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And The Sea Will Tell: Autistic 22-yr-old Rescued After 8 Days Adrift From Fishing Trip Where His Mom Went Missing Was Suspect In His Grandfather's Murder

Whales, Sea Turtles, Seals: The Unintended Catch Of Abandoned Fishing Gear

Canadian study finds non-stick pan chemical in dolphins, birds and fish

Dolphin Collides With Teen Surfer Riding a Wave in Australia; 'Its nose went straight through the board'

Australia shark attack victim reveals gruesome leg injuries after being bitten by great white

Sea Shepherd fined for 2015 Faroese whale protest

Giant 7ft tuna fish spotted in a British river 30 miles from the sea is so big its finders first thought it was a cow

Teenage surfer attacked at Australian shark hotspot; 'Severe Lacerations'

Quadruple amputee Daniel Ennett swims with the sharks 'If they're risking life and limb, then I'm only risking my life'

Florida man kills uses Glock handgun to kill fish underwater; 'I'm fascinated by guns'

Parks Canada forced to play catch up on HMS Terror find

Barnacles track whale migration: Chemical composition of hitchhikers' shells might reveal ancient baleen travel routes

Aussie MP rejects shark cull suggestion; 'does not make it any safer to swim'

He didn't make it: Pygmy whale found beached at Port Canaveral is euthanized

Seafood fraud: Ways to protect yourself from mislabeled fish

Vietnam fishermen sue Taiwan steel firm over mass fish deaths

Food: China lifts 20-year-old ban on sale of puffer fish

New home for Tokyo's famous fish market may have a pollution problem

Ballina shark attack: How the eco barrier became an 'environmental disaster'

Russian special-purpose forces get new 'underwater' assault rifle

High-tech drones prowling Atlantic waters may have found elusive whale habitat

Sound blasts could keep whales away from wind farm construction

Darkwave - Underwater languages at the brink of extinction

Australia: Shark repellents ride wave of popularity following attacks

Whale Cam: A new suction-cupped camera shows what whales do underwater

Coming soon to SeaWorld: 'respectful' orca performances

Florida men who filmed gator wrestling end up in jail

Cyprus: Two hundred divers to form underwater human chain in Guinness attempt

Australia: NSW shark attack sparks safety debate; 'I'm on the side of people'

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