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Photos: Rare white dolphin spotted swimming in Monterey Bay

Holy mackerel! Belfast warned not to eat free fish lying on the roadside

Bowhead whale songs are complex and copied

California: Sea lions starving in mass numbers; 'preparing for the worst'

Ancient underwater forest discovered off Norfolk coast; 'Doggerland'

A floating artificial reef would let you walk down into the ocean deep

Video: Fisherman wrestles with great white shark to dig out fishing hook from its jaws

Smokies scientists find 900 more miles of streams; 'I'm surprised we didn't find more'

Declining health forces Shedd to euthanize 30-year-old dolphin

Kiwis: Whales threatened by speeding ships

Australia: Rare injured beaked whale dies off coast of Yorke Peninsula

Serial throat-slasher kills 10 pelicans in south Florida a year after identical incident that wiped out dozens of birds

Dramatic footage shows moment fishermen cling to each other during rescue in freezing waters seconds before their boat sank

New 'hybrid' underwater vehicle prototype

Rising ocean temps: The Great Barrier Reef could lose 90% of its coral

These underwater mountains are more dangerous than they look

The Florida Aquarium honors sunken Civil War steamer

Footage reveals giant squid flashing to attract mates

Poaching: 13 North Carolina fishermen face charges, accused of lying about where they caught fish

Making the connection between climate and fisheries: An interview with NOAA Fisheries scientist Jon Hare

Mass tuna die-off hits Tokyo Sea Life Park; 'There might not be any fish left in the tanks by the end of the month'

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