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Five Swimmers Rescued From Galway Bay After Dolphin 'Slapping' Attack

Larry the giant lobster returned to sea; 'They’re still out there'

New Study: Sharks Have Distinct Personalities; 'There are other sides to their personality'

Jaws vs Jaws: Moment five meter long cannibal shark sinks its teeth into another great white half its size

Ghostly Sounds at Night Are Often Made by Fish; 'Knocks' and 'Growls'

Study: Tiny Sea Monkeys Create Giant Ocean Currents

Blackfish: Amid whale battle, some aquariums scale back; 'They're basically giving up'

Angler lands record-sized shark weighing 809 pounds and 11ft long using a bow and arrow

The eyes have it for seal after undergoing implant operation

Quietest Atlantic hurricane season since 1986; accumulated energy just 43% of 30 year average

Great white shark plays tug of war with South African fishermen

Vermont father raising awareness of a little-known water danger: Holding your breath underwater

Alaska: Biologists spot huge gathering of walruses on beach near Point Lay

Greenland hunting more killer whales as climate changes

Mexico to clarify sportfishing rules; 'tourists are important in Mexico'

Research expedition to the NW Hawaiian Islands returns with new discoveries

Florida: Alligator bites worker who was diving for golf balls in Weston; 'it sure hurts'

Canada: Beluga whale population in St. Lawrence on 'catastrophic' path

Transparent heads, micro-claws, and 10 ft worms: The world's rarest and creepiest sea creatures revealed

'It's huge man!' The moment two fishermen are almost tipped from their tinny after a giant groper RAMS them on a fishing trip

Record-breaking mako shark catch draws controversy

Father, son team creates shark-repellent device

Study shows ‘alarming levels’ of toxics in Columbia River fish

Vancouver: Young humpback whale badly injured after becoming entangled in rope

Aral Sea: How one of the world's largest lakes turned into a ship cemetery

The five most expensive antique lures in existence

Controversial plans to expand Tasmanian salmon industry, environmentalists accuse farms of polluting ocean

Time to get wet: Underwater photos of girls in sailor suits and… plastic exoskeletons?

Wales: Dolphin 'superpod' off Pembrokeshire coast 'spectacular'

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