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School of bottlenose dolphins leap out of the water and race boats just yards away from tourists in the Scottish Highlands

Florida officials crack down on wild dolphin feeding; 'It makes beggars'

UK hit by tide of jellyfish: Huge study to map their locations reveals record numbers are flocking to British waters

5-foot barracuda shreds Florida teenager’s arm, chest; 'it nailed me'

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Lego bricks keep washing ashore on this beach in England

The writer of Sharknado 2 answers your burning science questions

Turkish diver Can breaks third world diving record

Video: Whale gives sightseeing man a punch in the head

Gold and silver worth millions of dollars recovered from SS Central America shipwreck

Florida: Boy, 8, recovering from what is believed to be a shark bite; 'it hurt so much'

Scientists 'baffled' by new great white shark research

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Watch live as underwater astronauts drill into the ocean floor

Satellite tracking: Seals foraging for food at offshore wind farms

Scientists' fishing expedition reveals viral diversity in the sea

Sharks removed from Alabama tournament after they're shot; 'it all goes back to sportsmanship'

Archaeologists in Peru investigate village of 'shark hunters'

Gray seal resurgence stirs call for hunt; some on Nantucket fed up with huge seal population

Chris Harvey-Clark goes 'eyeball to eyeball' with Greenland sharks

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