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How I survived losing my leg to a 13-foot tiger shark

Two arrested in connection with Vietnam fish death protests

Aussie fishermen caught 20kg tuna using drone to spot the fish

Kiwi fisherman in hospital after shark bite; 'The guy thought it was dead'

Kayaker rescued by helicopter after hooking a fish so big it caused him to sink

Chinese 'croco-dolphin' unfortunately just a whale

Rare protests in Vietnam over mass fish deaths

Vietnamese authorities suspend performance art piece about mass fish deaths

Animal activists brace for ‘Finding Dory’ impact on tropical fish

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For every Hong Kong wedding, 30 sharks have to die - video’s shock message

Diver records encounter with friendly silky sharks in Florida

Indonesia has a new weapon against illegal fishing: nano-satellites

Harbor porpoise found dead on Brit beach thought to have been 'killed by seals'

Photos and video: Workers are cutting, disposing of beached gray whale, but they're not done yet

Spectacular drone footage captures the moment paddle boarders come face-to-face with a pod of migrating whales

Biologists: Migrating gray whales passing California could number 1,000-plus

Drinking like a fish! Incredible moment fish-out-of-water gulps down beer on side of anglers' boat

The amazing story behind Muhammad Ali's underwater boxing photos

The scourge of 'ghost fishing': Divers plunge to depths of over 100ft to clear up abandoned nets and traps that kill sea life

Aussie Navy called in after snorkeler confuses sea urchins for deadly underwater mines

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