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Mysterious orange water at Dubai Marina raises concerns

Scientists battle storms in mission to study Greenland shark

Watch: Florida men swim with whale shark

Carcass of 250-pound fish found at Oregon's Keno Dam; 'It was quite a surprise'

This cuttlefish's secret trick: Pretending to be a crab

1,000 Kilometers from the coast, bears gorge on ocean fish

Lobstermen win concession to fish in coral protection zone

Video: Bald eagle snatches bait fish off boat

They're here: Tampa residents shocked to find bull sharks in Hillsborough River

Antarctic researchers take icy plunge to mark solstice

The McCulloch: A century after sinking, this storied ship Will remain underwater

Real killer whales! Porpoise fights for survival as it is hunted by two mother orcas and four babies

Marine mammal group: Young beluga whale struggling after relocation

It is not written: Whales doomed to starve inside north-west Australian coral reef make miraculous escape

Auditing the blue blood bank: Horseshoe crabs have been saving our species--are we endangering theirs?

Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market to move, but will return after 5 years

42 years later: Why the legacy of 'Jaws' has nothing to do with the shark

In a Bering Sea battle of killer whales vs. fishermen, the whales are winning; 'primordial struggle'

Cornish dolphin population at risk of being wiped out following fishing net deaths

Hundreds turn out to protest against Tassal's Okehampton Bay salmon farm; 'I'm going to my first ever protest'

'Real Brexit battle will be at sea over claim to fish stocks'

Lost: Tracking signals indicate rescued beluga is approaching other whale pods

Trinidad: Feces, fish waste not stopping sea bathers at Flat Rock; 'I enjoy every moment of it'

Group: Beluga rescued from N.B. river swims towards possible reunion with pod

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