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World’s Largest Charity Ice Fishing Contest Draws 11,000 Anglers

Robert Downey Jr. Is Producing A Movie About Quint's USS Indianapolis Story In 'Jaws'

This fish lived in peace for 70 million years. Then it met the Army Corps of Engineers

Stunning blue hue as algae lights up Hong Kong harbor

Dutch Charity Gift: Sea Shepherd to build faster ship for Japanese whaling fight

Blackfish: Miami Dolphins End Partnership With SeaWorld

DOA: Dead Whale Found at Seattle Ferry Dock 'Was Struck By The Propeller of a Large Ship'

Fisherman pulls 200kg bull shark from Sydney Harbor

VIDEO: Labrador dives and swims 12 feet underwater

Photos: Rare white dolphin spotted swimming in Monterey Bay

Holy mackerel! Belfast warned not to eat free fish lying on the roadside

Bowhead whale songs are complex and copied

California: Sea lions starving in mass numbers; 'preparing for the worst'

Ancient underwater forest discovered off Norfolk coast; 'Doggerland'

A floating artificial reef would let you walk down into the ocean deep

Video: Fisherman wrestles with great white shark to dig out fishing hook from its jaws

Smokies scientists find 900 more miles of streams; 'I'm surprised we didn't find more'

Declining health forces Shedd to euthanize 30-year-old dolphin

Kiwis: Whales threatened by speeding ships

Marineland questions Ontario's move to ban orca breeding

Water fight: Debate over Salton Sea strategy intensifies

Sea turtles fall victim to 'alarming' flood of plastics entering Australian waters

Western Australia shark cull: Scientists object to use telemetry tags to kill threatened species

Sea cucumbers saving lives: the radical charity giving Madagascan fishing communities hope

Hawaii: Woman says no word from authorities after finding mutilated shark

U.S. Navy wants to increase use of sonar-emitting buoys off Pacific Coast

An upside of climate change? Gray whales abundant in California

Bid to raise AirAsia flight fuselage begins; 'tangled yarn'

Heart-stopping moment enormous whale and calf loom up in the water behind paddle-boarder

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