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Incredible whale sighting off Oz coast

Officials: Rescue diver who died ‘ran out of air’

Why world renowned underwater photographer Stephen Finks keeps getting lured back to Aussie shores

Beach blanket bloodbaths: What is summer without movies about the horrors of coastal living?

Video: Moment 50 basking sharks were filmed swimming through the sea off Scottish coast

Video: Fireman is pulled overboard by a 400-pound fish

Divers upset to see dead sharks on boat near Mabul Island

Hawaii: Proposal uses ashes of loved ones to create an artificial reef in Maunalua Bay

Hammerhead sharks roll over and swim sideways to save energy

Closing the port to illegal fishers: New international agreement should help strip illegal fishers’ access to the market

New app helps family in close call with great white shark; 'don't go swimming today'

VIDEO: Surfer tells of baby humpback whale rescue

Dramatic photo shows massive shark dangerously close to surfers

Study: LA River polluted with harmful levels of fecal bacteria; 'Doesn't look clean'

Incredible drone footage captures 40 huge sharks tear apart a whale carcass in feeding frenzy in Western Australia

Pod of huge killer whales turn the sea red as they hunt seals off coast of Shetland isles

Mexico's gillnet ban becomes permanent to save near-extinct vaquita porpoises

VIdeo: Peruvian fishermen rescue baby whale from net

Colorado man suffers 'vicious' croc attack at Costa Rica beach resort

'Ocean Warrior': Sea Shepherd launches new anti-poaching boat

The whale guardians of San Francisco Bay

Michigan hatchery webcam offers 24/7 fish reality show

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