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At Risk: Whale-Watching Found to Stress Out Whales; 'Death By 1000 Cuts'

Mysterious And Massive 'Red Blob' Washes Up On Australian Beach

2,700-Year-Old Shipwreck Found that once ferried Phoenicians around Mediterranean Sea

Rudderless control could bring supersonic submarines from sci-fi to reality; 'We are very excited by its potential'

Norway catches 729 whales in record-breaking season; 'We Must Rebuild Demand For Whale Meat'

Aussie Outrage At Shark Slaughter By Fishermen; 'It’s ignorance or they just don’t care'

Forget Walking On Water, South African Daredevil Will walk Underwater; 'We’re not worried about sharks'

Whale Shark Pups as Fishing Bycatch in India

Deadly Beauty: Portrait Of The Portuguese Man Of war

Maine lobsterman catches rare blue lobster

Aussie team prepares to free tangled whale; 'appears to be malnourished'

Florida: Trappers hunt crocs that bit swimmers; 'They should be relocated'

Walter Mazzone dies at 96; directed U.S. Navy underwater

How deep underwater can a human really travel?

New Antarctic atlas offers index of marine life; 'It's been an enormous international effort'

Great white shark Katharine tracked heading toward Charleston coast

Florida: Man attacked by crocodile during early morning canal swim

Jellyfish sting 406 swimmers off Florida beach

Virginia boy finds 10,000-year-old arrowhead off New Jersey beach

Watch: Boaters wowed by dolphin’s backward backflips in Puget Sound

Underwater methane gas plumes erupting along Atlantic coast; 'We don't know of any explanation'

Bangkok: French boy's death prompts Thai warning on box jellyfish

Expert makes 'mystery fish' breakthrough; 'most likely a species of Laeops'

Five marine sanctuaries created in Barbuda coastal waters

You're officially allowed to pee in the ocean — here's why

Florida students invent strap that repels sharks

A great white shark menaced the Massachusetts shoreline, prompting ‘Jaws’ jokes at the beach

Microplastic: The tiny terrors found at the bottom of the Sydney harbor

Study: Residue of psychoactive drugs in water lower death rate of perch

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