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Out of air: Two divers dead off Florida Keys
date added: 2011-08-10  source:

Whereabouts unknown: New York divers search to solve Revolutionary War cannon mystery
date added: 2011-08-09  source:

New York: Boat Returns With Two Dead Divers in a Week; 'Wreck Diving is the Pinnacle of Scuba Diving'
date added: 2011-08-08  source:

Florida divers rescued after 17 hours in Gulf of Mexico; 'one last final dive'
date added: 2011-08-04  source:

Armenian Divers Set World Record Submerging on Bottom of High Mountain Lake
date added: 2011-07-31  source:

Andrea Doria claims another diver; 'The wreck is dangerous, but it’s just so deep'
date added: 2011-07-28  source:

Florida: Dive bar provides attorneys with underwater fellowship; 'Most bar associations are boring'
date added: 2011-07-25  source:

Kiwi police to re-interview dive squad members; 'I don't think it is gear failure'
date added: 2011-07-21  source:

chriscrumleyHe makes wet look normal: Secrets of a commercial underwater photographer
date added: 2011-07-18   source:

Roman shipwreck reveals ancient medicines in first-aid kit
date added: 2011-07-17  source:

DUI recalls weight and trim systems due to drowning risks
date added: 2011-07-15  source:

Ghost net gives San Diego divers a struggle; 'They are perpetual killing machines'
date added: 2011-07-14  source:

bajaulautFree-diving Indian Ocean nomads under threat
date added: 2011-07-13   source:

Diver captures rare sights in dive deep beneath Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2011-07-12  source:

Scientific diving: The benefits of being there; 'We have a job to do, but it's a job of our own choosing'
date added: 2011-07-10  source:

Diving Death Expert: Tina Watson's Honeymoon Diving Death 'An Accident, Not Murder'; Wife 'Grossly Overweighted'
date added: 2011-07-07  source:

Dorset coast scuba diving accidents are highest in country; 'It's about complacency'
date added: 2011-07-06  source:

South Africa: Divers who risk their lives for 'women's vanity'
date added: 2011-07-05  source:

Open Water: American Tourist Left Behind on Great Barrier Reef; 'I Had a Moment of Panic'
date added: 2011-07-01  source:

Open Water: Brit diver swims to shore after being separated from boat
date added: 2011-06-29  source:

Cornish marine firm fined 10k over diver safety breaches; 'no choice but to prosecute'
date added: 2011-06-29  source:

dixonringssmDixon rings: 1940's technology could help today's submariners breathe easier
date added: 2011-06-25   source:

Aussie diver helps end maritime shipwreck mystery; 'I wasn't expecting to find it'
date added: 2011-06-23  source:

lostdiamondringDiver recovers diamond ring in river; 'We looked everywhere'
date added: 2011-06-21   source:

Taiwan: Diver accidentally killed by raft propeller
date added: 2011-06-21  source:

Experience: I got the bends; 'I began to feel unwell -- dizzy, dry-mouthed and nauseous'
date added: 2011-06-20  source:

Devon councilors agree on dive wreck plan; 'The principle is the right way to go'
date added: 2011-06-20  source:

Malaysian executives dive into water for board meeting
date added: 2011-06-19  source:

westflagReport: Florida congressman did not desecrate flag during underwater dive
date added: 2011-06-18   source:
abalonepearlAussie diver is Victoria's first abalone pearl farmer; 'There was no secret to it'
date added: 2011-06-17   source:
armydiverU.S. Army engineer divers conduct annual training exercise
date added: 2011-06-16   source:
westflagFlorida congressman criticized for taking pictures with American flag underwater
date added: 2011-06-16   source:

Scuba diving could help treat paraplegics; doctors In Baltimore studying possible effects
date added: 2011-06-16  source:

Korea: Scuba divers revel in Jeju's untamed underwater nature
date added: 2011-06-16  source:

Ohio scuba instructor stresses safety after 2 Toledo-area deaths
date added: 2011-06-16  source:

Rep. Allen West leads veterans on patriotic dive off Florida coast, plants flag underwater
date added: 2011-06-15  source:

Scuba divers reveal remnants of Japan tsunami; 'I wouldn't dare call it rubble'
date added: 2011-06-13  source:

Coal diving on the Yangon River in Myanmar
date added: 2011-06-13  source:

Dive training organization relaunches project AWARE; to focus on sharks in peril and marine debris
date added: 2011-06-09  source:

hmsarkHMS Ark Royal Could be Turned Into Diving Wreck
date added: 2011-06-08   source:

Divers go deep for unexplored UAE wrecks; 'you've found it, you've dived it'
date added: 2011-06-07  source:

Aussie divers take broom to sea floor; 'A lot of people don't realize how dirty it is down there'
date added: 2011-06-07  source:

Japanese ships, casualties of war, make for fascinating dives
date added: 2011-06-07  source:

Battle of Convoy KS-52: NOAA, partners to search for ships lost in World War II off North Carolina
date added: 2011-06-06  source:

Divers beat difficult underwater conditions to survey Cornish sea life
date added: 2011-06-05  source:

An underwater demolition team member tells his story; 'We were a top secret outfit in WWII'
date added: 2011-06-02  source:

Family seeks answers in death of combat diver trainee
date added: 2011-05-31  source:

Florida: Diver finds credit card lost 25 years ago
date added: 2011-05-31  source:

morgancannonsPirate Pictures: Captain Morgan's Cannons Found?
date added: 2011-05-27   source:

Two Puget Sound divers die in separate accidents
date added: 2011-05-24  source:

Hawaii: Turtle's surgery, return to the wild 'uplifting'
date added: 2011-05-24  source:

Phuket: Police yet to interview crew after Japanese diver killed by boat propeller
date added: 2011-05-23  source:

HMAS Adelaide dive site buoy deliberately cut loose; 'It's an act of stupidity'
date added: 2011-05-20  source:

India: Blind man is fire department's 'eyes' for underwater operations
date added: 2011-05-16  source:

Queensland dive instructor cleared in Chinese diver's death; 'not within cooee' of negligence
date added: 2011-05-09  source:

Diver Searching Near Malta for St. Paul's Shipwreck; 'I Know We're Going to Find Something'
date added: 2011-05-09  source:

Sea Elite Systems recalls 'Scout' and 'Profile' buoyancy control devices due to drowning hazard
date added: 2011-05-06  source:

Bulgarian communist dictator's plane to be submerged in Black Sea as artificial reef
date added: 2011-05-06  source:

emeraldringgoldSantamargaritaCenturies-old Gold and Emerald Ring Discovered by Divers Off Florida Coast; Know It'
date added: 2011-05-06   source:

Devon diver shot in speargun accident; 'his wetsuit prevented any serious injury'
date added: 2011-05-05  source:

Aussie diver endures stingray barb
date added: 2011-05-05  source:

diverweddingBrit divers toast royal wedding underwater
date added: 2011-05-03   source:

'We've just scratched the surface': Divers find 'oldest shipwreck in the Caribbean'.... and treasure that could be worth millions
date added: 2011-04-30  source:

'With great sadness', sonar search for missing diver off Dorset ends
date added: 2011-04-29  source:

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