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Malaysia: More calls for shark hunting ban after photo of fins on jetty surfaces

It's a Nice Night for Surfing, But Beware of Sharks. Why paddle out under the stars? To get away from the crowds, mainly

Investigation finds two Vancouver Aquarium beluga whales died of unknown toxins

At the Bottom of the Sea, Glass Spheres Prepare to Hunt for Mysterious Neutrinos

These Sharks Thrive Inside an Underwater Volcano; Scientists bring robots to the 'Sharkcano'

Spanish diver survives 60 hours in air bubble after equipment malfunction

'There's no shark increase': Aussie fisheries minister ignores Federal government's call for cull

Good Samaritans wade into the freezing Black Sea to save a dolphin after it got caught in shallow waters

A Balloon Pooping Underwater Looks Like A Real-life Stargate

California's surf spots are heading for a wipeout as rising sea level is transforming the coastline and causing iconic beaches to disappear

Surfer Laeticia Brouwer's shark bite injuries were dire but family, bystanders and paramedics fought for her life

Research reveals low number of female whale sharks in Papua

Dive right in! Head to Mumbai's first underwater festival

Revealed: 300 billion pieces of plastic are found floating in the once pristine Arctic Ocean

The new frontier in cybersecurity is underwater

SeaWorld San Antonio welcomes last baby killer whale

Towering iceberg draws hundreds to Newfoundland town; 'It's the biggest one I ever seen around here'

Arnold Schwarzenegger to narrate underwater Doc 'Wonders of the Sea'

60 rare fish trapped off Mumbai coast since August 2016

Shark migration: great white 'shark 28' travels from NSW to Western Australia

China Southern Airlines bans shark fin cargo, joining over half the world's carriers

Minke whale stranded on Scottish beach refloated by rescuers

Blue whale devours massive krill patch in a single gulp; rare video

Sri Lanka: Body of dolphin found with rear fins cut off

When in the Amazon, please do not punch the dolphins

Saving Marino: Okinawan Citizens team up with Kadena Airmen to rescue whale

Gray whale entangled off California coast still needs help after 100-foot net cut from tail

Watch: Killer whale spotted in UAE waters

Cambodia's dirty business: Three activists are living in exile following a campaign to expose Cambodia's sand mining industry

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