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Japan and South Atlantic sanctuary main contentions at the Whaling Commission meeting

Stunning video captures whale feeding frenzy in Juneau as seagulls try to get in on the action too

Chinese villagers join forces to save a beached whale before sending it back to the ocean

Scientists: Stats Show Worldwide Surge In Shark On Human Violence; Humans Blamed

Flotsam and Fashion: Recycler of 'Ghost' Fishing Nets Makes Marine Litter Trendy

Maryland: Ocean City flesh-eating bacteria death: 'A horror movie'

Strange purple sea creatures found in deep ocean trenches

Mystery of 40ft Whale Found on Norfolk Beach as Experts Say It Is 'Rare' to Find Species in North Sea

Shark diving incident to be investigated By Mexican officials

Ghost fleet: Explorers accidentally find a graveyard of more than 40 perfectly preserved ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea

'He bit me:' Nova Scotia lobster fisherman catches strange fish

Matt Meola films graphic footage of Maui shark attack; gives credit to the "proper heroes"

Marine biologist: Climate change is dulling the survival instincts of fish

Incredible moment a scuba diver encounters a gigantic jellyfish while diving in Mexico

Boaters spot massive whale shark off Miami Beach

Ship that saved 7 during 'Perfect Storm' to be sunk off New Jersey

Drones reveal rare Bowhead whale in Arctic

SeaWorld's massive mission to get a pregnant manatee back into the wild

Marine biologist: Climate change is dulling the survival instincts of fish

Married couples go underwater in their hunt for the perfect wedding photos

Edmonton to install underwater cameras at city pools – but are they a good idea?

13 foot: Florida man bags another massive alligator

Dramatic underwater footage captures shark eating cow

Green sea turtle rescued by SeaWorld returns to ocean

Post mortem reveals fin whale washed up on Norfolk beach died of starvation

Surfer reportedly bitten by shark off Maui's Hookipa Beach Park

What did this man say about sharks that outraged the Aussie Parliament?

Britain's rarest freshwater fish flourishing in southern Scotland

Californian collective dives into the deep end with underwater art show

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