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'I have a beautiful scar now' - South African Shark Attack Survivor Woo Lost Leg Describes Recovery

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Icelandic Whaler Considers Anti-Whaling Petition 'A Joke'

'World's Largest Fish Farm' Project Underway In the Suez Canal

Mick Fanning seeking professional help to deal with demons after South Africa shark attack; 'Your mind can play tricks on you'

Australia: Surfers 'Steering Clear' of Water After Shark Attacks; 'Normally surfers WIll Go Out In Anything'

Britain's biggest barbel fish, the Big Lady, killed by otter

Australia: Surfer punched shark as it mauled his arm and leg at Evans Head on NSW north coast

Lightning Strikes Twice: Video: Mick Fanning has another shark encounter on surfing return

Ancient Egyptian underwater treasures to be exhibited for the first time

Florida: Man catches fish with bare hands on flooded Tampa street

Brit aquarium's cafe gets award for serving 'sustainable' fish

Surf star Mick Fanning donates $83,000 TV fee to fellow shark attack survivor

This aquarium is 82 feet high and has an elevator inside it

Australia: Crocs or sharks likely culprit of woman’s disappearance in Far North

Man charged with spearing fish in hotel

I talked with the astronauts living in NASA’s underwater lair

VIDEO - Rare footage of Beluga whale surfacing on Irish coast

Caribbean cuisine: Four killer whales killed, eaten in the St Vincent and the Grenadines

Australia: Shark left tooth in Craig Ison's thigh; 'Those teeth are like razors'

Study: Polar bears may be superb divers

Diver films a curious underwater creature: Hairy frogfish goes for a walk on the seabed

Whale 'moves in' to luxury Buenos Aires dockside neighborhood

California: Dead whale washed up on beach in Pacifica, third since April

Australia: Drone captures great white sharks near surfer at Evans

Sweden’s sharks heading towards extinction; no recovery in sight

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, qualifies as advanced diver

Death by orca? Great white shark found dead on Nova Scotia shore

Video: Dolphins ‘flashmob’ boat off Scotland's west coast

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