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Hero dog saves the life of a stranded baby porpoise

Incredible video shows boy catching fish inside a fish

Abundant fish draw 1 million penguins to Argentine peninsula

Underwater meadows that protect humans from deadly bacteria in alarming global decline

Rob Stewart's sister says film community will rally to finish second shark doc

Pinch Me: In a Washington State lake, two of the most globally invasive crayfish species are duking it out. Should we step in?

As scuba divers get older, a tragic death underscores risk

Why are Oklahomans turning to medicine meant for their pet fish? 'They cured my fish's tooth ache'

Giant great white shark stalks diver – what happens next is amazing

Proposed law would outlaw shark fin trade in Florida

Endangered fish among the evacuees of Oroville dam crisis

Specimen of 50-tonne whale is hauled onto a huge truck by a crane as it's being transported to a museum in China

Hawaii: Whales finding safer passage; fewer entanglements with debris, fewer boat strikes have been reported this season

Video: Grizzly bear steals Jeremy Wade's salmon right off his line

Massive 4 meter tiger shark is largest research group has seen; photos

Shark savagely devoured by sea lion as boaters watch in awe; photos

Underwater bomb-defusing robot arms to make a splash with the US Navy

Albania promotes its underwater archaeology, for tourism

Why researchers are hunting killer whales in the Antarctic

Whale carcasses cut open 'like balloons' to stop them exploding after mass stranding on New Zealand beach

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