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Lost sea lion pup gets a ride in a patrol car; 'Was extremely friendly with the deputies'

1.4 trillion gallons of water Later, Where's California's Delta Smelt? Amid Record Droughts, Regulators Pushed 'Sloppy science and Unidirectional Prescriptions'

Great white shark attacks Kiwi film crew; 'I don't think this is such a brilliant f****** idea'

Listen to an underwater volcano erupt: Surprising sound of one of Earth's most violent events captured beneath the waves

Surfer critically injured by shark off southern Australia; witness reports large great white swimming Away With Leg

India: Scuba Diving Firm's Licence Cancelled, Diving Instructor Arrested Following Underwater Groping Accusation

Poachers Targeting Baby sharks Along Southern California Coast

32-pound Barracuda eaten too quickly; could have set world record

WWF Values Ocean Assets At $24 Trillion; Climate Change Failing Ocean’s Health

Florida Keys: Man is bit by a shark while photographing it, 58 stitches ensue

VIDEO: Poor crab swallowed whole by octopus after brave chase

BBC admits 'whale hunting' scenes from Hunters of the South Seas may upset viewers

Israel to limit fishing in Mediterranean in response to declining fish stocks

B-29 plane crash site in Lake Mead open to public again

DARPA seeks advanced nextgen underwater communications

Amazing underwater footage of basking shark off West Cork

Invasive lionfish may have had multiple points-of-origin in Caribbean

Killer whales filmed circling boat in tropical waters off NT coast, scientists stunned by rare sighting

South Australia: Aggressive fur seals attacking rare birds, pelicans and fishing nets

Researcher says a sinking Santa Catalina could pose tsunami threat

7 years of college down the drain: University student sets underwater Rubik’s Cube record

Ocean cleanup reunites Ontario man with wedding band

The frog with an underwater sex dungeon: Amphibian that likes to mate in privacy and hide its eggs discovered

Man who survived 12 days lost at sea missing again

Scottish salmon catch at lowest in 63 years

Canadian commercial fisherman charged for catching too many halibut; 'I'm scared to death to come in'

Caymans reef sharks may be hunting lionfish

Maine lobsterman faces suspension of up to 1 year for illegal use of hundreds of traps

PETA wants aquarium officials to think outside the tank: Use mechanical fish

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