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This man discovered an ancient city underwater while diving casually on the Tanzania coast

Can this man save SeaWorld San Antonio? 'We’re never going to please PETA'

Brexit vote: 'This is an opportunity for UK fishermen'

Photos reveal ship damage to coral reef in shark sanctuary

Pod of orca whales spotted off Oregon coast

Canada’s fish stocks severely depleted: Oceana report; 'failed to live up to the ideal'

Winter of the shark: Man bitten by a shark‚ another found dead on South Africa's beaches

Summer of the shark: Florida surfer, South Carolina swimmer bitten; 'grip and go'

Revealed: The underwater grave of Lord Kitchener and 736 other men who died when their warship hit a mine 100 years ago

Lionfish: Invasive poisonous fish on the rise in the Mediterranean

Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific announces shark fin ban

Dolphin found stranded with broken jaw recovering at SeaWorld

It’s shark season — and at least one is feeding near Cape Cod coast

Breeding the Ubercoral: Researchers work to fast-track evolution to help corals face a changing ocean

The underwater ‘skyscrapers’ that could revive coral: Radical concept lets vertical reefs grow on submerged towers of glass

R/V Martin Sheen ship to ply B.C. waters in July on 'salmon campaign'

First-time fisherman reels in 300-pound shark off Florida coast

Aussie authorities plea for safety gear in wake of scuba deaths

Watch couple say 'I do' in underwater ceremony at the aquarium

Floridians encouraged to fish, cook lionfish; 'Lionfish can eat a lot'

The science of ‘Finding Dory’: University of Washington professor helps bring movie to life

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