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40 years later 'Jaws' still alive on Martha's Vineyard

Photos of killer Blue Shark off Cornwall wins in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014

Aussie Scientist: Humpback Whale Population Rebound May Be Liked To Increase In Shark Attacks; Fear 'Out Of All Proportion' To Risk

Butchered on the beach: Whales Heard 'Screaming in Agony' as 33 Were Slaughtered While Witnesses 'Laughed and Cheered'

'Get out of the water!': Terrifying moment two unsuspecting swimmers are circled by a shark in Florida

Plymouth Man Becomes First Person To Swim the Seven Seas, But Warns That 'The Seas and Oceans Are in a State of Crisis'

DVD case may have contributed to Virginia whale’s death

Why is a shark tracker pinging 300 miles inland?

It Lives: Pilots Spot ‘Creepy’ Red Glow Under The Pacific Ocean Possibly After Underwater Volcano Eruption

China's underwater wedding boom offers an underwater hitch; smile please, but hold your breath

Costa Rica battles invasive species with lionfish consumption campaign

Mexico baffled by sudden death of thousands of fish in Lake Cajititlán

New sea spider species found on Dutch coast

Ice Free? Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometers more than 2 years ago

Franklin Expedition remains still elude searchers in Arctic

Shark bite capital of the world: 13-year-old girl bitten by shark in Florida's Volusia County

Virus deadly to dolphin hits Florida's Indian River Lagoon; Research scientist says 'we're on high alert'

Puget Sound: Two deaths reduce orca population to lowest level in 30 years

Whale sharks found off Gujarat coast no expats, they are Indian

Florida: Gator kills dog during game of fetch

River Monsters: Sea lamprey killing planned for Muskegon River

Divers told not to dive inside 'dangerous' Scylla wreck

Pacific tuna stocks on the brink of disaster, warns outgoing Aussie fisheries head Glenn Hurry

The Grind: Sea Shepherd crew members arrested in Faroe Islands operation

New Zealand: Seal pup dies after 'hours in fishing net'

Diver dies after rescue from notorious Dorothea Quarry in North Wales

Don't Go In The Water! review: Well produced documentary with crucial key facts

A brush with danger: Brave diver cleans fish tank with ten sharks for company

Thousands of dolphins dive through sparkling clear waters as they migrate along the coast of South Africa

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