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Aussie Surfer Beware: Authorities ‘Not Responsible’ for Shark Warnings

‘It’s completely false’: Vancouver Aquarium vet says false killer whale isn’t self-harming

Vacationers dive into flooded ruins of former Soviet prison in Estonia

Concern for Chester: Self-Mutilation by a Young Whale at Vancouver Aquarium

Video: Rare footage of Bryde's whales feeding at Aussie Coast

Boat strike blamed for young killer whale's wound

Protect and Serve: Two ticketed $1,025 each for flying drones near killer whales off San Juan Island

How to save B.C.’s dwindling killer whales? Feed them, anglers propose

Watch: Swimmers save shark hooked to fishing line in Sardinia

Chomp: California surfer escapes shark attack when board bitten

Bumper year for dolphins and whales in Cornish waters

Volcano Watch: What happens to lava flows after they enter the ocean?

Violence threatens livelihood of Acapulco cliff divers

`Pictured: Pygmy whale washes up on a beach in Victoria in rare sighting of the 'cryptic' mammal

Local nets, not faraway markets, key to New Zealand’s dolphin decline

Africa's penguins perishing in huge numbers; effectiveness of years-old fishing ban unknown

An enigma wrapped in a mystery: Where are North Korea's submarines?

Ocean 'Blob' lures more tropical fish to waters off Vancouver Island

Neon jackfish leaves Yellowknife fisherman stumped; 'This fish was totally, head to tail, like nothing we'd ever seen'

Activist: Sewage killed thousands of fish near Olympic Park in Brazil

Peta sounds the alarm about Morgan the Dutch orca

With this ring ... lost diamond engages others in successful underwater search

Sorry Charlie: StarKist to pay up in cash or fish to settle class action lawsuit

Shark attack turns victim into a hunter and then an advocate

Italian beach visitors pull fishing hook from shark's mouth

WATCH: Huge whale shark spotted in Dubai Marina

Diver captures orca pod on video along Baja coast

Humpback whale breaches in fog during a surreal, unforgettably close encounter

Auckland whale now swimming free after 7 hours beached

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