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Photographer uses drone to capture amazing footage of protective mother humpback whale and her calf off remote Tongan island

Man sentenced to prison for diver’s death near Catalina Island

Tampa: Lionfish are here, and threatening native species; 'they don't belong here'

Woman in outrigger canoe attacked by shark off California coast

Humans should thank ancient Scottish fish fossils for joy of sex

Scientists prove ship's dog on the doomed Mary Rose wreck was male

Sweden hunts for suspected Russian submarine in Cold War-style drama

EU: Britain 'not doing enough to protect porpoise'

Underwater rope-skipper breaks Guinness record in pool

Australia: Bull shark tears Lake Macquarie fishermen's sea anchor 'to shreds'

Scots swimming pools get underwater CCTV cameras; 'potentially intrusive'

Philippines: Divers dismayed over capture, death of giant sunfish

Killer whale Old Thom spotted again in Bay of Fundy; 'It's incredibly unusual'

Fishery research: A squid that a shark won't eat; 'You'll never see a repellant be 100 percent effective'

Grueling sport of salmon snagging challenges anglers; 'It's not fishing. It's work'

Australia: Girl's foot bitten by shark on NSW beach

Storm-tossed and seriously injured rare turtle makes remarkable recovery

Florida nature center suspects someone tried to steal shark

Engineers develop breath-test device for dolphin health; 'explosive breathers'

Florida: Melbourne Beach weighs shark fishing, chumming ban

Star-shaped private yacht contains eight decks with enough room for helipad and underwater viewing deck

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