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Photos: Gray whale gets a hankering for a sand scrub in Newport Beach, puts on a show

Malaysia: Plastic garbage found in whale carcass

Ancient Rome: Luxury sunken city where Julius Caesar spent summers was built with imported marble

Experts: Motorboat noise on Ningaloo Reef 'can harm fish survival rates'

Aussie mum tells of horrifying moment ‘shark’ chased daughter

Tests: Pod of whales that died on UK beach may have veered off course due to toxic metal poisoning

Astonishing moment diver comes across 'singing' humpback whale off Hawaii coast

Ya man: Research shows Caribbean sperm whales share a unique regional call

This bus-size Omura whale is even more unusual than we thought as scientists piece together its secret life

Lost sunken ship reappears 80 years later off Southern California coast

IN PICTURES: The terrifying underwater sinkholes used for Aussie police diver training

Huge 'oceanscrapers' part of plans for underwater city made with plastic waste

Mesmerizing video shows huge pod of dolphins performing for fishing boat and playing together in the water

Rare right whale stuck in Florida inlet gives spectators ‘once in a lifetime’ experience

Anguish of Japanese tsunami-stricken family: Don't call off search operation yet

Tracking fish from hook to fork: New tracing technologies will make it easier to see where fish are coming from

Hopes rise for seventh whale stranded off Norfolk as searchers hope it has swum to deeper waters

Arctic sea ice levels hit record low after unusually warm January

Gulf of Mexico diver describes confrontation with monster mako shark

9,200-year-old fish fermentation site found in Sweden

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