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Vietnam Plays the Blame Game Over the Fish Kill Disaster

Keep Your Mouth Closed: Aquatic Olympians Face a Toxic Stew in Rio's Waters

Shutting Down 'Shark Finning': US Fishermen Promise a Fight

Norway to build world’s first floating underwater traffic tunnels

Study: New Zealand Seals Reveal Dangerous Appetites for Shark, Giant Squid

Women Wanted For Hazardous Journey: Unique Canadian Expedition Goes on Arctic Scuba Dive

World First Anglesey 'Sea kite' Project in Licence Bid

The Heartbreaking Way Whales and Dolphins Grieve: Mothers Hold 'Vigils' and Carry Dead Offspring's Bodies Above the Water For Days

Florida: Coast Guard rescues dolphin after it leaps into boat

Incredible drone footage captures 40 huge sharks tear apart a whale carcass in feeding frenzy in Western Australia

Pod of huge killer whales turn the sea red as they hunt seals off coast of Shetland isles

Mexico's gillnet ban becomes permanent to save near-extinct vaquita porpoises

VIdeo: Peruvian fishermen rescue baby whale from net

Colorado man suffers 'vicious' croc attack at Costa Rica beach resort

'Ocean Warrior': Sea Shepherd launches new anti-poaching boat

The whale guardians of San Francisco Bay

Michigan hatchery webcam offers 24/7 fish reality show

Fish farmers defend sea lice treatment as study warns of wild salmon risk

Pictures show the horrific sunburn injuries sustained by Spirtle the dolphin after she washed up on Aberdeen shore

Jaws vs Jaws! Incredible video shows enormous tiger shark viciously battling hammerhead shark

Divers to move 450,000 mussels for Iowa-Illinois bridge project

Underwater duels: How Soviet submarines held their own in WWII

Discovery of new, very rare whale species ‘really a big deal’

Child stung by Britain’s most poisonous fish on NI beach

Video: Sharks start a bloody battle beneath a fishing boat

Texas dentist sharks grisly pictures from 'perfect storm' shark attack in the Bahamas

Great white shark steals fisherman's catch off Massachusetts

NASA trains astronauts underwater for the Mars mission

Why great white shark sightings are rising on the central California coast

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