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Biologists: Migrating gray whales passing California could number 1,000-plus

Drinking like a fish! Incredible moment fish-out-of-water gulps down beer on side of anglers' boat

The amazing story behind Muhammad Ali's underwater boxing photos

The scourge of 'ghost fishing': Divers plunge to depths of over 100ft to clear up abandoned nets and traps that kill sea life

Aussie Navy called in after snorkeler confuses sea urchins for deadly underwater mines

Precious moment a volunteer kisses goodbye to a Chinese sturgeon

Surfers carry beached dolphin family back to ocean in delicate rescue mission

Video: Gator pulled from Florida beach using fishing pole

Was it a meteor? Solving the mystery of New Jersey's 'tsunami' buoy anomaly

Monterey Bay humpback whale freed while orcas feed, frolic; 'the whale would have died'

Mote scientist: Bikini girl's video of shark swimming in ocean evidence of healthy ocean

Florida teen surfer bitten twice by shark at New Smyrna Beach speaks out; 'I was freaking out'

Photographer captures astonishing moment hungry killer whale tosses a seal through the air to stun it before it's eaten

Entangled whale saved in Monterey Bay by rescue team and fisherman

Coral reef 600-miles long containing 73 species of fish found at mouth of Amazon River

Policeman struggles to move stubborn sea lion after it waddles onto road

Dolphin and pup stun tourists as they swim and play together in Bahamas

Abalone grown in world-first sea ranch in WA 'as good as wild catch'

Astonishing video shows a fisherman letting beast nibble on a leopard shark – until it gets very angry








Lionfish: Venomous fish wildly popular at Manhattan eatery

Fishermen use their dead friend as bait to reel in monster catch 'in his honor'

Researchers: Finding starved whale dead off Seattle coast was ‘normal occurrence’

Fearless free diver captures terrifying footage of hammerhead and bull sharks after coming face to face with the predators

Diver killed in Gloucester loved shipwreck exploration; 'Whatever he did, he did it all-out'

Giant tarpon fish almost eats woman's hand during feeding time

Diver finds prehistoric mastodon jaw; 'I knew I had found something very rare'

Family feud erupts over iPhone recovered in search for Florida teen fishermen

'Shark-eye' cam captures biofluorescence of catsharks

Expert expects more sharks off Northeast Florida beaches this summer; death 'rare'

The incredible mystery of the ‘alien spacecraft’ that lies at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Gnarly: Decomposing whale carcass threatens to draw sharks to popular surfing area

Activists fight to free Lolita the whale after 46 years of captivity

Missing Florida teens’ boat found off coast of Bermuda

Ruby-red seadragon species spotted in the wild for the first time

Surfer films video of great white breaching in Southern California; 'Maybe we’ll go somewhere else'

Three 16th century English cannons and the remains of a galley discovered during cleanup on a Spanish beach

Crafty mink steals large fish from ice fisherman in Russia

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