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University marine scientist helps solve mystery of WWII's M.I.A.s

No tanks! Skin-diving group braves shark-infested waters to spear fish off Louisiana's coast

Research: Warming waters pose dangers to Arctic cod,

Two California sea lions killed in Bonneville trap mishap

Aussie man casually wades into the sea and plucks a shark from the water with his bare hands

Research: Artificial light may alter underwater ecosystems

Researchers: Seamount 300 miles off Oregon coast is erupting

Aussie fisherman snags escaped cow; 'a bit stressed from having an evening swim'

New bill proclaims striped bass U.S. national fish; 'enshrine its place in our nation's cultural heritage'

Would animals swim differently on an alien planet? 'Water's water'

Concern over plan to spray new pesticide on oyster beds; 'This is insane! This is wrong!'

Half of lakes and streams in southern Minnesota found too polluted for safe swimming, fishing

Finland fires warning charges at suspect object in waters off Helsinki

Dive discovers missing aircraft hangar of sunken WW II-era japanese submarine

Fish vs. sponge: Predatory battle in Caribbean on verge of destroying ecosystem

Hungry pelicans credited with gobbling thousands of goldfish infesting Boulder lake

Aussie fishing trawler in trouble if seal and dolphin excluder isn't working

Taiji blowback: Zoo organization suspends Japanese member from its roster

Gran Canaria's beaches under threat after Russian fishing boat carrying 1,400 tonnes of fuel oil leaks up to 10 liters an hour

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