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Stunning drone video shows beluga whales in Arctic; 'They’re just having a huge party'

Australia slams Japan’s decision to resume Antarctic whaling; 'We Are Back where We Started'

Diver to Attempt 144-hour Record in Virgin Island waters; 'I Am Skilled At Nodding Off In The Water'

New Proposal Floated Might Make Surfers Pay for Shark Attack Deterrents

Slaughter Horror: Moment petrified whale throws himself against rocks to escape hunters

Study: Angler education can help protect sharks

Researchers Make Strides In Their Quest To Develop An Underwater Adhesive

Hole In One: Two whales killed by sole fish stuck in their blowholes

'In The Heart of the Sea' is Based On A True Story (So No, It's Not Just 'Moby Dick')

Face to face with the ugly, marvelous mola mola

Saving whales and catching pirate ships: The life of Sea Shepherd Siddharth Chakravarty

After shark attack, Rhode Island surfer dreams of catching his next wave; 'I was screaming'

Italian Navy divers seal off underwater wreck used as the Mafia’s 'bomb supermarket'

Britain's rivers becoming hotbed of crime as organized gangs steal fish on a huge scale; 'under the radar'

Study: Pulcher fish can recognize familiar faces

Could century-old Alexander Keith's bottle found underwater uncork brewing secrets?

At sea, there's a troubling rise in entangled whales

50 pounds in 9 months: Spectacular growth measured in dolphinfish

Divers dying for abalone: Why a California delicacy has become lethal

The great Atlantic comeback of the great white shark

Anonymous: Hackers target Iceland sites over whaling

Alexander Keith's beer bottle may be seized from Halifax diver; 'A heritage object'

World War II sea mine blown up off Isle of Wight

York diver Brian Goddard unearths the lost secrets of sunken ships

Japan to resume research whaling by end of year at earliest

Caltrans: 'Environmentally friendly' bridge pier implosion analysis shows minimal effect on water, wildlife

Aussie expert: Shark cull won’t solve anything; 'a societal problem'

Australia; Ballina will be first to get ‘smart’ drum lines

Scientist: Whales make mysterious visits to underwater mountains, and no one knows why

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