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Peru: Photos of Couple Manhandling Beached Dolphin 'Which Later Died' Cause Outrage

Australia: Marine experts call for removal of shark nets ahead of bumper whale season, fearing an ocean bloodbath

CDC: Underwater Breath-Holding Games Killing Swimmers 'At any water depth'

NY Officials Clarify: 'We do not ticket anglers for taking photos of fish'

Russia to Face Accusations, Fines if Extinction of Sturgeon Continues

India: Blue whales sighted off Maharashtra, after 100 years Absence

Oil-covered animals discovered on beaches after California spill

Mayor Of Japan 'Cove' Town Vows Fishermen 'Will Not Stop’ Dolphin Hunting

Japan Aquariums to Stop Acquiring Dolphins Caught in 'Cruel' Hunts; 'The Beginning Of The End'

Vancouver Aquarium dolphin Hana in critical condition after surgery; 'It is hour by hour'

Video shows dolphins swimming in oil spill area near Santa Barbara

Marine biologist raises questions about BP Gulf oil spill dolphin deaths study

Experts suggest guidelines for keeping dolphins safe year-round

River Monsters’ tales are your terrifying -- and fascinating -- fish stories

Diver missing in Tasmania found on rocks, cold but safe

Research sheds light on massive, underwater, deep sea-churning waves

Killer whales seen hunting for seals off Scotland

13 young great white sharks spotted off Southern California beach

In the US Senate, heated debate over catfish imports

Beluga whale warning issued to Long Island Sound boaters

Sea lion rescued from Santa Barbara oil spill dies at SeaWorld

7 great white sharks tagged with transmitters after sightings off California

Pentagon considers secret underwater '7-Eleven' recharging stations for sub drones

Shell No: Woman chains herself to ship in protest of drilling in Arctic

Spouting, singing fake orca hired to scare Astoria sea lions

Government hunters scout island, prepare to kill salmon-eating birds

Super rich Chinese man has massive illegal shark hoisted into his backyard

Florida: Hundreds of fossilized shark teeth being found on Palm Beach

'Massive' shark caught off Cornish coast sparks national headlines

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