwavesFrozen 'Slurpee' waves captured in Nantucket surf photos
date added: 2015-03-05   source:
sergiogarciaSergio Garcia hits fully submerged ball out of lake, saves par
date added: 2015-03-05   source:
twomouthbreamSouth Australian fisherman nets two-mouthed bream
date added: 2015-02-21   source:
dragondanceSingapore: Chinese New Year brings an underwater dragon dance
date added: 2015-02-20   source:
tunacreatureMysterious creature in can of tuna may have been identified
date added: 2015-02-11   source:
underwaterkneegirlsTokyo's ever-popular 'underwater knee-high girls' exhibition travels to Taiwan
date added: 2015-02-07   source:

Holy mackerel! Belfast warned not to eat free fish lying on the roadside
date added: 2015-02-02  source:

What happens when you shoot a rocket underwater? Some Ice fishers find out
date added: 2015-01-23  source:

Icelandic beer made from smoked whale testicles angers conservationists
date added: 2015-01-15  source:

Satellite image of 'sea troll' haunting New Zealand bay debunked by science
date added: 2014-12-19  source:

Weird Sea Creature Washes Up On Jersey Shore; 'It Looks Prehistoric'
date added: 2014-12-19  source:

ducksaverEpic Man Saves A Duck From A Frozen Lake, Restores Faith In Humanity
date added: 2014-12-18   source:

P.E.I. lobster boat skippers featured in annual calendar
date added: 2014-12-10  source:

Loch Ness Monster In Vermont? Researchers Claim Incredible Discovery In Lake Champlain
date added: 2014-11-20  source:

beeradThis crazy beer ad was filmed entirely underwater. Here's how they did it
date added: 2014-11-13   source:

Moment doctors remove giant lungfish from patients bowel
date added: 2014-11-10  source:

Unseen infrared image of Loch Ness Monster Nessie to be revealed at Paranormal Festival
date added: 2014-10-25  source:

Underwater rope-skipper breaks Guinness record in pool
date added: 2014-10-23  source:

River Monsters: Aussie Authorities Baffled Over Identity of Blood-sucking Creatures That Attacked Girl
date added: 2014-10-18  source:

Blue Danube: Fisherman saves suicidal jumpers for the 26th time; 'You are also scaring my fish!'
date added: 2014-09-09  source:

rubberduckCalifornia: Giant rubber duck's move causes concern
date added: 2014-08-28   source:
smokingfishangryVideo of fish smoking cigarette upsets many
date added: 2014-08-09   source:

Video: This egg cracking underwater is disgustingly beautiful
date added: 2014-07-08  source:

elephantbeachElephant wading near beach in Florida has onlookers stunned
date added: 2014-05-26   source:
doggiediverYou can teach a dog new tricks! Pets compete to be named best doggy diver
date added: 2014-05-23   source:

Don't ask, don't tell: Houston's secret underwater car lots; 'shut up, say you don't know'
date added: 2014-05-23  source:

Brit RSPCA launch cruelty probe into pranksters who down fish in drinking game
date added: 2014-02-08  source:

skinnycatVideo: Cat loses weight on underwater treadmill
date added: 2014-01-25   source:

Tokyo: First Bluefin Tuna Auction of Year Brings $70,000; 'Back To Being Reasonable'
date added: 2014-01-09  source:

giantyellowduckGiant yellow duck explodes in Taiwan... again
date added: 2014-01-06   source:

Researchers: Fishing has reduced vital seaweed eaters by more than fifty percent
date added: 2013-12-07  source:

deadfishdolhinThe horror: Video shows dolphin masturbating with dead fish
date added: 2013-11-17   source:

'Jesus Salmon' found at Swedish fish factory
date added: 2013-09-23  source:

Guy catches fish with a fishing hook tied to his long hair
date added: 2013-09-17  source:

humandolphin'Human dolphin' flies through waves with jetpack
date added: 2013-09-12   source:
dartgunOdd firearms: Russia's underwater 'assault rifle' dart gun
date added: 2013-09-02   source:

Scotland's Loch Morar monster makes comeback after 20 years; 'this just couldn't be explained'
date added: 2013-08-29  source:

Boy Cuts Knee On Beach Walk, Sea Snail Emerges 3 Weeks Later From 'Big Puss Ball'
date added: 2013-08-26  source:

Fat cat named Buddha uses underwater treadmill to exercise
date added: 2013-08-22  source:

Rot is it? Carcass of mystery sea beast found in the Persian Gulf
date added: 2013-07-30  source:

babyoctopusKenyan police: Half-human fish was baby octopus
date added: 2013-07-28   source:

Things rich people do: Turkish villa features aquarium fence
date added: 2013-07-22  source:

Dog dives nine feet underwater, saves rubber chicken
date added: 2013-07-20  source:

underwaterpistolThe Soviet SPP-1 Underwater Pistol: Essential Beachware
date added: 2013-07-10   source:

Ohio: Hair found on fisherman's hook determined to be human
date added: 2013-07-08  source:

Video: Shocking fake Russian tampon shark attack advert goes viral
date added: 2013-06-25  source:

Chicago: Human leg washes up on Lake Michigan beach
date added: 2013-06-12  source:

Divers risking death by ‘electro fishing’ in Forth
date added: 2013-05-22  source:

mooseswimShocked group film moose swimming in the pool of their holiday villa
date added: 2013-05-22   source:

Experts Dismiss New Zealand 'Sea Monster' Buzz
date added: 2013-05-12  source:

India: Hurried angler dies after fish gets stuck in throat
date added: 2013-05-07  source:

Video: Loch Ness monster's cousin? Is the huge sea creature spotted by students on Lake Foyle real?
date added: 2013-05-06  source:

savedfishUpside down fish’s world turned around with mini life jacket
date added: 2013-04-27   source:

Horror! Brazilian teen accidentally shoots brother in face with harpoon after mistaking him for fish
date added: 2013-04-11  source:

longarmFormer NBA player used long arms to save dolphin
date added: 2013-04-05   source:
doubleeyeBad omen or April Fool? Mystery fish found on Pakistan' Karachi beach
date added: 2013-04-04   source:
pondcirclesAliens Or Elephants? What's Causing The Perfect Ice Circles In A New York Pond?
date added: 2013-04-01   source:
cruelchainChinese vendors selling live fish, turtles as key chains
date added: 2013-03-28   source:
sheepteethFish With Human-like Teeth Caught On Video
date added: 2013-03-27   source:
icebouldersLake Michigan ice boulders have people talking
date added: 2013-03-07   source:
seamonsterPictures Of New Jersey 'Sea Monster' Go Viral
date added: 2013-03-03   source:
fishtankVideo: Man jumps into hotel's aquarium; 'swim, go down there, down there'
date added: 2013-02-16   source:
underwatersceneLife's a beach: Toy figures mingle with the fish in hilarious underwater scenes
date added: 2013-01-27   source:
vietnamfishVietnam: Farmer Catches Strange Fish With 'Snake Head, Pig Tongue'
date added: 2012-11-15   source:
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