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Rare Bizarre-Looking Creature Spotted by Underwater Researchers

Florida: 'The Grouper' reclaims world record, stays 51 hours underwater

Undersea 'Asteroid Mission' Wraps Up Off Florida Coast; 'It catches the eye'

Marshalls president: 'The beaches where I used to fish are underwater'

Japan to Resume Whaling Next Year, Defying International Whaling Commission

Sylvia Earle on eating fish: 'Think of them as wildlife, first and foremost'

Study: Bolder stickleback fish make faster decisions

An Orangutan Learns to Fish

Giant 'New' Toxic jellyfish pops up in Western Australia; 'It's just a whopping huge animal'

Underwater hotel keeps 150,000 guests waiting for 13 years

Fishing in troubled waters: Animal waste from abattoirs fed to fish

Paleontologists find 310-million-year-old shark egg case

Official: Even 2% increased mortality can lead to extinction of dolphins

Underwater hunt for missing Malaysia plane to resume this month as search shifts south

Philippines: Marine park says false killer whale 'Tonka' succumbed to bowel disorder

Philippines: Blamed for whale death, marine park cries foul

Rescuers search for entangled humpback whale off Vancouver Island

Labrador: Rare beluga visits town for weeks

So what might Scottish independence mean for marine conservation?

Polar bears chew through silicone in Winnipeg zoo's underwater tunnel

Man gets 4-month sentence for poaching geoducks

Florida: Diver denied treatment for decompression sickness

Underwater obstacles won't stop this aluminum-armored jet ski

Non-toxic: Judge tosses lawsuit over Washington State fish consumption rates

The world's first powered submarine arrived 60 years before its time

Queensland: Authorities targeting crown-of-thorns starfish 'seeding areas'

Diving begins around Franklin shipwreck

Florida diver begins quest to reclaim world record for longest saltwater dive

California: Sailboat allegedly runs over pod of whales off Lover's Point

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