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Aussie fishing trawler in trouble if seal and dolphin excluder isn't working

Taiji blowback: Zoo organization suspends Japanese member from its roster

Gran Canaria's beaches under threat after Russian fishing boat carrying 1,400 tonnes of fuel oil leaks up to 10 liters an hour

Polish architect to pitch underwater tennis stadium in Dubai

Florida Keys: Man is bit by a shark while photographing it, 58 stitches ensue

VIDEO: Poor crab swallowed whole by octopus after brave chase

BBC admits 'whale hunting' scenes from Hunters of the South Seas may upset viewers

Israel to limit fishing in Mediterranean in response to declining fish stocks

B-29 plane crash site in Lake Mead open to public again

DARPA seeks advanced nextgen underwater communications

Amazing underwater footage of basking shark off West Cork

Invasive lionfish may have had multiple points-of-origin in Caribbean

Killer whales filmed circling boat in tropical waters off NT coast, scientists stunned by rare sighting

South Australia: Aggressive fur seals attacking rare birds, pelicans and fishing nets

Jaws meets kangaroo? Rare, cute pocket shark found in deep

Vancouver Aquarium casts wide net in Spain; jellyfish 'exchanges' eyed

Discovery releases first Shark Week 2015 promo

Vietnamese held for poaching sea cucumber

Police officer shot at 'very large' shark to retrieve body of swimmer

Photographer may have found how seal species captures prey

The company tied to a massive fish kill at the Texas State Aquarium is speaking out; 'We want to know what happened'

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