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Vancouver voters could decide fate of whales in captivity; Park board debates potential plebiscite Monday

Gator Fever: How To Meet 'Humpback' The Alligator Without Risking Your Life!

Alligator hops onto Missouri couple's boat in Florida swamp

Scientists: Global Warming Is Changing How the Ocean Carries Sound

Western Australia: False killer whale rescued after beaching itself for a second time

China To Build 13,000 KM Underwater Railway Line To Canada & United States

Sunken, 600-year-old Buddha emerges from water in China

Brexit gives UK 'Once in a Hundred Years Opportunity' to Restore Fish and Marine Life

What It's Like to Be an Underwater Crime-Scene Investigator

Scientists remain stymied over cause of fish kill in southwestern Nova Scotia

Why is the sea salty? From pissed off giantesses to a pissing cockroach, folk tales and myths offer some creative explanations

Sardines under threat of extinction as overfishing pushes them towards being wiped out

The twilight of Tokyo's legendary fish market; 'I don't want to move'

Research: Super-sensitive seal whiskers pinpoint fish breath

Dam them: Small Turkish village flooded with despite locals' pending legal case

Marine experts perform a gruesome autopsy on a killer whale washed up on a Scottish beach to find out how she died

Couple spot pair of swimming dolphins from their back garden - 15 miles away from the sea

Incredible plans unveiled for world's first 'floating city' in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

What drove almost a hundred dolphins to their death off Florida? Ninety-five mammals wash up dead in mystery mass stranding in the Everglades

First images of sunken Scapa Flow warship HMS Vanguard released

Caught on camera: Divers swim with hammerhead sharks off Kona

Man killed by crocodile in the Northern territory, police say he was 'foolish'

Caught on camera: Divers swim with hammerhead sharks off Kona

Rare orca sightings thrill scientists, whale-watchers off San Diego

Lexi Thompson recreates Muhammad Ali's famous underwater photoshoot

Hawaii: Wildlife officials investigate record number of humpback whale deaths

Scientists can't decide if fish feel pain

Australia: Mystery surrounds motorbike at the bottom of Cabbage Tree Bay

These Atlantans are improving their lives through scuba diving

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