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SeaWorld Veterinarians: We’re Offended by PETA Charges; 'SeaWorld Veterinarians: We’re Offended by PETA Charges'

The October Red Hunt: Swedes Could be Searching for Covert Russian Midget Sub

'I faced the biggest eel I've seen... it had a head the size of an Alsatian' - Welsh diver reveals his underwater life

Swedish Navy Hunts for Mystery Underwater Object, Russia Denies Involvement

How to conquer a fear of sharks: swim with them

Unseen infrared image of Loch Ness Monster Nessie to be revealed at Paranormal Festival

Experience: I was attacked by a dolphin; 'I knew I had to get out of the water, but couldn't because of my injuries. I felt pure terror'

Sweden deploys troops over mysterious underwater threat; 'We're on top of the situation'

River Monster: Everyone’s Eating Paiche, The 5 Million-Year-Old Fish You’ve Never Heard Of

Australian fisherman reels in huge ‘once in a lifetime’ barramundi, lets it go

Newborn Salish Sea killer whale missing, presumed dead; 'The baby didn’t make it'

Photos capture the quadrennial phenomenon as millions of salmon jam B.C.'s Adams river

California lake poisoned to get rid of invasive fish

Photographer uses drone to capture amazing footage of protective mother humpback whale and her calf off remote Tongan island

Man sentenced to prison for diver’s death near Catalina Island

Tampa: Lionfish are here, and threatening native species; 'they don't belong here'

Woman in outrigger canoe attacked by shark off California coast

Humans should thank ancient Scottish fish fossils for joy of sex

Scientists prove ship's dog on the doomed Mary Rose wreck was male

Cichlids seen 'playing' like other animals for the first time

Big hearted surfer girl forgives shark that tried to kill her

‘Graying’ crab fleet needs to recruit younger sea crabbers; no 'pipeline'

Finland: Four divers charged with raiding ancient shipwreck

Hawaii: Surfer says he hit shark with fist, board to stop attack; 'I realized I was fighting for my life'

James Bond's Lotus Esprit submarine can be yours for $1 million, kind of

California: Woman escapes harm after shark bites her canoe

Vietnam: Archaeologists claim 10 ancient ships found in Binh Chau water

U.S. ships paid bonus to avoid whales

Actor Martin Sheen launches Sea Shepherd boat

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