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NASA Ocean Anomaly: Sea Levels Falling Since January 2016

Fish can't recognise faces if they're upside down – just like us

Michael Phelps defends fact he didn't actually race a shark

Report: Alligator 'Ate toes off' of Florida man who bathed in pond

The Japan Syndrome: Melted Nuclear Fuel Found Below Fukushima by Underwater Robot

Kiwis: Plastic 'Being Regularly Ingested' by Fish Consumed in New Zealand

Full: It's been 11 years since this happened to Lake Tahoe, and it's beautiful

New Jersey Fishermen Reel in Massive 926-Pound Mako Shark; 'Fish of a lifetime'

Who Is Paul De Gelder? This Shark Attack Survivor Is Now Their Biggest Supporter

River Monsters: Five arrested for killing 'near threatened' 125 kg catfish in Almora

Pescicide: Man sentenced to 120 days in prison after fish cut in half during domestic dispute

WATCH: Diver has close encounter with rare megamouth shark

Caught on camera: Orca attacks a fishing boat and tries to rip its anchor away

The latest California craze? Parasailing over great white sharks

Swamp People: Florida man allegedly stabs alligator to death, tries to sell the meat

China tests underwater robot in South China Sea

DJ Humpback: Whales remix their old songs; 'part old song, part new song'

This could be why orcas have been eating great white sharks in South Africa

Marine group disentangles humpback whale off Cape Cod

Kind-hearted bystanders leap into the sea fully clothed to rescue a dolphin that swam into shallow waters off Dorset beach

Report: Florida wildlife officials ID men behind viral shark-dragging video

Rare fish caught in lobster trap off New Hampshire seacoast

Renowned safety diver Stephen Keenan passes away during rescue mission

Black fish: Killer whale filmed flipping seal into air off Shetland

Watch: Group of rarely-seen humpback dolphins spotted off Abu Dhabi coast

Mexican fishing bats In the Sea of Corte: Researchers delve into the mystery of a bat that makes its living at sea

Seattle's new seawall built to make life easier for fish

Little kid, big fish: 11-Year old snags record carp

Eat, love, pay: Hilsa are small fish with a huge fan base, and people will pay to protect them

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