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Risky roundup: US Navy dolphins to help capture critically endangered Mexican porpoises; 'Only about 30 vaquita remaining'

Scuba diver finds 200-year-old bottle on bottom of River Severn

California on Alert: Great white sharks spotted off two Orange County beaches; swimming ban in effect

How a Japanese and Indian Team of Engineers Came Together to Trace the Missing Dolphins of Ganga

In Pics: Locals baffled as mysterious creature washes ashore in Philippines; 'Polar Bear'?

UN: Oceans Will Have More Plastic Than Fish By 2050 If Present Trend Continues

Turkey's Derya Can shatters Guinness World Record for longest freedive under ice

Mystery fish caught by Florida fishing crew may have been world-record puffer

Scientists watching southerly migration of tropical sea slugs to chart climate change

Brave tourist puckers up for a smooch with a whale that surfaced unbelievably close to a sightseeing boat

Blackfish China: First Chinese killer whale holding facility opened

Greetings from Mexico: Large sewage spill in Tijuana flows north of border

Lucrative fish oil business further threatens Colombia's endangered pink dolphins

New Zealand: Sea Shepherd's Steve Irwin docks in Dunedin after taking on whaling fleet

The future of maritime warfare is on display in San Diego

Fish-food addicted Elmwood Park Zoo swan sent to retirement farm

Mako shark makes a 5,000-mile sprint to South Florida in just 142 days

Australia: Surfer's board 'nudged' by shark off Mandurah

Rusty reptile or Clemson fan? Orange turtles show up in South Carolina

'I should have told her I loved her while I had the chance': Hilarious memes of beluga whale who upstaged a bride by photobombing her on her big day

Survey finds some whale species abundant in Gulf of Alaska, while others remain elusive

Indonesia: Whale shark dead after being caught up in trawl

Floating with leviathans in the South Pacific

Study: Extinction threat faced by pink dolphins in waters around Hong Kong far greater than expected

Video: Dog catches fish using bread as bait

Humpback whale pictured 'in trouble' in waters off Devon coast

Want to avoid a shark encounter? These repellents range from $30 to $600

China's first killer whale breeding base put into operation in Guandong

Rumors of the lesser electric ray's demise have been greatly exaggerated

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