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Expert now says half of Florida Keys dolphins could be at mortal risk with morbillivirus outbreak

Whale wars: Sea Shepherds Found in Contempt of Court For Anti-whaling Campaign

How scientists found deepest-ever fish 5 miles down; 'It's a new species'

Wanted: Dead or Alive; Aussie Authorities Target 'Threatening' Great White Shark

PETA Offers Underwater Drones to 'Help Document the Cruelty Inherent in Fishing'

California: Dog Swims 1.5 Miles During Storm To Reunite With Owner After Home On Water Sinks

New Science Paints Picture of Salmon Shark Diet; 'It’s been pretty poorly studied'

Missing MH370: Underwater Hunt for Malaysia Airlines Jet Could End by May

Huge mako shark caught in the Gulf of Mexico

Shifting trade winds behind lack of oxygen in tropical seas

It’s a girl! Sex of baby orca born 2 weeks ago determined

The dog that finds underwater bodies

Denmark claims North Pole through underwater ridge link from Greenland

The world’s biggest canned tuna company is about to get a lot bigger

'Ditching, ditching, ditching!': Marines complete underwater egress training; 'I wanted it to be over'

Kon-Tiki, film review: Brilliantly shot epic voyage captures feelings of awe and terror

Inaugural National Data Science Bowl kicks off with plankton identification algorithm challenge

Spectacular moment humpback whales lunge out of ocean to swallow herring during feeding frenzy

Outstanding underwater film makes killer whales like magic creatures

Jackie Chan's cameraman drowns; 'How could I be so incompetent, I didn't save you!'

Activists lobbying to get protective zones for endangered killer whales in Puget Sound

NOAA investigators say dolphin found on Georgia beach shot in Florida by a juvenile

South Africa: Whale shark caught in the nets at Salt Rock beach

Slow down! Marine advisory issues for Cape Code over whale traffic

Great Barrier Reef potato cod at risk from own friendliness

Aussie tourism operators tackle crown of thorns

Entrepreneur aims to help Indonesian shark fishermen move to tourism

One of world's most invasive fish detected in New South Wales for first time

New Zealand: Third time lucky for lonely lost seal pup; Well-fed pup keeps coming back to Picton

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