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Underwater Photographer of the Year 2015 winners – in pictures

In the 1800s, Courts Tried to Enforce Partnerships With Dolphins

SeaWorld posts wider fourth-quarter loss as attendance keeps falling

'Shark Lady' Eugenie Clark, Famed Marine Biologist, Has Died

Justice: Supremes Overturn Conviction Of Fishermen Convicted Of 'Shredding' Grouper 'Evidence'

Sharks reveal new super memory: can be taught to recognize shapes, and optical illusions, and remember them for at least a year

Italian fisherman catches monstrous 280-pound catfish

Foggy: Boat traveling 40-50 mph crashes into Florida restaurant

Deep-sea hug: Giant octopus wraps around diver's face near Vancouver Island

In search of the monsters: Q&A with Jeremy Wade

Ireland: Call for a ban on fishing in Arctic areas where ice is melting; 'unusually vulnerable environment'

Big fish: Pelican bites off more than he can chew

Do whales have graveyards where they prefer to die?

Maine officials say lobstermen recorded another year of high lobster catch in 2014

The day after tomorrow is today: Lobster boats frozen in New England harbor

Crocodile eggs being given best possible chance to hatch – and be female

Fish native to Japan found in crab pot off Oregon coast

Peru was a crocodile paradise before the Amazon River went and ruined it

Great white shark swims close to Washington coast, eats seal

Group: Warship could sink accidentally before it's done on purpose for artificial reef; 'borrowed time'

Dead fish cover Brazil's Olympic sailing venue, Olympic Committee remains pleased

Terrifying moment trawler pulled in its nets - and found an unexploded 1,000lb bomb that was jettisoned by the RAF during WWII

U.S. scientists spot third baby killer whale born in recent months to endangered pods off West Coast

Famous great white Katherine on path to Gulf of Mexico

MH370: 40% of search area covered

Video first as grouper caught chomping on a lionfish

Malaysia: Soldier injured In swordfish attack

Steve Irwin's family pay tribute to the late star on what would have been his 53rd birthday

Rescuers free manatees trapped in Florida storm drain

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