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Florida man kills uses Glock handgun to kill fish underwater; 'I'm fascinated by guns'

Parks Canada forced to play catch up on HMS Terror find

Barnacles track whale migration: Chemical composition of hitchhikers' shells might reveal ancient baleen travel routes

Aussie MP rejects shark cull suggestion; 'does not make it any safer to swim'

He didn't make it: Pygmy whale found beached at Port Canaveral is euthanized

Seafood fraud: Ways to protect yourself from mislabeled fish

Vietnam fishermen sue Taiwan steel firm over mass fish deaths

Food: China lifts 20-year-old ban on sale of puffer fish

New home for Tokyo's famous fish market may have a pollution problem

Ballina shark attack: How the eco barrier became an 'environmental disaster'

The relics of war: Haunting underwater images show US aircraft dumped in the Pacific 70 years ago after the surrender of Japan

Mexico: Residents fearful after crocodile kills child

Egypt: Ministry says shark found in Sharm El-Sheikh of dangerous species

Southern right whale visits fisherman off Africa's southern tip; 'Hi guy'

Did a large ship kill this Sitka Sound whale?

Great white shark stalks kayaker until it encounters his secret weapon; 'It’s big, whatever it is'

Why do these fish sing only at night?

Coral fish stress out if separated from 'shoal-mates'

Audit: Gulf oil spill money for Louisiana fish testing misspent, used for unnecessary iPads, cameras

Giant shark gets terrifyingly close to divers – before pooing all over them

The shark fin ban that should be banned: Why eliminating the shark fin trade in the United States is bad for sharks and fishers

This crazy passage in France disappears underwater twice a day

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