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Divers unearth ancient Greek artifacts at Crimean bridge construction site

Groundbreaking Bill to Permanently End Orca Captivity Gets Reintroduced in Congress

Italian fishermen strike over dolphins stealing their catch; 'It is an us or them situation'

Katter's Australia Party to introduce croc cull legislation after two attacks in Queensland; 'We can't legislate to protect d***heads'

For Sale: Wild Russian Killer Whales; As Westerners condemn live whale shows, Russia hunts and sells killer whales to Chinese amusement parks

SeaWorld San Diego celebrates 53rd birthday

Shark spits out Spanish buttock off Aussie coast; 'He honestly was scared for his life'

Sale and trade of shark fins to continue in Florida, despite threat to ecosystem, tourism

Crocodile attacks Australian teen who jumped into river on dare

Humpback whale freed from fishing gear off Devon coast

Whale of a time: Huge 25ft beast comes right up to a boat and begs the tourists on board for a stroke

Giant hammerhead shark surprises hundreds of smaller sharks – and videographer

Kiwi Greens: Oil drilling in Maui dolphin habitat threatens species

Whales aplenty off Southern California, but one needs help fast; photos and video

Study: Florida sharks worth 200 times more alive than dead

Freediver exits shark cage to swim with sharks; video

Trio of NFL players reel in 300-pound mako shark in Florida

'Underwater, it doesn't hurt': Woman ditches wheelchair to train for tropical dive

Malaysia: Dead sperm whale floating near Jurong Island; here's what was found in its stomach

New Zealand fisherman 'trembling' during great white shark encounter

Australia: Big croc believed responsible for diver's death captured and killed

Gold Coast operators puzzled by council idea to build dive platform at cruise terminal

South Korean ferry that sank 3 years ago lifted from sea

A strike against dolphins in Sicily: They're eating all of the squid

Video: 'I was trembling like a schoolgirl' - fisherman recounts adrenaline-pumped encounter with great white shark off Auckland bay

India grants sacred river Ganges and the Yamuna 'legal person' status in a bid to restore the polluted waterways to health

Record dolphin, porpoise and whale sightings during Scot survey

Stranding of whales at Farewell Spit cost DOC around $50k, figures reveal

Orangutan is saved from drowning by selfless conservationists who wade through white water rapids and build a bridge to rescue it

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