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News: Shark sightings continue in water off of U.S. east coast

Story: Despite spate of attacks off Carolina coast, 'Shark Week' boosts unfounded fears of the underwater predator

Champion free-diver 'ties knot' underwater off Monaco coast

'Avatar 2' release date news: Sequel coming to theaters in 2017; rumored to have underwater setting

Eight and counting: Hospital confirms North Carolina shark bite victim over the weekend

Endangered hawksbill sea turtle slaughtered in Costa Rica

Cluster of great white sharks has Monterey Bay scientists in awe

Four killer whales born off BC coast celebrate milestone

Fishermen off NC coast reeling in fish half-eaten by sharks

Graphic video : Underwater footage of tiger shark eating a turtle

'Don't go to the ocean - the ocean is the shark's house': Tennessee woman offers beach safety tips in amusing video

Unprecedented wave of shark attacks causes terror in North Carolina; wildlife experts say it is not 'a Jaws situation'

Video: Florida charter boat captain fishing on a kayak nearly becomes one shark's lunch

Study: Rising CO2 levels redistributing the world’s food fish

Only in Florida: Trapper takes gator to Naples car wash

Florida: Video shows beachgoers save stranded young dolphin

California: Dolphin leaps in boat, breaks woman's ankles; 'I've never seen this before'

The world’s most beautiful greenhouses are underwater, and growing strawberries

Video: Scots kayakers save dolphin from drowning

Photog captures image of Orca teaching calf to hunt

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