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Underwater 'Windmills' Could Power One-Third of Scotland

Swamp People: Florida's 'Haligator' The 'Alligator Whisperer’ Faces Felony Conservation Charge

French Grunt: Research Documents Freaked Out Fish Grind Their Teeth and Produce Odd Noise

Are There 'Oceans’ Hiding Inside The Earth? Rock Discovered Inside Diamond Deepens Mystery

Wild? More Than One-Third of U.S. Shrimp May Be Mislabeled

No Fluke: Man Gets Tangled Up in Illegal Fish Activity, Lands in Prison; 'Research Steal-aside'

Aussie Surfer kicks off attacking shark near Port Macquarie; 'I thought it was a rock at first'

Stand Your Ground: Aussie Government says Protected Sharks Can Be Killed If An 'Imminent threat’

Slow And Nearly Blind, Mysterious Greenland Sharks May Have Spread Everywhere

Sheath helps 'aqua-hamster' survive underwater

College educator sets record for female living underwater

Remains of dedicated fisherman to rest in fish sanctuary; 'his getaway'

Rare footage captures the moment a whale gave birth to her first offspring

Drone used to capture whale's blow off the coast of Australia

Shark finds new home at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Judge: Girl, 3, can legally ice fish

Every fish you eat is an environmental mystery, but would you pay more to know the truth?

'Pervasive' amounts of radioactive material found in LA, Long Beach harbors

Fishy business: Angling contest changes prize money after sexism row

Underwater World spokesman: Other than the skin cancer, pink dolphin is 'generally in good health'

Grand Cayman is the lionfish hunting capital of the world

Halloween on the high seas: 8 amazing animals that should scare us into conservation

NOAA establishes 10 priorities for restoring Gulf of Mexico

Attorney general: Man used bulldozer to alter course of river, possibly endangering salmon habitat

Kangaroo filmed with shark off Aussie coast; 'It's very Australian'

Fish 'personality' linked to vulnerability to angling; cautious live another day

More large sharks were killed by recreational anglers than commercial fishermen in the U.S. last year

NOAA removes 57 tons of marine debris from northwestern Hawaiian Islands

What happens to a dead body in the ocean?

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