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The world's 21 best beaches revealed: Ultimate destinations for the perfect seaside holidays

From 'zombie' urchins to seafood gold? Studies test sea urchin farming in Canada

Australia doesn't rule out future underwater search for MH370

On the bright side: Fruitless search for MH370 could mean bountiful catches for fishermen

Scuba diver 'wreck champion' honoured for dedicated shipwreck research

'World's bravest duck' swims with Sumatran tiger at Australian zoo

Scientists remain stymied over cause of fish kill in southwestern Nova Scotia

Why is the sea salty? From pissed off giantesses to a pissing cockroach, folk tales and myths offer some creative explanations

Sardines under threat of extinction as overfishing pushes them towards being wiped out

The twilight of Tokyo's legendary fish market; 'I don't want to move'

Research: Super-sensitive seal whiskers pinpoint fish breath

Dam them: Small Turkish village flooded with despite locals' pending legal case

Marine experts perform a gruesome autopsy on a killer whale washed up on a Scottish beach to find out how she died

Couple spot pair of swimming dolphins from their back garden - 15 miles away from the sea

Incredible plans unveiled for world's first 'floating city' in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

What drove almost a hundred dolphins to their death off Florida? Ninety-five mammals wash up dead in mystery mass stranding in the Everglades

Going: Myanmar's 'smiling' Irrawaddy dolphins on brink of extinction

Video: Florida fishermen catch video of shark jumping out of water

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