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Shipwrecks at risk from fishing ‘bulldozers’

Kiwis may take legal action over whaling

Face to face with the ugly, marvelous mola mola

Saving whales and catching pirate ships: The life of Sea Shepherd Siddharth Chakravarty

After shark attack, Rhode Island surfer dreams of catching his next wave; 'I was screaming'

Italian Navy divers seal off underwater wreck used as the Mafia’s 'bomb supermarket'

Britain's rivers becoming hotbed of crime as organized gangs steal fish on a huge scale; 'under the radar'

Study: Pulcher fish can recognize familiar faces

Could century-old Alexander Keith's bottle found underwater uncork brewing secrets?

At sea, there's a troubling rise in entangled whales

50 pounds in 9 months: Spectacular growth measured in dolphinfish

Divers dying for abalone: Why a California delicacy has become lethal

Watch: Incredible moment cameraman gets within touching distance of majestic blue whale

Good news: Killer whale entangled in rope and float 3 weeks ago seen as clear and free now

Fish show signs of sentience in ‘emotional fever’ test

Moray eel attempts 'lightning fast' ambush on fish

The Birds: Seagulls seen eating baby whales alive

Group: Costa Rica is not doing enough to protect diminished shark populations

Researchers: 900th whale shark found in the Philippines

Australian surfers stay out of the sea as great whites torment town

Demand to ban super-trawlers in Irish waters as big boats feast on fish while local vessels lie idle

Entangled whale spotted, believed heading toward San Diego waters

Underwater snap of tadpoles 'flying' in bright blue sky wins Royal Society Publishing photo contest

Oregon, Washington, California forced to put their commercial crab seasons on hold after dangerous toxins were found in the crustacean

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