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Canada: Federal government moves closer to declaring microbeads as toxic

Tokyo aquarium baffled by mystery fish deaths; 'Never experienced this kind of mass-dying'

US Navy shows off helium-saving deep-dive suit

Zoo Meeting: Supply And Demand Concerns For captive California Sea Lions; Reproduction Can Keep Up With Demand

Animal Rights Activists Protest Proposed Miami megaMall's Sea Lion Show

Aussie Expert Says Its A Great White, But Boat 'Attack' An Accident

Teen lands massive 263.5kg swordfish off Tasmania’s East Coast

Certified Healthy: 'Free of Parasites', England's Only Wild Beavers Released From Captivity

Former Orca Trainer For SeaWorld Condemns Its Practices

Australia: Autopsy on Port River dolphin finds it was shot by a shotgun

Gray whales needing to scratch an itch scrub down on sandy beach off California coast

Pinnipeds find food along Columbia River; thousands of seals, sea lions put strain on fisheries

Fisherman catches fish that had already been caught by saltwater crocodile; 'fright kicked in'

Western Australia’s dolphin death shame: trawlers are to blame

Vancouver experts head south to help with rash of stranded sea lion pups in California

AP investigation: Are slaves catching the fish you buy?

Elephant fish impales fisherman with 7cm spike; 'I knew about the spike'

Blood in the surf: How big-wave surfer Greg Long made peace with the ocean

Japan refuses Norway's toxic whale meat; 'It’s not fashionable at all'

Passionate scuba diver defies odds to get back underwater

Killer seals develop a taste for shark guts

Lionfish a growing problem in Southwest Florida

Coroner's warning to tourists after British scuba girl dies abroad due to treatment delay

An inside look of the famous Tsukiji Market

74 sharks: Louisiana fishermen were over double the limit

Fisherman lands a 13-foot shark - using a hand line; 'I was absolutely knackered'

British tourist Bethany Farrell died on first scuba dive on dream Australian trip

Chinese farmer spends his life savings building his own 18-ton submarine

5-year-old boy trying to pet sea lion bitten on face

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