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‘UFO’ Jellyfish Spotted in Pacific Ocean: Creepy New Species Baffle Scientists

Wave of dead sea creatures hits Chile's beaches, experts blame El Nino

Captain Cook's Ship HMS Endeavour 'Found' Off Rhode Island Coast

Surfer insurance against shark attacks an industry first; 'Peace of Mind'

Poison: Taiwanese chemical spill thought to cause mass fish die-off in Vietnam

Shark policy expert skeptical about deterrent cable for Perth beaches

Carpageddon: Aussie Scientists To Unleash Herpes In fight Against Invasive Fish Population; '70% Kill Rate'

124 Meters: William Trubridge Breaks Record for Deepest Dive Into Ocean, Then Does It Again

Man Builds House with Hole in the Floor Over Pond So He Can Fish Every Day

James Cameron’s deep-sea obsession began with this box-office miss

Man brings live Siamese fighting fish into New Zealand; 'humanely euthanized'

Sea turns red in Vietnamese province where fish died en masse

Kent divers help police protect English Channel shipwrecks

Fewer humpback whales made journey to Hawaiian waters this year

Teens capture close encounter with great white shark off Central Florida coast; 'a gray shadow'

Breeding Dory: Researchers rush to breed fish in anticipation of movie release

Cover-up : As Vietnam’s fish kill scandal grows, a scientist says the cause is known

How I survived losing my leg to a 13-foot tiger shark

Two arrested in connection with Vietnam fish death protests

Researchers: 'Eve’ and descendants shape global sperm whale population structure

Death of spinner dolphin from parasite found in cats spurs concern

Humpback whale's dramatic entrance captured on video

New Jersey fisherman faces wave of anger after fish tossing video goes viral

Watch: Playful lemon shark gets some love from scuba diver

New York boy lands potential record fish in Lake Champlain

Grandad's shock at discovering who was killing rare fish from his pond after installing secret camera

Catch of the day! Florida fisherman reel in a huge sawfish as stunned beach-goers look on

Australia: Tiger sharks make a meal of dugong off Scarborough

Pirates of the Mediterranean thwarted as Guardia Civil strip wreck

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