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Researcher: Culling Sharks That Eat Sea Turtles Could Impact Climate Change

Report: Children in the Philippines Risk Their Lives in Underwater Gold Mines

Fish Can Recognize Faces, a Surprisingly Human Skill

Shark Files: 'Sofa Shark' Makes Rare Appearance Off Scotland

Water-Gate: Debunking The Viral 'Underwater' Girl Photo

Australia: Gold Coast kitesurfer almost crashes into whale

Iceland has killed 184 whales this year

Australia: Big shark mauls scientific drone; 'Initially we thought that a boat may have hit it'

Canada: Divers Hatch Plan to Unlock The Mystery Of The Franklin Wreck

Spearfisher goes head to head with aggressive shark, and kills it

Fish rescued from abandoned aquarium supply store; 'they're not happy'

Divers film in dangerous Queensland sinkhole; 'the sand just started moving out to sea'

The superpod strikes again: Thousands of dolphins race a tourist boat in Costa Rica

Ecosystem flourishes around sunken B.C. ship

Seattle: Man swims 55 miles of Duwamish River, finds it’s ‘still alive’

Eel they come: Lamprey release seeks to re-establish the ancient fish in the Methow River

Angler caught cheating in big bass tournament in Texas

Coast star reveals world’s best surfers still spooked after shark attack against great mate Fanning

Ronald Reagan narrates shark bowfishing video featuring Howard Hill

Florida: Shark bites teen surfer’s hand in New Smyrna Beach

Divers find porthole from Chinese imperial warship

Scientists find 'lost world' on the Scottish seabed

You otter know: Fish thief unmasked in £10,000 crime mystery

Big gulp: feeding strategy of blue whales revealed

B-17 Flying Fortress bomber found on seabed off Sicily

VIDEO: Dolphin retrieves iPhone from bottom of ocean, returns to owner

Australia: Friendly pod of bottlenose dolphins swims up to beachgoers to get hand-fed some breakfast

Divers building 'underwater church' in Crimea, cross already in place

Facebook video of man trying to touch dolphins on Folly sparks probe

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