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Prehistoric squid were far more numerous, and their reign lasted longer, than the dinosaurs. Why do we know so little about them?

Fiona the flatulent: Baby hippo fart has internet smiling

US decision on dolphins could affect Kiwi seafood exports

Erie protest: Activist dumps algae-infested water, dead fish into downtown Toledo fountain; 'It's disgusting'

As shark encounters increase, will Southern California beaches soon get early-detection technology?

Watch: Massive bait school off the coast of Florida is devoured by hungry sharks, snooks and pelicans

Brave rescuers fight to cut huge 60-ton whale free from fishing ropes as it gasps for air and thrashes its tail

Underwater Great Wall attracts scuba divers for exploration, but deadly danger lurks

Ghostly graveyard of 60 perfectly preserved ancient shipwrecks is found by climate scientists at the bottom of the Black Sea

Mystic with 'power to control crocodiles' dies after being 'dragged underwater by the creatures in horrifying attack'

Avoiding Extinction Giving Mexico's rarest porpoise, the vaquita, a fighting chance in the face of poverty, corruption, and greed

Massive lingcod fish caught with an entire octopus in its mouth

Perfectly preserved World War 1 submarine found in the North Sea – with the bodies of all 23 lost crew members

Tasmanian rock lobster ropes found on dead humpback whale

New report shows worrying increase in dolphin deaths in Cornwall

The Kamikaze motorboats: Rare craft used as suicide attack vessels by Japanese troops during World War II found off the coast of Japan

UAE home to world's largest population of rare humpback dolphins

Florida Keys: What happened to Theater of the Sea after Hurricane Irma?

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