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Big Bug: 12-pound lobster Found Off Southern California Coast

Corruption Scandal Hits Vladimir Putin's Oceanarium; Millions 'Stolen' From Marine Park Where Russian President Meets Walruses and Octopuses

Small 'Underwater Pompeii' Found Off Greek Island; 'Port Facilities'

Should U.S. Government Kill Thousands of Birds to Save Salmon? 'They Have No Idea What's Coming'

Trash counted on The Shores Of Lake Champlain; 'The More You Look, The More You Find'

Norwegian diver films moment suckerfish attaches itself to his wetsuit... in a rather compromising position

Hawaiian Marine Refuge Now Filled With Garbage; 'Shocking'

Beautiful, Terrible Watercolors of a 19th-Century Whale Hunt, Found in a Ship’s Logbook

Florida Judge to 'Alligator Whisperer': No schmoozing with gators

$2500 reward: Pregnant dolphin found shot dead on Florida beach

Living under sea: Japanese visionaries unveil underwater city plan

Orca whales in Monterey Bay wow ocean watchers

Missing basking shark tag reward offered on Isle of Man

Florida: Boys catch their own 'River Monster'; redtail catfish native to Amazon

Monterey Aquarium staffer breaks down top threats to the sea – and what we can do about them

Sport and commercial fishermen battle over monster catfish; 'plenty of fish'

P.E.I. farmer fined for pesticide runoff that killed thousands of fish

Underwater archeologist to talk about Arctic shipwreck discoveries

Researchers find bottlenose dolphins have whistles for names so they can be identified easily

Black seadevil's 'flashlight' lures deep-sea prey

Protect and serve: Essex pod of 40 pilot whales herded by police helicopter; 'we moved them away from danger'

Australia: Second shark found in nets at Bondi Beach

Rare behind the scenes pictures every Jaws fan must see!

Video: Great white shark attacks fisherman's boat off Aussie coast; 'It's the shark's playground'

Acclaimed crime writer on diving Bermuda’s wrecks

'If Carlsberg did dives': Final words of 'Action Man' Brit who drowned in Norway

Essex: Has pod of 40 pilot whales swum to safety?

More than 1 million urchins removed in Southern California kelp restoration project

Dead great white shark pulled from nets at Bondi Beach

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