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Academic: Western Australia's 'Imminent Threat' Policy To Kill 'Rogue Sharks' Based On Hollywood Fiction
date added: 2014-12-14  source:

washarkdiverDespite Shark Attacks, More Business For Western Australia Dive Shop Owner
date added: 2014-12-14   source:

Kiwi dog has close encounter with bronze whaler shark; 'retreat'
date added: 2014-12-13  source:

selfiesAussies Take Selfies WIth Great White Shark Patrolling Lake
date added: 2014-12-12   source:

Prince William praises Air New Zealand for refusing to ship shark fins; 'Mankind's Ignorant Cravings'
date added: 2014-12-12  source:

Lydia the great white shark tracks back to Newfoundland waters
date added: 2014-12-11  source:

turtleevasiveWatch: How turtles outsmart sharks
date added: 2014-12-11   source:

Palau's shark conservation policy praised
date added: 2014-12-11  source:

Kiwi shark diving tourism industry defends allegations; 'The risk has always been there and always will be'
date added: 2014-12-11  source:

Authorities: Blue shark numbers can handle bycatch mortality
date added: 2014-12-10  source:

Deadly 10ft Mako shark is found washed up on a picturesque Welsh beach
date added: 2014-12-10  source:

Shark attack ordeal spurred Kiwi's passion for forensics
date added: 2014-12-09  source:

Video: Beachgoers deliver 3 baby sharks from dead mother
date added: 2014-12-09  source:

gwscatchbeachSad To See: Great white shark catch Dragged On Beach provokes anger
date added: 2014-12-09   source:

Paua divers say they're at risk from shark tourism; 'shared workplaces'
date added: 2014-12-07  source:

Thousands of Eocene shark teeth found in Canadian Arctic
date added: 2014-12-07  source:

leapingsharkShark leaps into air during Australian mothers' surfing competition
date added: 2014-12-06   source:
babywhalesharkMaldives: How baby whale shark ended up in a pool
date added: 2014-12-05   source:

Endangered hammerhead shark found migrating into unprotected waters
date added: 2014-12-04  source:

New dive boat to revolutionize shark tourism industry
date added: 2014-12-03  source:

World record bid rowers hit by sea sickness, flying fish
date added: 2014-12-03  source:

greatwhitesharkTerrifying footage shows what it's like to be eaten by a great white shark
date added: 2014-12-03   source:

Shark on sedatives after Russian zoo visitors knock on aquarium glass
date added: 2014-12-03  source:

The truth about sharks: Far from being 'killing machines', they have personalities, best friends and an exceptional capacity for learning
date added: 2014-12-03  source:

Boy, 13, bitten by shark in Western Australia
date added: 2014-12-03  source:

Missing basking shark tag found on Welsh beach by man collecting driftwood
date added: 2014-12-02  source:

Cape's fishing industry looks to spotlight strange-sounding dogfish
date added: 2014-12-02  source:

makodolphinShark tales: Mako shark contains dolphin skull
date added: 2014-11-29   source:

Missing basking shark tag reward offered on Isle of Man
date added: 2014-11-28  source:

deadgwsbondiAustralia: Second shark found in nets at Bondi Beach
date added: 2014-11-26   source:

Underwater archeologist to talk about Arctic shipwreck discoveries
date added: 2014-11-26  source:

Video: Great white shark attacks fisherman's boat off Aussie coast; 'It's the shark's playground'
date added: 2014-11-25  source:

Rare behind the scenes pictures every Jaws fan must see!
date added: 2014-11-25  source:

deadwhiteDead great white shark pulled from nets at Bondi Beach
date added: 2014-11-24   source:

Australia: Great white shark pulled from nets off Bondi beach
date added: 2014-11-24  source:

Sharks could one day help scientists predict tropical storms
date added: 2014-11-24  source:

How to move a shark into the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans
date added: 2014-11-23  source:

Western Australia 'shark rider' Aaron Moir says riding a hammerhead shark was ‘just a bit of fun’
date added: 2014-11-23  source:

Scientists to provide update on Hawaii tiger shark tracking research
date added: 2014-11-22  source:

How to move a shark into the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans
date added: 2014-11-22  source:

Massive greenland shark of the deep could be roaming off South Carolina coast
date added: 2014-11-20  source:

Documentary Recounts The Hunt for New Zealand's mega-shark
date added: 2014-11-20  source:

50-year-old man attacked by shark in Hawaii
date added: 2014-11-19  source:

Hammerhead sharks stalk fishermen in Florida, California; 'a dorsal fin trailing you like it's Jaws'
date added: 2014-11-19  source:

oilspillbeachActivists create illustration of Vancouver beach destroyed by oil spill
date added: 2014-11-18   source:

Western Australia gets internet shark tracker
date added: 2014-11-18  source:

Electric barrier may deter super-sensitive sharks
date added: 2014-11-17  source:

Robotic underwater gliders observe melting Antarctic ice sheets
date added: 2014-11-17  source:

Daredevils Swim With Hammerhead shark Off California Coast
date added: 2014-11-17  source:

Florida Aquarium opens swimming with the sharks to non-scuba certified visitors
date added: 2014-11-16  source:

Human head, leg found in tiger shark captured in Bohol Sea; 'bad luck'
date added: 2014-11-15  source:

Aussie Premier backs trial for new shark barriers and smart buoys as alternatives to mesh nets
date added: 2014-11-14  source:

bikiniashark18-year-old man bitten by shark while surfing off Florida coast
date added: 2014-11-14   source:

More nursehound sharks hatched at Malta's national aquarium released
date added: 2014-11-14  source:

Is this the most dangerous dare ever accepted? Watch the moment a man jumps from a boat on to a tiger shark
date added: 2014-11-14  source:

Watch: See the inside a tiger shark’s mouth as it goes after a GoPro; 'she spit my camera out'
date added: 2014-11-13  source:

The incredible growth of the underwater Internet: An interactive map shows the recent proliferation of underwater cable networks
date added: 2014-11-13  source:

bloodysharkShark Researchers Capture 'Holy Grail' Of Great White Attack Photos
date added: 2014-11-13   source:

Hilton, Starwood, Hyatt: Major hotels pledge to ban shark's fin soup
date added: 2014-11-12  source:

Baby sea lion joins cage divers to escape shark
date added: 2014-11-11  source:

Western Australia Government Allowed 'Tonnes of Shark Bait to Float Onto Beach'
date added: 2014-11-11  source:

Feeding frenzy! Tourist captures moment sharks battle for food thrown near pier at popular South Carolina holiday beach
date added: 2014-11-10  source:

gwsviralViral Photo of Great White Shark Stirs Debate Over Cages, Baiting
date added: 2014-11-10   source:

'Mum Thinks I'm an Idiot': Man Dived Into Shark Infested Waters and 'Surfed' on Whale
date added: 2014-11-10  source:

Progress: It’s now only legal to remove fins at sea for one shark species in the United States
date added: 2014-11-07  source:

gwsselfieGreat White shark selfie! Brave photographer snaps picture with killer beast
date added: 2014-11-07   source:
sevengillmbaShark finds new home at Monterey Bay Aquarium
date added: 2014-11-06   source:
sevengillmbaShark finds new home at Monterey Bay Aquarium
date added: 2014-11-05   source:

Australia: Northern beaches shark nets catch dolphins, whales and rays but few dangerous sharks
date added: 2014-11-03  source:

greenlandsharkmouthRapa Expedition: What Do Sharks Do When We’re Not Looking?
date added: 2014-11-03   source:

Slow And Nearly Blind, Mysterious Greenland Sharks May Have Spread Everywhere
date added: 2014-11-03  source:

The megalodon is extinct: New study rubbishes claim that giant shark still roams the ocean - and says it died out 2.6 million years ago
date added: 2014-10-30  source:

deadgwsGuilty: Man who killed great white shark in Sussex Inlet thought he was doing a good deed
date added: 2014-10-30   source:

Better late: California man attacked by shark receives 'Shark Shield' unit
date added: 2014-10-29  source:

Nearly 700 sharks killed in Queensland's cull program but conservationists say no evidence it works
date added: 2014-10-29  source:

sharksightingThird shark encounter reported on Maui
date added: 2014-10-28   source:

Big hearted surfer girl forgives shark that tried to kill her
date added: 2014-10-27  source:

Hawaii: Surfer says he hit shark with fist, board to stop attack; 'I realized I was fighting for my life'
date added: 2014-10-26  source:

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