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Pinniped Piper? Former SeaWorld trainer says he can persuade sea lions away from La Jolla Cove

New Images Show Wreckage Of U.S. Ships Sunk During D-Day Preparations

Canadian List Downgrades Extinction Risk for Humpback Whales

Judge to Seaquarium Killer Whale: You Can’t go Home Just Yet!

What We Know (And Don’t) About the 143 Million Pounds of Nazi Chemical Weapons Leaking Into the Baltic Sea

Survey: 60% of Japanese support whale hunt; 14% eat whale meat

290m: daredevil takes the plunge and breaks new diving record; 'The dive gave me a mission'

South Korea ferry disaster: divers bring out the dead as hope of survivors lost

Morrissey criticizes Canada over their involvement in seal hunting; 'Fashionably Dead'

Export licence for Morgan the orca was correct, council of state rules

Zoologger: Sailfish is lethal d'Artagnan of the deep

Shark cull to be assessed by Western Australia’s environmental watchdog

A 19th-century shipwreck near the Golden Gate Bridge re-discovered

Aussie researchers test if orcas really do scare great whites?

Scientists: Oarfish washed ashore in California was about to spawn

'No way!' Clock found in shipwreck debris off Galveston

Mystery of 'ocean quack sound' solved

Revealed: UK aquarium cashes in on whale circus... despite 'leading global fight to free captive animals'

Taiwan sets up sanctuary for endangered humpback dolphin

Video: Mysterious snorkeler rescued by Hawaiian surfer in dramatic forgotten video

Record ice covers large chunk of Great Lakes

Gulf Coast fisherman on BP oil spill: 'The oysters are not recovering'

Romanian Minister on combat dolphins at NATO Back Sea drills: 'It is a novelty'

Neknomination drinking game contestant fined for downing goldfish

Bullfrog hunter calls B.C. to battle

Undersea danger drives underwater munitions activist Terry Long

Injection culls reef-killing crown of thorns starfish

No, we didn’t find the Loch Ness Monster with Apple Maps

Whale feces yield big clues for marine biologists; 'manuring mechanism' studied

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