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On the trail of whales: shore-based whale watching takes off

Researchers find that networking lets sharks off the hook; 'forty-six thousand sharks could have been saved'

Marine flaura expert says 'shark sightings' in Sydney lake were likely just dolphins

Glastonbury Festival organizers fined after fish killed by raw sewage

Watch: Shark-detecting drone above Australian beach detects... dolphins

Taiwan: Lawmaker wants steeper punishments for killing protected fish

Return of the vampire fish: Ancient lampreys with razor-sharp teeth make a comeback in British rivers and target swimmers

Infamous fish farm disease detected in Norway is possibly on one British Colombia fish farm

Taiwan: After fish slaying, only 6 endangered humphead wrasses left

Florida: 50-year-old woman bitten by shark in Vero Beach

Kiwi submariners peddling towards world record attempt

Public pools, hot tubs are disgusting, CDC confirms; data was reviewed on 84,187 routine inspections of 48,632 venues

Chattanooga market to host 'what's it's like to be a Tennessee Aquarium volunteer diver'

UK’s harbor porpoise strandings linked to rising starvation

Massachusetts: Foggy the whale entangled yet again. Can this danger be prevented?

Diver swims close enough to school of huge tiger sharks to hand feed them and stroke their heads

McDonald's responds after being dragged into New Zealand fish sustainability row

Fire, protests, and distrust in the wake of Chile’s fishery shutdown

Carry on: Pet fish in tupperware container kicked off Jetstar flight from Wellington

Hawaii: Shark tangled in fishing line saved by beachgoers

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