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Like a scene from Alien - octopus sticks itself to diver's face in creepy underwater footage

Underwater drone to hunt for MH370 in desolate stretch of Indian Ocean where sonar contacts found

Scientists discover freakish two-headed shark embryo

Our jaws evolved from ancient fish: 420-million-year old fossil reveals how the bones in our faces formed

Massive 14-Pound lobster caught; A charter in Bermuda had the night of their lives

Dam operator accused of killing thousands of fish in Maine

Great white shark bites through divers' air hose, gets stuck in diving cage; videos

Shark attack victim one of the 'stars' of new reality TV show shot at Gold Coast hospital

14-year-old Brit celebrates underwater success with diving qualification; 'the water was freezing'

'Fish of dreams' British monster-hunting anglers hook gigantic fish

Bite back: Western Australia rejects Federal bid to close shark fishery

Inside the 'CSI' probe into dozens of unexplained whale deaths; 'Ready for the cutting?'

From research labs to Egyptian cities: Most bizarre things built underwater

Pilot spots sharks from above to save surfers; 'I wouldn't go swimming out there'

Study: All-female hybrid fish species mates with males to maintain genetic diversity

Diver inside cage with great white shark tells how he survived, faced other sharks

Expert: Massive million-year-old shark tooth washes ashore after Hurricane Matthew

Aussie fisherman fights off a great white shark with a broom

Could a Russian ship be messing with Syria's underwater internet cables?

Far-ranging elephant seal sets swim record

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