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'The stuff the movie-makers dream of.' In Lake Michigan, a graveyard of long-lost ships captivates historians

Scientists: Shark fin bans might not help sharks

Shark bites surfer at Florida beach; Minor injuries reported

Jelly Surprise: Scientists in California discover the first brainless animal that sleeps; 'Totally crazy'

\Thar he blows! Famous albino whale Migaloo puts on a show off the coast of Bondi- as he heads to warmer climates in time for summer

After 20 years, California's whale tail license plates remain one of state's most successful environmental programs ever

Two Engineers Create an Underwater Jetpack to 'Fly Through Water'

Save us from the monster fish: how should you dispose of your pet?

Boy 'Attacked by shark' while surfing in Gran Canaria

Soon all of Hong Kong's dolphins will be dead; researchers search for animals daily

Water scheme threatens Yangtze River porpoises with extinction, scientist warns

Killer whale charges competitor at a Norwegian surf contest but pulls away 'when it realized it wasn't a seal'

Tragedy as a newborn whale is put down after losing his mother and becoming beached - because humpbacks can't survive in captivity

Evidence of invasive grass carp signals threat to Lake Erie

'i felt a bit edgy': Brave diver who lost leg in horror shark attack returns to the ocean – just seven months after the shocking savaging

SeaWorld rescue team works around the clock to care for orphaned manatees

Prehistoric squid were far more numerous, and their reign lasted longer, than the dinosaurs. Why do we know so little about them?

Fiona the flatulent: Baby hippo fart has internet smiling

US decision on dolphins could affect Kiwi seafood exports

Deep trouble: 7 right whales entangled this summer, new data shows

Huge demand for cuttlefish is making a fortune for British fishermen

Are plastic nanoparticles causing brain damage in fish?

The Codfather gets nearly 4 years for evading fishing quotas

San Diego: After criticism of sea mammal program, Navy boots up robots; 'animals have superior agility'

Australia: Shark boat attack in Esperance sparks tag call

Fresh Florida lobster won't be easy to find after Hurricane Irma; 'industry frozen, paralyzed'

Australia: Great white sharks circle off NSW beach where whale carcass buried

These female marine scientists have a message for girls: Sharks aren't just for boys

Scientists pan proposal to open pristine Pacific islands to fishing

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