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Every fish you eat is an environmental mystery, but would you pay more to know the truth?

'Pervasive' amounts of radioactive material found in LA, Long Beach harbors

Fishy business: Angling contest changes prize money after sexism row

Florida: Dead croc is buried at an undisclosed location; 'he died fighting'

Watch moment curiosity gets the better of kitten who is dragged underwater during fish attack

Diver records stunning display of nature as ferocious sharks feast on carcass of dead whale off the Bahamas

Chester the false killer whale has an adorable time playing in the rain at rescue center

Australia: 137 snubfin dolphins identified in Roebuck Bay, but pressure on the population prompts calls for marine sanctuary

SeaWorld crew rescues sea lion impaled by gaff pole

Watch sea lion feasting on fish throw annoying dog to shore when pesky pooch gets too close

Nature group names great white shark after fallen soldier

New effort to clean up undersea tires off Fort Lauderdale; 'moderately challenging'

Toronto art installation imagines people doing everyday activities while submerged underwater

River detectives dive into a polluted industrial past

Brazil: Deadly pufferfish 'gift' paralyses eleven family members

The megalodon is extinct: New study rubbishes claim that giant shark still roams the ocean - and says it died out 2.6 million years ago

Swamp People: Florida duo catches 13-foot gator by hand; 'lumpy' scouted for months

Kill 'em all: Alaska's largest pike poisoning project underway

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