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Activist Groups Urge the Remeasuring of Lolita's Tank; 'Current tank is grossly inadequate'

Surfer loses arm and foot in Horrific Reunion Island shark attack

Operation Nemesis: Sea Shepherd's 11th Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign

Czech sushi restaurant faces €1.85mn fines for ‘Serving’ carp captured in local river

Fake? Amazing Diver Immobilizes Killer Shark With Magic touch

Controversial shark dives may be banned in federal waters; 'It's like Pavlov's dog'

Native Hawaiians Face Federal Charges for Sea Burial of Whale; 'Being a native Hawaiian cultural practitioner is not illegal'

Police probe mystery of live shark found in roadside puddle

Father and son's '£65,000 whale vomit' is worthless fat

He didn't make it: Giant lobster rescued from fish market found dead after being set free

Delay: Koike says she is nearing final decision on Tsukiji fish market's scheduled relocation

Little boats made of driftwood and sealskin: Small-scale replicas preserved history in miniature

Governor declares state of emergency for Yellowstone River fish kill

Walk on water: Low tide reveals new border crossing into Texas

Distressed humpback whale spotted off Maui trailed by sharks; 'it could be sick'

NY governor Cuomo reels in, kills thresher shark

One of the most mysterious whales in the world has been spotted off Swansea coast

A lone baby sea lion has French Polynesia guessing

Talk of regulating Louisiana’s freewheeling Cajun Navy makes waves

Dwight: Office star goes shark hunting in New Zealand

Baby shark temporarily beaches itself to catch fish in Maldives

Viral photo of diver face to face with shark turns out to be fake

Study finds shark fins & meat contain high levels of neurotoxins linked to Alzheimer's disease

Calling over boat noise is making endangered orcas hungrier

Health authorities: Don't eat fish caught off Vietnam's central coast

Whale freed from ropes and buoys off Cape Town

Rare blue whales spotted on New Hampshire coast; 'simply unheard of'

Juvenile humpback whale freed after 'anchored' to sea bed

Australian charter boat has unexpected whale encounter

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